N8IG Repeater

The N8IG Repeater system is a GE MASTR II Repeater donated by Honda Americas to the Union County EMA.  There are multiple GE MASTR UHF receiver bays for link receivers.  The transmitter is limited to 80 Watts ERP from a Decibel Products 4 bay folded dipole at 96' atop our tower at the County Offices building.  The Repeater and all UHF Link receivers, Voter, and Controller are co-located there. 

The (new 11/2014) primary link receiver is now a Kenwood TM-V-7A crossband radio fed by a 7 dBd Hustler G7-144 receive antenna 175' AGL on top of a centrally located water tower which feeds an Advanced Receiver Research (Ar²) P144VDG 0.5 dB low noise pre-amplifier about 50' below the antenna.  A mobile VHF duplexer provides VHF front end selectivity from a 3.4 kW FM Broadcast site just three miles away.  The signal is fed via another 230' of RF-400  (0.4") cable to the ground mounted cross-band radio.  The signal is UHF linked back to the main Repeater/transmitter site via the same VHF/UHF signal combiner/splitters and 230' + a separate 50' of RF-400 cable (= ~9 dB total loss @ UHF) to the horizontal UHF 5 element Yagi aimed south.  This central and high VHF receive site and low noise VHF amplifier (with enough gain to overcome the small cable's signal losses) gives complete Union County coverage for mobiles and ~90% coverage for handhelds.  Additional coverage is planned for Remote receiver sites (e.g., Bellefontaine when repaired).  Mobile coverage into Marion, Urbana, Hilliard, Delaware and beyond have been consistently reported.

2 Meter Repeater Functions
Code Name
26 Time Female
27 Time Male
29 Date
3+(1-9) Retrieve MEssage Position 1-9
4 Check Mail
4 * Record Mail
4 ** Erase last Message
4 *** Record and playback, useful for hearing yourself on the repeater
5 followed by keys Repeats Key pressed