2016 December Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting Minutes December 6th 2016


Meeting called to order at 7:20pm


Nov meetings minutes approved
Motioned by Paul, 2nd by


Treasures Report

$703.78 in the bank

No ebay sales, Donated Radios given to Arnal to checkout, Frank didn't think they were worth trying to sell on ebay.
Possible fund-raiser – selling equipment on ebay. Frank is going to come up with a reasonable suggested donation to the club selling non-club donated equipment on ebay




Same status as last month


QRZ page

Good Work Ron!

Ed to check out Hamqth.com & qthcq.com and see about updating those pages with same information as QRZ.


Last meetings Echolink presentation by Ken W8KWH

Thank you Ken for the outstanding job!!

& ED KE8ANU for posting the video.


January 7th yearly dinner

After much discussion, we decided to have the dinner at the asian buffet at 5:30pm.


New Business


Brian, KD8ZWI is going to present about information system security.


Discussed book donation to local Library’s. Discussion ensued. We decided we need to do some more research on this, try to find a school radio club to talk to about it, maybe talk to the logan county club about it, and tabled it to discuss at a different meeting.


Frank motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:19pm Brian 2nd, passed with None opposed.