KE8O repeater changes

Gary, KE8O made some changes on his system fusion repeater in Delaware.

Just want to let C4FM/Fusion users know that the 443.550 repeater here in Delaware now defaults / returns into the Central-Ohio-Lnk room when not linked into other C4FM/Fusion Repeaters or Rooms. When connected to the Central-Ohio-Lnk it is connected with two other Fusion repeaters here in Central Ohio providing a nice coverage area.
Stoutsville - 443.0625
Columbus - 444.100
You are encouraged to move the 443.550 into other Fusion rooms like America Link, MNwis, etc. When you disconnect from another place the repeater will automatically return to Central-Ohio-Lnk after about 30 seconds.

Additionally, I have installed some scripts so the 443.550 will automatically connect into the MNWis Net at 8:15pm on Monday night, and into the America Link net on Saturday night at 8:30pm.

As always enjoy and have fun in the digital world !

…Gary, KE8O