March 11, 12pm -3pm 2023 MUD QSO PARTY

Here is my tracker.    I'm surprised at a few that are missing, and wonder if I've misplaced an email.   
If you sent your log in, please confirm you are marked "Received" in the list.  
If you haven't sent it in, please do so in the next couple of days.  I'll be rolling these up and scoring later in the week.
- Mike W8MDC
Name Call Log Status
AJ KJ4SYN Received
Bernie NZ8X  
Bob W8ERD Received - Paper
Bob WD8NVN Received
Bonnie N8BEK Received
Chris KE8WEI  
Chris W8RNO Received
Daryl N0XMD Received
Dave K8DGB Received
Dave K8DL Received
Dave KE8TZF Received
Denny KE8ULU Received
Doug KE8QJQ  
Ed AE8Q Received
Fred AK4FL  
Guy KD8KWH Received
Harrie N8HXW Received
Jeff KD8YUA Received
Jeff N8HKO  
Joe K8MP Received
Kennedy KE8OCN  
Kirk AD8AL  
Larry N8CWU Received
Mike KE8NHH Received
Mike KE8TIM  
Mike W8MDC Received
Mike WD8LLT  
Paul KB8PTL  
Ralph N4ZCV Received
Ray W8RAY Received
Rick KF9IV Received
Rob KE8QPI Received
Ron NX8Y Received
Russ AF8RJ Received
Tom W8RIH  
Tony NO8F Received
Wally W8WLK Received


I hope you are all aware of this year's MUD QSO Party.  Below is a link to the contest rules (including suggested frequencies and other technical information).  You will also find links to the electronic and printable log forms.
This year we have a few differences...
  • We will not active club stations using club call signs.  DELARA is without a station during the Red Cross remodeling right now, and MCARC had some staffing limitations.  Union County may want to use their club station equipment, but if so they will use individual call signs this year.
  • We will be using NetLogger software this year for self-spotting and as a communication back-channel during the event.  You can chat with other participants to coordinate simplex contacts on various frequencies and modes.  Instructions are included in the Contest Rules document.
  • There will be a Digital Messaging Bonus transmitted at scheduled times on each of our club repeaters.  Copy and decode this short message to score a bonus operating mode for your log.  See the last slide in the Contest Rules for details.
Many thanks to Will N8HDM, and AJ KJ4SYN for their help in planning this year's event.   I look forward to placing you in my log on Saturday the 11th.
- Mike W8MDC
Contest Rules
2023 MUD QSO Party March 11, 2023 - Noon to 3pm Organized by the Madison, Union and Delaware County Amateur Radio Clubs
Electronic Log (Excel .xlsx format): 
Electronic Form Your Call -->,2023 MUD QSO Event Log,Contribute my points to this club --> Required,Optional Time (ET),Band,Mode,Call Sign,First Name,Location (County),Station Type,QTH City / Township,Power Level,License Level,Year Licensed
Paper Log (PDF):