meeting minutes

April 2019 Meeting Minutes

04/02/2019 Meeting Minutes

Motion to Approve March Meeting Minutes by Paul 2nd by Rick approved none opposed

Treasures report - 726 quartly income - primarily dues plus money for pizza. net cash $32054.00

Resolution to change the signature cards for the club for the club president. Motioned by Frank 2nd Jeff, all in favor none opposed.

Introductions - made

ARES Report

NVIS Day - K8LVZ's house, Breakfast first at Friches Put some antennas together

May activity - Fox hunt

Lunch in the park - partners park activities

Field Day at Ron's son's place - June 22nd 23rd

Trunkfest 2nd Saturday in June, 3rd year New Horizons Baptist Church - everything is good except the food truck. We are expecing a good turnout. $5 table charge, Food truck will be there at 6am

Hamvention - May 18th

Meeting Adjourn Jeff - Paul 2nd

March Meeting Minutes

Union County Amateur Radio Club March 5, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Repeater update – Arlin having trouble interfacing the old controller and voter with the new repeater.
The plan is to get the controller and voter working with the new repeater, then moving it to the new
location on NW parkway after the tower is put up.

New tower – probably won't be until June
Radio room coming together good at EMA station 720
2 HF stations with amp, 2 UHF/VHF and EMA highband. Ed has been working on getting the
computers imaged

NVIS April 27 th Decide at the next meeting on the location

Motion to decide about direction finding – as a club project, Rick motioned, Bryan 2 nd
Committee – John LVZ, Rick, Ed, Dennis
none opposed

Station 720 – where to put poles
Dean, Paul, Jeff, Arnal, Ron to look into antenna options for poles

Trunkfest June 8 th 9am to 2pm, setup starts at early as 6am. Sellers setup at 8am
$5 a spot for space $5 admission

Motion by Dennis for 2 nd club banner $100 limit, 2 nd by John, LVZ
none opposed

Library Lunch Program
Paul Paul, Ron, Dennis, Dean may be abe. to help

Treasurers report around 3,000 cash

John motion to adjourn,
Ron 2 nd , none opposed

2019 Feb Meeting Minutes

UCARC Feb 5 2019 Meeting
Minutes Paul motions to approve, Clifford 2 nd

Treasurers report – Cash balance little over $3000ARRL Dues can be paid through the club, club gets $2 for referrals, $15 for new referrals

Ron Payne resigned as Quartermaster Joe nominated Stallwart award for putting it together
Joe talked about equipment donation by SK John, W1GKB.
Dean volunteered to be quarter master

Winter Field Day
participated Saturday at 2pm had 8 people show up, 2 ohio national guard people showed up, one was
a former member. Tim major in national guard, looking for HF experience for field day

Joe presented with Stallwart of the club award for Feb

New business
Repeater update – removed controller and voter from current repeater and use with the new repeater
Ed talked with Arlin about programming it. Arlin is going to program it with the controller and voter .
After its configured, it will be setup at the current location to test out.
No Announcements and courtesy tones on repeater

Everything that was on the equipment order was at station 720

Coordination for the repeater move is in progress, no word on tower, most likely in June

New Business
Park lunch mentioned, Partners Park summer lunch program from June 3 rd to August 9 th . We could
setup a table with actvities for the kids to do and get kids interested in the hobby. Time commitment
would be 2 hours a day, one day a week for 10 weeks.

Trunkfest same place as last time pending contacting the church
Paul suggested we get another club banner.
Clifford suggested better sign-age for trunkfest

Field Day Location change possible.. John, LVZ offered his place
22, 23 of June, consensus was to keep it at the current location on Waldo Rd.
We may invite the Ohio National Guard to join us for Field Day.

Digital presentation
John motions to adjourn, Paul 2 nd

December 2018 Minutes

December 4th 2018 UCARC Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes Armond 1st, trevor 2nd none opposed

Treasure's report – collecting dues for next year

total liabilities 0 and equities 4663

Trevor 1st Dennis 2nd

100 due to EMA association for GOBA repeater use that the club has.

Quarter master report – NA

Repeater update -
Discussion on new repeater equipment

Ed to email Arlin his thoughts on the matter.

ARES Simplex Net

OSPOTA - Placed 3rd

Holiday Dinner follow up with Frank to see if Sunday the 13th is a go.

Dennis Nominated Arnal for President. Clifford 2nd all in favor none opposed.

