2019 Feb Meeting Minutes

UCARC Feb 5 2019 Meeting
Minutes Paul motions to approve, Clifford 2 nd

Treasurers report – Cash balance little over $3000ARRL Dues can be paid through the club, club gets $2 for referrals, $15 for new referrals

Ron Payne resigned as Quartermaster Joe nominated Stallwart award for putting it together
Joe talked about equipment donation by SK John, W1GKB.
Dean volunteered to be quarter master

Winter Field Day
participated Saturday at 2pm had 8 people show up, 2 ohio national guard people showed up, one was
a former member. Tim major in national guard, looking for HF experience for field day

Joe presented with Stallwart of the club award for Feb

New business
Repeater update – removed controller and voter from current repeater and use with the new repeater
Ed talked with Arlin about programming it. Arlin is going to program it with the controller and voter .
After its configured, it will be setup at the current location to test out.
No Announcements and courtesy tones on repeater

Everything that was on the equipment order was at station 720

Coordination for the repeater move is in progress, no word on tower, most likely in June

New Business
Park lunch mentioned, Partners Park summer lunch program from June 3 rd to August 9 th . We could
setup a table with actvities for the kids to do and get kids interested in the hobby. Time commitment
would be 2 hours a day, one day a week for 10 weeks.

Trunkfest same place as last time pending contacting the church
Paul suggested we get another club banner.
Clifford suggested better sign-age for trunkfest

Field Day Location change possible.. John, LVZ offered his place
22, 23 of June, consensus was to keep it at the current location on Waldo Rd.
We may invite the Ohio National Guard to join us for Field Day.

Digital presentation
John motions to adjourn, Paul 2 nd