2018-09 Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2018 UCARC meeting

Started at 7pm

Armond, KC8DAG motioned, Trevor, W8TKC 2nd approve meeting minutes

Treasurers report 12 month period

no liability
$2651 expenses
$4623 Net

Number of Members approx 30 + or -10

Chris Dillon talked to the club about Stem Day – In November with Story of Autism at STEM school weekend 4 to 6 hours, 4 or 5 stations 50 minutes per station, the club would have one station Thestoryofautism.org ages 5 to 15, 2 groups, a younger age group and older age group.

Repeater Status -
amateur repeater – 2 meter
EMA repeater in next years budget
both sets of duplexers will go to 159.300
small set is around $1200
big set is worth around 1500 – 2000

Tom Eckleberry
Paul, N8IG motioned to pay Tom $100 Armond,KC8DAG 2nd none opposed for his time he put in to the cans and repeater previously

ARES Set coming up in October Blackswan 18, ARES Connect

Bird Watt Meter received Calibrated 4 slugs and modifications has been made. Discussion about marking the case with the Club Information on it.

OSPTA – Saturday at Alum Creek State Park Cheshire Boat ramp 8am to 6pm
Breakfast – 8am Cracker Barrel

Findley Hamfest Sunday the 9th

Next meeting October 2nd

JOTA October 20th at Camp Lazarus

Ohio QSO Party results
93 contacts
56 multiplier

Meeting Presentation started at 7:33pm

Meeting ended at 8:30pm