June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Started 7:06pm


Congratulations to Denny, KE8HDE New ham since Saturday


Paul motioned
Gregg 2nd accept minutes none apposed


Treasurers report – 1,077 balance
$40 NVIS expense
$60 dues in

Special event – call sign and date July 15-16, W8M


Banner cost around $89 delivered at 720 Look into getting second banner


Repeater – Limping along, issues with controller for 2 months- no audio, no tones. Power cycle controller to fix it. Still trying to get it settled down. Possible loose connection on tower. Will need a tower climber or FD to take us up with ladder truck. Turn the rotar and SWR goes down until wind blows

ARES meetings, 3rd monday of the month at 7pm at Station 720
Ironman event in Delaware on July 30th

New Business


Traffic net- announce at beginning or end .. rework the preamble


DMR repeater on loan -
Sell tickets at trunkfest

Ken motion drawing at trunkfest up to 300 tickets

Frank amend to have raffle on field day – sell more tickets

Paul second on modification

Drawing on field day - 1 – frank

Everyone else opposed


Drawing at 1pm on trunkfest June 10th 300 tickets or less

Paul second – none opposed


To use up to $800 club funds to purchase repeater for repeater in conjunction with raffle tickets- Arnal first, John 2nd none opposed


Website being moved to a new hosting provider


Wed pickup radio gear- larry polling barber to sell at trunkfest


Stalwart of the Club award – First award goes to Paul, N8IG for keeping the repeater on the air and his dedication to keep amateur radio alive in Union County since the disbandment of the former Union County Amateur Radio Club.


Calendar – Ham and Egg – 6am Frich's Trunkfest weekend -

No July meeting -

Paul Motion Ken 2nd July meeting 2nd Saturday July 8th at Frich's Breakfast none opposed


Special Event station for Marvin


Field Day – Scavenger hunt under age 12 range – education table – kit first 2 prizes
Freebie VOM's 3 clock kits -

Field Day Net – Thursday net after-net



17610 Waldo Rd

Marysville, OH 43040


Friday Night setup 5 or 6pm

Sat breakfast at Frich's
Starts at 2pm – 24hrs stops 2pm Sunday

3A – 2 cw, one ssb

GOTA – limited to 500 points N8IG call sign – person making contacts have to log it on paper.

Bring your own chair

Extension cords


Food – 30 people -

Message handling – send message to section manager handle one message

satellite ?


50/50 raffle – at meetings etc.. tabled till next meeting.