October Meeting Minutes

Sumary of what was discussed at the meeting.

$75 to $100 per slugs for Bird Watt Meter, hold off on upgrading watt meter, Ken to purchase


Stalwart club award – setting up/coordinating OPSOTA

Antenna update at station 720 – Tall tower is good, esitmate to move antennas to top tall tower will be sent to Brad.  Club may want to fill in what EMA can’t cover – may need around $1,000 in cabling. Need to figure out what type of cable is needed. etc.


OSPOTA – went well, 18 members showed up, 13 YR/old upgraded to General, made his first contact with his general ticket. The club earned 2863 points, We contacted 33 out of 51 parks in Ohio. Propane generator- barely used any propane and was quieter.


Pancake Breakfast – target for November