2018-08 meeting

UCARC Meeting Minutes August 2018


Dennis motions to approve meeting minutes 2nd by KC8DAG Armand


Treasurers report

Ron Motions to approve John 2nd None opposed


Field Day Report


4,150 points this year, 4152 points last year

805 contacts made

Message to the arrl section manager

12 messages handled by Tony KC8PZ – 100 pts

GOTA – 160 Bonus Points

Brianna Kruse – 12 yrs made 12 contacts

Grant – made 24 contacts

Terry – made 24

Armond – 20

Frank 24

Bill Cash – 2

13 total GOTA operators 8 youth made at least 1 contact

42 people visited field day site

10 of 42 visitors weren't licensed


Ron, NX8Y received the Stallwart of the Club Award for Field Day Planning


Micheal KE8KDF Joined us at the meeting. Recieved his tech license last month


Trunkfest Report -

Need to have more money for change
We had around 40 vendors

75 – 80 tickets sold


Executive Committee put for a vote for a $100 donation to the Church for letting us use their parking lot.

John LVZ motions, Dennis 2nd, None opposed


Ken received Stallwart of the Club Award for Ham Radio Tailgate and Trunk fest


Ed gave report about Steam Threshers


Repeater Status – Status Tower is about 2 months out, EMA purchasing 2 repeaters, 1 for the 145.35 and one for the EMA highband radios. New antennas except for the triband beam currently at County Services Building.

Would like the club to take existing hardline out of the county services building.


PortaPotty – haven't received the bill for Field Day.


Ed gave the ARES Report -


Covered Bridge day – no interest


Ohio QSO Party – August 25th

Paul will make sure 720 is open


Dennis – OSPOTA Sept 8th

Alum Creek – location to be determined. Nvis configuration


Sept Activity suggestions –

N8JYF – APRS presentation ?

DMR presenation – including DMR programing

Show and tell -

Mesh networking


More NCS stations needed for Net Control

Measured 10 seconds of no transmit


Breakfast this month at Frich's


Tuesday Sept 4th next meeting


Findlay Hamfest Sept 9th

Case for Bird Watt meter

N8GU QRZ page for info about his light house activation


General Class – Dennis announced


Adjourned 8:27