November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Union County Amateur Radio Club 11/01/2016 meeting minutes


Paul Motioned to approve minutes from the October Meeting
Frank 2nd
Passed, no opposed

Treasurers Report
$703.78 in the account
Membership list – 28 members

Old Business
Jota – Ron, NX8Y, Chris, W8RNO , and Ed, KE8ANU setup 2 HF stations and a 2 meter station at Camp Otter Run for the Darby District Fall Camporee, the same weekend as JOTA. Ron set up some CW keys and showed a video the recreated the Titiantic Morse code transmissions. There were about 100 scouts and several adult leaders that were at the Camporee. A good number of scouts and some adult leaders talked to other stations on the HF and 2 meter stations.

Logo – Rob sent a couple logos to Paul. Paul is to send them to Ed to put on the website.


New business -

Setup QRZ page for W8UCO – Ron NX8Y said he would do that.

Dec Meeting at Station 720, show your GO Boxes/show and tell type meeting

January Meeting - TBD
Der Dutchman - ?
Little Tonys – seats 40 people in their back room, pricing could be from catering menu.

Lucaseys ?

Repeater is staying in its current location. It will be put on casters and moved in the corner of the room. Tower is staying at county services building. May eventually add another tower at Station 720 and use 40 meter beam from ECC on it. HF and 2 meter radios moved to Station 720. Amplifier is working good.

Business meeting finished at 7:23pm
Nov 12th next Breakfast

Ken, W8KWH 's Echolink Presentation ended at 8:23pm