No other nominees.
Arnal N9ACC - Club President
Dennis W8ILD - Vice President
Ed KE8ANU - Secretary
Frank KD8UFE - Treasurer
Joe K8JWL – Executive officer

John Motions to approve officers, Ron NX8Y 2nd

Field Day placed 75th out of 300

Breakfast Saturday

Next Meeting Feb 5th

Armond motion to adjourn the meeting, Ron 2nd

2018-11-06 meeting minutes

October UCARC meeting Minutes November 6th 2018

Introductions -

Last meeting minutes- Armond motion Ron 2nd. None opposed

Treasurers report - Cash balance $2639

Quater Master report- none

Repeater Status – End of November – should have new repeater parts. Tower soil sample was taken.

Goes to sleep once in a while

ARES – Clifford gave a report about the SET (simulated emergency test)– this year was simulated severe winter weather – used Fldigi on 2 meters
ARES nets start Monday night at 9pm. 2 meter repeater net – check in, let everyone know if you will take part in the simplex digi net and make announcements. Afterwards we qsy to 145.600 MHz for the simplex digi net. We have been using MT632kl with FLDigi. The 3rd Monday of the month is our ARES meeting and there will be no net.

Mesh networking- talked about mesh network in general.


JOTA – 53 scouts signed in. Ed presented certificates of appreciation for everyone that helped out with JOTA.

APRS – Scott – APRS not a go for Dec

Powerpole crimp kit – Paul motions to reimburse Joe for the kit, Clifford seconds – none opposed

Location for holiday dinner January - Sunday the 13th – holiday dinner 6pm

Officer election – December

Breakfast – Saturday 2nd Saturday

Next meeting Dec 4th

Thinking about next years activities

Winter Field Day in January

Armond motions to adjourn meeting Paul 2nd none opposed


2018 October Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes Dennis motioned, Armond 2nd

Treasurers report -

$60 check for shipping and bird watt meter

$100 for Tom paid
Portapot paid

Inventory of equipment made

Stem School – wait for date

Repeater status – Soil sample was taken for tower Paul, Arnal, and Joe working on coordination for repeaters

ARES – SET coming up in October Black Swan, Clifford is working on activities for the SET to go along with the Black Swan Event.


182 contacts
4800 points ,almost doubled points from last year

JOTA – Camp Lazarus in Delaware Operating on Saturday

ARES Connect – can be used to coordinate events for non ares members as well as ARES activites and members.

Presidential Alert from cell phones tomorrow at 2:18pm
Diagrams for station 720 tower – dual band antenna needed for new location, either use current dual band antenna or buy a new one for around $200

APRS Demo – Dec or January from Scott, N8JYF

Nov 6th, next meeting at station 720 – old or new,

Shurle asked about dues – and getting help with not being able to get into the repeater.

Meeting ended after Ken's presentation at 8:47pm.

2018-09 Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2018 UCARC meeting

Started at 7pm

Armond, KC8DAG motioned, Trevor, W8TKC 2nd approve meeting minutes

Treasurers report 12 month period

no liability
$2651 expenses
$4623 Net

Number of Members approx 30 + or -10

Chris Dillon talked to the club about Stem Day – In November with Story of Autism at STEM school weekend 4 to 6 hours, 4 or 5 stations 50 minutes per station, the club would have one station ages 5 to 15, 2 groups, a younger age group and older age group.

Repeater Status -
amateur repeater – 2 meter
EMA repeater in next years budget
both sets of duplexers will go to 159.300
small set is around $1200
big set is worth around 1500 – 2000

Tom Eckleberry
Paul, N8IG motioned to pay Tom $100 Armond,KC8DAG 2nd none opposed for his time he put in to the cans and repeater previously

ARES Set coming up in October Blackswan 18, ARES Connect

Bird Watt Meter received Calibrated 4 slugs and modifications has been made. Discussion about marking the case with the Club Information on it.

