2022 June Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting of June 7, 2022
In Attendence:
Dean Grinch , WA8OMQ
Joe Liszeski, K8JWL
Rob Jostes, KD8PG
Chuck Kelly, KA8SJH
Armand Arabian, KC8DAG
Frank Reed, KD8UFE
Ron Rice, NX8Y.
Meeting called to Order at 7:00PM by Dean Grinch, WA8OMQ.
A brief Treasurer’s Report was provided by Fran Reed, KD8UFE. Club is solvent with over $3K in
Topics covered briefly included:
Status of beam antenna servicing:
Rob indicated that as of this date, the tower company had been slow to communicate and has yet to set
a date for any tower work. He was beginning to doubt if there was any realistic possibility of service in
the coming weeks.
Status of Loop Antenna Project:
Dean indicated that he had ordered sent a letter to the tower company ( Sabre ) inquiring as to their
recommended hardware or practices for securing the club’s wire loop antenna to the tower. After two
weeks with no response, he had ordered a “crossover plate” suitable for attachment to a 3 ½” mast
and was told the item has been shipped this week.
Rob Jostes KD8GPG, suggested that there was a realistic possibility that the Fire Department would be
agreeable to make a quick visit to the 720 building with a lift truck which could lift a couple of club
members up to an approximately 65 foot level where the crossover plate and a pulley with Dacron rope
could be attached.
Dean agreed to make an effort to put together a pulley mounting kit as parts arrive, and have that
hardware on hand ASAP while Joe and Ron volunteered to man the bucket. Dean and Frank said they
would also do their best to be on hand, depending on schedule.
Main Program : “ Field Day 2022,” presented by Ron Rice, NX8Y.
Ron shared some slides with results from past Field Days and suggestions for this year’s.
After discussion and general agreement among the attendees, it was decided that this year’s Field Day
activities will take place at the 720 Building and W8UCO would be operating in a Field Day operational
class appropriate for an emergency services organization.
Rob said that there would be no problem using the 720 Bldg radio room , conference room or the
outside grounds for this exercise.

The 24-hour operating time will be from 2:00PM Saturday to 2:00PM Sunday. Station setup will begin
on Friday, beginning at 1:00PM.
A brief discussion followed regarding necessary radio gear including and antennas. Between the club
gear and some volunteered by Ron, Dean and potentially others, it was determined that the club would
have sufficient equipment to operate three dedicated HF stations, 1 GOTA HF station and a dedicated
VHF radio.
While still to be determined, it was generally agreed that a combination of personal contributions along
with some supplemental club funds would pay for food and drinks. As there are many options, (such as
hotdogs and hamburgers grilled at 720 along with deli-purchased side dishes) that food details were
only generally considered. Ron will investigate food preparation possibilities and report back soon.
Other issues Discussed:
The topic of a July 5, 2022 club meeting and whether or not to meet was discussed. A couple members
said they would definitely like to meet, and others said that they would probably attend if they were in
town. Though a formal vote was not taken, it was concluded by all that there were no objections to
interested club members meeting if they desired.
Finally, it was decided that we should ask our Ohiohams.net Web Page publisher to:
1.) Make Field-Day Plans prominent at web site.
2.) Change the Monthly Meeting time advertised to 7:00 – 9:00 PM rather than 6:30 – 10:00.
The 6:30 to 7:00 time was for pre-meeting pizza (when available)
Joe moved that we adjourn. Frank seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm