John, K8LVZ SK

John will be greatly missed. He was active in the Union County EMA, Union County Amateur Radio Club, and checked in pretty regularly on many of the area nets, Madison County Net, Union County Net, Champaign Logan net, and Kenton net.

John's obituary can be found here.

I want to thank everyone that joined us Jan 2 for the Union County Net. The topic a Celebration of John, K8LVZ's life, share any memory, story, or experiences you have had with John. It was comforting hearing everyones good memories and experiences they had with John. Everyone will have another chance to share their memories of John on next weeks net on Jan 9th.
The link below is an audio recording of the Jan 2 net that was recorded by Broadcastify. Broadcastify deletes out the dead air so it may sound a little choppy especially on the lower audio tranmissions.  To download it, you may have to right click on the link and select "save link as" or a similar menu item depending on your web browser.
The net is Thursday at 8pm on the Marysville repeater, - 145.350 CTCSS 127.3 Hz

Union County Ohio Amateur Radio Information

Welcome to the Union County Amateur Radio Club website. This site was created for other Union County/neighbouring county hams or people who are interested in Amateur Radio.

The Union County Amateur Radio Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Marvin C. Gilbert EMA Operations Building - EMA Station 720 located at
20900 Northwest Parkway.
Marysville, OH 43040

Google Maps Link:

  unless other wise noted.

The Union County Amateur Radio Club meets for breakfast the second Saturday of each month at 8:30am at Frich's Big Boy loacted at 15700 Delaware Ave Marysville, OH 43040  
Check into the N8IG repeater in the morning between 8:00 and 8:30 to be added to the head count for seating! The breakfast is open to anyone with an interest in amateur radio, you do not have to be a club member to attend.
Some people in this club also help maintain the repeater in Marysville that is sponsored by the Union County EMA.

The N8IG repeater frequency is 145.350 (-) MHz with a Tone of 127.3 Hz It is open for use with a Technician Class or higher Amateur Radio License, you do not have to be a member of the Union County EMA to use it. There is also a weekly net that starts at 8pm on Thursdays on the repeater. Anyone is welcome to check in and take part in the net.

Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day is Saturday-Sunday.

Location: 20900 NW Parkway Marysville, OH

It is a 24 hour event, just like summer Field Day, so we will want Operators around the clock if we can, well into Sunday afternoon, so pick one day, overnight, the ‘other’ day, or ALL of them!  2020 Winter Field Day Rules at

Please be prepared and bring our own food and drink, and a ‘bed roll’ if you want to take a nap.  This is a Ham Club event, not an EMA event, so we shouldn’t touch EMA’s supplies. Tap water at Station 720 is not potable!

Ed, KE8ANU brought his griddle to cook food on. It works great for breakfast food (eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc) as well as burgers, grilled vegies, etc.

Saturday Schedule:

  • 8:30am Breakfast at Frich's
  • 9am Radio Merit Badge Session at Station 720 , expected to end early afternoon.
  • After Breakfast arrive at Statioon 720 and start to setup.
  • Operate and have fun!

Sunday Schedule

  • fit in Breakfast/lunch
  • after 2pm take down antennas/coax, pick up/take out trash etc

Area DMR Repeater Information

DMR - Digital Mobile Radio
CODIG Columbus DMR repeater information can be found here
Area Brandmeister Talkgroups
313966 - Marysville
313964 - Marion
310385 - Delaware
31392 - COSWN Skywarn
3139 - OH State Wide TG
31399 - Ohiolink bridges DMR with System Fusion
31012 - Quadnet

K8JWL Repeater relocated to EMA Station 720

The K8JWL DMR repeater has been setup at the new EMA Station 720, Saturday Dec 21. 

12-13 N8IG Repeater ON AIR

Good things can happen on Friday the 13th! The 145.350 MHz N8IG Repeater was put back on the air this evening from the new location. Both recieve sites, the water tower north of Marysville, and Bellefontaine recieve site are working along with recieving at the new repeater location.



Ed setup a rocket chat server for the club and any amateur radio operator that would like to use it. In order to use it, you have to setup an account on in. Please use your call sign for the user name. When setting your account up, you will recieve an e-mail with a link you have to click on before being able to log into the server to verify your email address. The website address for it is 

Some of the features it has are:

  • Access it with a web browser
  • Send pictures in the chat window
  • Send short videos in the chat window
  • Direct messaging
  • There are an iphone app, an android app, and a desktop app available for rocket chat, use the server address in the app to connect to the chat server. 
  • When using a mobile phone, you can take a picture or video and include it in the chat window.

Net Control Preamble

Union County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net

  • “This is (you call sign) opening this week’s Union County Amateur Radio Club Net.”
  • “Is there any Priority, Emergency, or Time Sensitive traffic for the Net at this time? Please call Net Control now.” (YOUR CALL SIGN)

If there is traffic, allow the station to announce the traffic and see if another station is available that can
take the traffic. After the traffic is passed or if no station is available to take the traffic, resume the net.


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