March 7 2017 Meeting Minutes

Paul motioned to approve the minutes for the Feb meeting. Ron 2nd none opposed

Treasurer report- $1372.40 in the account. $983 was the previous balance.
$150 spent on repeater
$133 for parts

UCARC Logo – approved from website

Eric AC8WT – talked with stem school about book donation. He wasn't there. More info at the next meeting.

NVIS Day planning at the April meeting at station 720.
The grill at station 720 can be used. Hours will be from 8am to 5pm
Brian still needs volunteers to help out.
Volunteers for food
Someone to take pictures
Contact the Marysville Tribune for publicity
Bring antennas to try out


Ken created a Sign-up sheet, 2 shifts, 8-11 and 11 – 2
Vendor setup at 8am
Try to get some vendors


Field Day

Ron, NX8Y is coordinating


Special event station – Paul
Event station for Marvin, certificate or QSL card

Steam Threshers special event station – Will to coordinate, get more info at next meeting

Banner – 12x10 $99 bucks 18guage vinyl on line
make it easy for non-hams /public to tell what it is

Insurance – Ed to look into

Repeater -

Ken ordered parts, 2 sets of transistors and 20ohm transistors

Amp getting repaired

Getting spare repeater for parts

Replacing coax with hard line


Everyone talked about how make it efficient to buy items when needed. Frank pointed out the executive committee has authority to do that per bylaws. Amount raised for repeater was more than what was needed to cover the cost of the repeater.

After a discussion of what is on the calendar and field day being at the end of June, Arnal motioned that we not have a meeting in July. John 2nd 1- Frank opposed

Discussion about having a raffle at meetings and events, raffle items or have a 50/50 raffle at each event.

Reminder about weather spotting class April 12th