Space Station SSTV Images Received

Ed received a couple of SSTV images from the space station this morning. Click on the title to view the images. Ed hopes to receive more images during this event and will post them here. 

Below is the information about the SSTV images.
June 29- July 1, 2018 - SSTV images of satellites
SSTV will once again be active from ISS starting June 29 about 09:00 UTC. These images will commemorate the various satellites that were hand-deployed from the ISS. These will include the first satellite deployment from ISS: Suitsat-1/Radioskaf-1 which was  developed by ARISS and deployed in February 2006. The transmissions should continue until July 1 ending about 18:30 UTC.
**Update** July 26
Downlink frequency is expected to be 145.80 and the mode should be PD120.
** Update**
June 28Looks like there will be an award assiociated with this session. Details at

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