2021 December Meeting Minutes

December 2021 Meeting Minutes

Armand motions to approve minutes, Ron 2nd

Gene Neds – silent key – family donated equipment to club. Joe asked to purchase a Drake TR4C w/ power supply that needs work for $100 Ken, W8KWH is going through equipment to determine what shape it is in and to come up with a value for it. It was mentioned that some of the equipment could have received lightening damage

Treasurer’s Report

ARES Report – Monday night ARES nets

Loop antenna – Dean is working on a double loop antenna to be more broad banded

January 16th at 5pm Annual Club Dinner at the Asian Buffet

Winter Field Day discussion

Ed chosen to be the club president
Dean – Vice President

Frank – Treasurer

? - Secretary

George wants to head up activities for the club

Ron – can head up Field Day in June

Club Shirts order form (the club needs a minimum order of 6 shirts)

Ron Rice to teach a morse code class towards the end of January

Ron motions to adjourn

Dean seconds, None opposed.