Beginner Morse Code Class:

The Union County Amateur Radio Club (UCARC) is starting a Morse Code (CW) online class designed for those who have no background with Morse Code or who have long forgotten the code they used years ago. The class will be taught by Ron Rice, NX8Y, and we will be using the ZOOM software. This class is open to anyone, whether you are a member of UCARC or not.

The goals for this class are:

- Learning/hearing characters as sound patterns and not as dits and dahs

- Becoming comfortable with hearing all characters and numbers and being able to recall them quickly

- Learning to recognize common words as a unit and not by characters

- Being able to send Morse Code clearly and intelligibly

- Learning the basics of a CW QSO

- Learning the “prosigns” and abbreviations used in a CW QSO

- Learn to HAVE FUN using your new CW Skills!!

If you are interested and would like to sign up for this class, please send an email to the instructor at
Classes will take place starting at 7pm on Monday, January 17 and will run twice each week on Monday and Thursday through March 10. There will be a total of 16 class sessions. All students will receive an email with further instructions by January 10. There is no charge for this class.