2022 MUD QSO Party - March 12 - 12pm -3pm

2022 MUD QSO Party

March 12, 2022  -  Noon to 3pm

Organized by the

Madison, Union and Delaware County

Amateur Radio Clubs

Event Rules

This is a VHF/UHF Contact Event for the Madison, Union and Delaware County (MUD) radio clubs.  It is a chance to make new contacts (and hopefully new friends) across our three great clubs.  Along the way, you can practice operating on the other club repeaters.  Using Simplex you can see just how far away you can operate on various bands and modes (and also try to contact each of our 3 club stations).

Timeframe   The event opens at Noon, and closes at 3pm ET.

Scope   You can work any amateur station.  Log all contact made, including hams who are not a member of our clubs.  Contacts do not have to be physically inside Madison, Union and Delaware counties.  You can operate from Home, Mobile or even HT/Portable.  


  • 1 point per contact per mode (FM, SSB, Each of our 3 club Repeaters, etc.), per band.
    • Yes, you can work the same station on 2m Simplex, 70cm Simplex, and again on each of our 3 club repeaters for 5 points.
    • Our 3 Club Stations will also be activated.  You can contact each station on both 2m or 70cm FM Simplex for 2 points.
  • Please note: Digital Voice Modes (DMR, DSTAR, Fusion) are Simplex over the air only (no Hot Spots or repeaters).


Participation Certificate:          Everyone who submits a log showing a minimum of 3 contacts in each county.

Highest Score Certificate:         One award per club, to the member earning the most contact points.

Master Operator Certificate:     One award per club, to the member logging contacts across the greatest combination of bands/modes

(Tie breaker is number of contest points earned)

MUD Trophy:        The club with the most combined points will take possession of the MUD Trophy for 1 year.


What to Log / What to Exchange

Each Log Entry Must Include:

  • Time (ET)
  • Band
  • Mode

Also Log the Required Exchange:

  • Call Sign
  • First Name
  • Location (County)
    • Where they are
  • Station Type:  
    • H=Home
    • P=Portable
    • M=Mobile
    • C=Club Station

If you happen to make contact with someone who is not a member of our 3 clubs, you can still log the contact if they give the required exchange.

Optional Exchange (Get to know them better):

  • Their home City or Township 
  • Their Power Level
  • Their License Level (Tech, Gen, Adv, Extra)
  • Their Year First Licensed

Download Electronic Log Format (Excel .xlsx format)

Download Paper Log Format (PDF you can print)


Submitting your Log


  • Submit all logs within 1 week of the event (by EOD Mar 21st).


How to Submit

  • You have two choices…
    • By email:  Attach a log spreadsheet, or scan an image of your paper log.  Email to president@k8es.org
    • Or turn in paper logs to your club’s President.


When you submit, be sure to include…

  • Your call sign (enter at the top of the log form)
  • Your operating location (what County were you in while operating)
  • Your email address
  • Which club you want your points to accumulate toward (some of us are members of multiple clubs).

Suggested Simplex Operating Frequencies / Modes

These are suggestions to improve your chances of making contacts, but any frequency / mode at 6m or above is permitted.
Our three club stations will monitor their assigned 2m and 70cm simplex frequencies below, and will answer your calls.

Modes / Bands





FM Simplex


  146.535 *



Club Station - Madison KE8RV





Club Station - Union W8UCO





Club Station - Delaware K8ES









DMR Simplex (CC 1, TS 1, TG 99) 




DSTAR Simplex




Fusion Simplex




* We are intentionally avoiding the 2m National Simplex Calling Frequency 146.520 to reduce impact to other hams in the area.


Also Make Contacts Via Our 3 Club Repeaters

Madison County Amateur Radio Club (MCARC) Repeater

  • 147.285   (+ Offset, Tone 82.5 Hz)   w/Echolink at KE8RV-R (node 989602)

Union County Amateur Radio Club Repeater

  • 145.35     (- Offset,  Tone 127.3 Hz)  w/Echolink at KE8ANU-R (node 794012)

Delaware County Amateur Radio Association (DELARA) Repeater

  • 145.17     (- Offset, Tone 74.4 Hz)


  Please keep repeater QSO’s short - 1 minute or less.