October 2016 Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting Minutes Oct 4, 2016


7:04pm Meeting brought to order


Minutes approved for Sept Paul motioned, Ken seconded


Treasurers Report 644.94 in checking account


Club money was used to buy donuts for SET, Collection was taken up that more than covered the cost of the donuts. Consensus was to keep collection money for food at club events and try to break even so club money can be used for bigger expenses when needed.


Paul went to the ARES Conference
Checked into 75 meter net and monitored 146.97 repeater

Future have a radio to monitor Voice on 75 meters while operating in digital modes

EMA – sign-in and sign-out sheet at any activity Important to show activity for amateur radio

Next year plan a scenario possibly a hazmat incident, maybe work from emergency power too?
Also need to work on getting familiar with passing traffic, messages and forms, etc.


Club Logo – One on website looks ok, maybe reference Columbus on lower right of Union County to show where Union County is in relation to Columbus. Rob's daughter may be able to come up with a logo


e-mail list serve setup at freelists.org for ucarc. Ed will send out information to everyone about it so they can sign up for it. Archives it creates are publicly available.


Jota was talked about. Ed, Ron Rice, and Bernie are planning to be at Otter Run during the fall camporee. Talked about activities


Presentation Ideas :
Echo Link – Ken

Traffic Handling – maybe Brian?

Digital Communications

JT65 – digital modes


remote station operation

SDR radios

Show and Tell

Portable operation

Water Tower installation

Dec meeting at station 720 show and tell meeting

Gobox activity


Jan 7th yearly dinner

Lucaseys – Frank going to check out

Bennys – Frank going to check out

DerDutchman – Frank going to check out

Asian Buffet – Ed going to check out

Little Tonys – Ed going to check out

July meeting falls on 4th .. move the meeting a week, move it to sat, not have a meeting?
Ohio QSO Party

NVIS Day – April?

Field Day – June

OH state parks on the air Sept?


New Business

Club Participation – encourage more club participation at events

AM broadcast station getting FM translator for Marysville

Breakfast Saturday


Repeater Move – County needs the EC room the repeater is in for additional office space

Brad moving to Vets Auditorium building

Possible locations for repeater: Multimedia room adds 150' plus of additional cabling

Storage room – not climate controlled

Keep it in same room

move to station 720

Transmitter on a different water tower

Move HF gear to station 720


Meeting adjourned motion by John, 2nd by Doc, carried at 8:35