Marysville 70cm Repeater

The K8JWL Repeater is a 70cm DMR repeater on the Brandmeister network. It is currently set to mixed mode so it will work with both analog and DMR radios. It operates on 443.45MHz with a PL Tone of 136.5Hz with a +5 MHz offset.

More information about DMR can be found on the ARRL-Ohio section DMR page.
The Marysville DMR repeater is also included in the Ohio codeplug that can be downloaded from arrl-ohio section site.

The repeater is now located at the same location as the N8IG repeater since 12-21-19 and has a much higer profile than before.

Location Frequency Color Code Time Slot Static Talk Group Timed
Marysville K8JWL +443.4500 MHz 7 1 313966 Marysville 24/7
Marysville K8JWL +443.4500 MHz 7 1 31392 Coswn Skywarn 24/7
Marysville K8JWL +443.4500 MHz 7 2 313664 Marion 24/7
Marysville K8JWL +443.4500 MHz 7 2 3139 Ohio 24/7
Marysville K8JWL +443.4500 MHz 7 2 31012 Quadnet Astronomy net Wed 2100 - 2230

Image Colors
Red - HT coverage
Green - Mobile Coverage

70cm Repeater Coverage Area