Union County Amateur Radio Club (UCARC)

At the Club organizational meeting held last night, presided over by
volunteered Jerry KD8VNH Hill, we got our legs under ourselves for a
running start.  15 of us met (all were invited) to go over the proposed
(thank you Frank KD8UFE Reed for putting that together) Constitution and By
Laws.  We did, we discussed, and in keeping with the Group friendliness, we
had some very good discussion and made some changes, but most were minor.
Bottom line, we passed the Constitution and By Laws as amended.  So, one
hand, we now have a Union County Amateur Radio Club, but it has no Officers

     That's the business of the next UCARC Meeting, to be 7:00 PM Thursday
July 14th, to try out Thursdays for meeting nights.  We know it conflicts
with the Net, but we all figured a Net night is a good night for a
face-face-Meeting, too!  The plan will be to elect a President.  Per the
new By Laws, the President will appoint his VP, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The "prior President" will be an Executive Officer.  Until we have a "prior
President," it was thought the current Repeater Trustee would be a good
alternative, since it is his callsign the Repeater is currently using (and
knows where the bodies are buried), he can help the Club get off the ground
in good stead.  Come Thursday July 14th at 7:00 PM and vote on it!

(See attached file: UCARC Constitution & By Laws.doc)