2019 August Meeting Minutes

August UCARC Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 1906


Treasurers report – 3848 cash end of July
2000 equipment
Income 2500 this year
Income last year 2800 in august

Expenses increased around $600 for equipment


Antennas and cable for Belfontaine link were purchased by the club


Hamfest update

Attendance was down
Income was OK since we charged for spaces
Why was attendance down? Weather – wet spring led to too much yard work to get caught up on
Attendance has been down for a lot of the hamfests.


DX Engineering hamfest coming up on Saturday


Findlay hamfest in Sept


Steam Threshers special event station 140 contacts made


Field Day
3rd year
1st more than 40 people 45 people attended
16 non hams 6 people 18 or younger
made over 1,000 QSO’s for the first time
Article on front page of Journal Tribune
1st sattellite contact

GOTA and 1302 QSO

1081 CW
GOTA 10 ops on GOTA station
Score total 4766 contacts plus 1070 = 6236 points

4 fan dipoles plus beam


Cubscout day camp at past time park Groups of 10-12 scouts at a time
Frank and Bob


Tower update – tower is up

Spool of hard line to pickup in Columbus
Conectors are in antennas are in
standoffs need to be ordered

New Business - Ohio QSO party August 24th same day as ohio court house on the air day
Meet at new 720 to

Motion to purchase 1000’ antenna rope at DX engineering for no more than 250
Joe motions, Armond 2nds


none opposed


Sept 7th OSOTA Same location Alum Creek State Park




Possible Topic – Astronomy


Breakfast postponed a week to august 17th

ARES Connect any interest in the club to use it ?


Amplifier update ? None


Armond motions to adjourn, Joe 2nd