April 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened by Arnal at 7pm


Introductions – we had 2 new hams from the class attend

new to Marysville from Dublin- Dean WA8OMQ Saw the website ARRL member


Meeting Minutes – as posted on the website Paul, Motion to accept minutes – Ron 2nd none opposed


Treasurers report – Cash in bank – $1494 -
38 paid - 40 members plus non-paid

Ed motion to accept treasures report Paul 2nd none opposed


License class – 15 people tested, 2 didn't pass, 1 upgrade


Stallwart award – Ed Liddle for the tech class

New Business -

2 meter grid square activity this weekend

NVIS Day – Saturday April 28th 10am – 4pm Still at Maple Street – Start on sorting W1GKB donation

Soldering kit?

May- May 1st meeting -Hamvention Prepare for Trunkfest

June – Trunkfest 9th and Field Day 23rd and 24th



Paul motions that we have a raffle Ken 2nd none opposed

Trunkfest – Ken and Frank to run including raffle at EMA Station 720 at new location

UHF repeaters to sell, cans, W1GKB equipment

Food – need food truck/vendor


June 23-24 Field Day – Ron Friday night antenna 17610 Waldo Rd Field Day

Need to check to see if EMA Bus can be there


July – no meeting ?


Shirts – Poll on website


Move to new 720 -
2 meter repeater and DMR repeater move to 720
Moving HF beam – all other antennas will be new

Emergency Communications Asset for County
Telephone poles to move to new location
New VHF repeater – using exhisting now ..


Hamfest April 14th at Cayaghoga falls – Akron


Treasury – clubs that have bookoo bucks – do some work to raise money Do we want to donate time to do work to raise money for the club.


Clifford motions to adjourn, Paul 2nds