N8IG Repeater update

The N8IG Marysville Repeater is without its Controller for next week or two, but is still operational. However, it is on the local on-site receiver and antenna, not the Remote Water Tower (high) Receiver site. There will be no courtesy tones or announcements for this duration. The receive range may be a bit shorter for the time being, but the N8IG Repeater remains operational.

The Controller was removed last (Monday) night by Joe K8JWL and Paul N8IG so Ed KE8ANU can take the Controller and the new Kenwood Repeater to Arlin KD8EVR. Arlin will program and tune the new Repeater to be our new N8IG Repeater. Arlin will also integrate our oldie-but-goodie Controller to this new Repeater. These will be put up on the new EMA Tower when it goes up.