February Meeting Minutes

February 2018  Meeting Minutes


December meeting minutes approved none opposed


Treasurer Reported 1300 in the bank, 3300 in assets including cash


Bird Watt Meter - get it sent out to modify and calibrate it


Trunkfest update- $30 per trunk to hold it at the Union County Fairgrounds, Possibly have it at the New Station 720 location, $10 per table


ARES - Started Monday Night training night at Station 720.


Repeater - 4 Miles difference from where it is now. We need to submit paper work to get it recoordinated. Paul didn’t for see any issues. The new location is 75ft higher in elevation.


EMA is moving station 720 to a new location on Northwest Parkway. It will be a month before county takes possession of the building. We have around 4 weeks to come up with a plan to move the repeaters and for the radio room setup.


Free Club Membership - Survey the class - find out what they are going to do with the hobby and if they plan to become club members. Clifford will write up a survey.


Field Day, Same place, Same time as last year.
Ohio State Parks on the Air - planning on participating
NVIS Day - Planning on participating

Tower move - Cables, remove cables and salvage them or sell them from county services building


Radio Tour - tour different radio roms to get an idea how we want to set up the one at the new station 720 location.


Arnal motion to adjourn

All in favor, none opposed.