ARES Meeting Monday 7PM Sept 18th @ Station720

Stan Broadway the Ohio Section ARES Emergency Coordinator (SEC) is going to be at the Union County ARES meeting This Monday, Sept 18th. He is going to present on 2 topics.

The first topic is a short presentation about the Huricane Watch Net Stan is one of several net control stations for the Huricane Watch Net. He will be talking about what is involved with being a net control station as well as talk about his recent experience on the Hurricane Watch Net for Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  

The second topic he will be presenting on is Black Swan 2017,  the upcoming Simulated Emergency Test (SET) that is most intense the weekend of October 7 and 8th. This event is going to be BIG. There are going to be several other states involved in the excercise as well as some of the military and even stations in Europe and Alaska. Please come to the ARES meeting at EMA Station 720 at 435 N. Maple Street on Sept 18th at 7pm to find out more. 

There will be a good follow up to this at the next club meeting, October 3rd. Matt Curtin (the mastermind beind Black Swan 2017)  is going to present to the club about traffic handling. Matt is a member of the Central Ohio Traffic Net. Please bring your HTs and some paper/pens to this meeting. There may be some hands on activity passing traffic between everyone.

Anyone is welcome to attend the ARES meeting as well as particiapte in the upcoming SET October 7- 8.  Please let Ed, ke8anu(at) know if you plan to participate in the SET.