Ohio "VHF Simplex Contest" January 12

It’s almost time for another edition of the Ohio VHF Simplex Contest!   The 2019 Simplex Contest will be held Saturday, January 12 from 10AM to 4 PM local time.  The name is a shortcut- it’s too convoluted to call it the “Ohio 6 meter, VHF, UHF and anything above Simplex Contest” but that’s a better description.

The purpose is to test and plot our coverage areas using simplex signals, so that In the event of an “all is down” emergency we will better know what we’ll need to relay and pass messages.

Specifics of the contest are included in the attachment! We hope to hear YOU on for the contest!!

Stan Broadway, N8BHL    COML  AUXCOMM
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
ARRL - The National Association For Amateur Radio™