OSPTA – Saturday at Alum Creek State Park Cheshire Boat ramp 8am to 6pm
Breakfast – 8am Cracker Barrel

Findley Hamfest Sunday the 9th

Next meeting October 2nd

JOTA October 20th at Camp Lazarus

Ohio QSO Party results
93 contacts
56 multiplier

Meeting Presentation started at 7:33pm

Meeting ended at 8:30pm

2018-08 meeting

UCARC Meeting Minutes August 2018


Dennis motions to approve meeting minutes 2nd by KC8DAG Armand


Treasurers report

Ron Motions to approve John 2nd None opposed


Field Day Report


4,150 points this year, 4152 points last year

805 contacts made

Message to the arrl section manager

12 messages handled by Tony KC8PZ – 100 pts

GOTA – 160 Bonus Points

Brianna Kruse – 12 yrs made 12 contacts

Grant – made 24 contacts

Terry – made 24

Armond – 20

Frank 24

Bill Cash – 2

13 total GOTA operators 8 youth made at least 1 contact

42 people visited field day site

10 of 42 visitors weren't licensed


Ron, NX8Y received the Stallwart of the Club Award for Field Day Planning


Micheal KE8KDF Joined us at the meeting. Recieved his tech license last month


Trunkfest Report -

Need to have more money for change
We had around 40 vendors

75 – 80 tickets sold


Executive Committee put for a vote for a $100 donation to the Church for letting us use their parking lot.

John LVZ motions, Dennis 2nd, None opposed


Ken received Stallwart of the Club Award for Ham Radio Tailgate and Trunk fest


Ed gave report about Steam Threshers


Repeater Status – Status Tower is about 2 months out, EMA purchasing 2 repeaters, 1 for the 145.35 and one for the EMA highband radios. New antennas except for the triband beam currently at County Services Building.

Would like the club to take existing hardline out of the county services building.


PortaPotty – haven't received the bill for Field Day.


Ed gave the ARES Report -


Covered Bridge day – no interest


Ohio QSO Party – August 25th

Paul will make sure 720 is open


Dennis – OSPOTA Sept 8th

Alum Creek – location to be determined. Nvis configuration


Sept Activity suggestions –

N8JYF – APRS presentation ?

DMR presenation – including DMR programing

Show and tell -

Mesh networking


More NCS stations needed for Net Control

Measured 10 seconds of no transmit


Breakfast this month at Frich's


Tuesday Sept 4th next meeting


Findlay Hamfest Sept 9th

Case for Bird Watt meter

N8GU QRZ page for info about his light house activation


General Class – Dennis announced


Adjourned 8:27


June 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7pm

Paul motions Joe get a case from harbor freight for the bird watt meter Trevor 2nd

Paul withdraws motion

Bird Watt meter spend $500 on calibration of watt meter and slugs

$100 for mod

$185 for slugs
$40 for case
Total $325
Shipping costs $50 ish


Clifford motions spend up to $400 on everything John 2nd none opposed


ARES Report – Clifford and Ed completed the AuxComm course the week of Hamvention. Central Ohio Challenge Bike ride coming up July 7th from Dublin to Bellefontaine and back for the longest 100 mile loop.


Repeater update : tower approval waiting .. ordered EMAhighband repeater and 35 highband repeater

Ordered antennas. Moving beam to new location


Dennis has a few matching hats to go along with the shirts


Trunkfest :

Weather looks good

7am meet at church

Trevor motioned to raffle a zumspot Ron Rice 2nd none opposed


Field Day

6pm Friday to setup antennas





1 free VHF station

Needed items

150' coax


July Breakfast 14th


Parks on the air

Covered bridges on the air


coming up


Meeting adjourned at 9pm

May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes Frank motioned Trevor 2nd

Treasurers report $1609 cash in bank
6 or 7 people dropped from roster

Repeater Move – no new news

76 repeater receive site Chris KC8FRJ inquired about it

ARES – Bike Ride coming up July 7th

Shirts – Arnal motions to vote for shirt color from top 3, Red, Maroon, and Green

Maroon won the vote

30 – 35 per shirt

Union County
ARC in the logo

Name and call sign


Frank motioned to buy extra shirts for new members– Trevor 2nd

Frank withdraws motion after discussion


Field Day Setup Friday night

Last year 925 contacts – CW 600 and phone combined 309 (60 GOTA)

33 total people involved, 21 licensed, 6 adults unlicensed 6 youth

email union county hams about field day, get e-mail from QRZ

Beam from W1GKB used for field day

17610 Waldo Rd

NIVIS Day inspired discussion – Get different people to operate – make goal for making contacts get a prize
get to gether to operate

Quarter Master – Ron, KE8RGP
taskforce – Ron, Ken W8KWH and John KA8LVZ who else to price items

Paul motions to approve quarter master job description and dennis 2nd none opposed

Items to sell to be offered to club members first

Tailgate -

admission - $5 kids free donation
price on stuff to sell
discussion ensued
8 to 2pm open at 9am
7am setup
hamfest signs

Adjourned at 9:


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