Ohio NVIS Antenna Day April 23 2016

How the newspaper managed to get two of the three out-of-county guest
operators in the Union County NVIS Ops picture, I don't know!  But, that is
Ham Radio on most of the front page of the Marysville Journal Tribune on
Monday April 25th, 2016!
Marysville Journal Tribune:  http://www.marysvillejt.com/wp/   See front
page, or article:  http://www.marysvillejt.com/wp/?p=13648

     All Hail! Bryan KD8ZWI for his outstanding efforts at taking a simple
request and making it come through like a Grand Slam as our
no-authority-but-I-asked-him-to-be-our Public Affairs Officer for the day.
You should see the great pictures he took of our day, too, none of which
the newspaper used, but we have as a record of the great day everyone had!
The day was led by Paul N8IG as our EMA Ham Director, Rob KD8GPG as our
Union County ARES Director, and John KA8LVZ as our trusty Control Operator
and call sign of the day for Union County NVIS efforts. If you weren't
there, you missed quite a day of fraternity, fellowship, food, fun, and
antenna facts!   Your loss, because we all gained quite a bit out of it!
If you were operating at other sites, well, to put it bluntly, eat your
heart out!  We had a great time and a very successful day on all fronts,
including learning a lot!  We hope you did, too, but, ...  Union County
And more of you would make that Union County Come Back even BETTER!

     Even Dad Eric KE8CAB got on the HF/ air, after his son Devon KE8DME
tore up the air waves first.  This was a classic case of Dad needing the
air time just so his son didn't have on up on him!!  Way to go DEVON!

The photos below were taken by Bryan, KD8ZWI.