Looking to buy or sell used equipment?

I hope everyone is staying healthy. With the cancelation of many area hamfests it can be challenging to find used equipment to purchase or sell. The Ohio Section website has a swap & shop page that lists used equipment for sale. There are instructions on the page that tells how to lists items you want to sell.
The webpage address for it is

Union County Bicentennial Parade Update - Help Needed

From Pete: Pending clearance by state/local officials on large social gatherings, this is the current "work in progress plan:"

(We will know more after May 1st)

  • PARADE DATE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 29th (same timeframes)
  • PARADE STAGING POINT: FAIRGROUNDS (note: still Awaiting official approval from Fair Board of my proposal.....Discussion with Fair Secretary was very positive)
  • STAGING FROM THE ROUTE 4 ENTRANCE to the Fairgrounds and then straight into Uptown on Main ending at S. Main and 6th
  • POST PARADE CELEBRATION: (TO BE DETERMINED)....highly probable that we will do on Court Street block between 5th and 6th...Farmers Market is in progress in Partners Park...

The Union County Amateur Radio Club has been asked to help with radio communications for the Union County Bicentennial Parade. It was scheduled to be on April 25th from 7am to 1:30pm but is postponed until sometime towards the end of August or September. The Union County EMA is helping with the parade. Many of our active club members are also EMA volunteers. This could stretch the volunteer pool thin for the club and EMA. Any extra help would be appreciated. The parade volunteers will be meeting at the staging area on March 28th at 9am at the Marysville High School parking lot. It would be good for anyone helping with the parade to be at this meeting.

If you can help out the Union County Amateur Radio Club with the parade or would like additional information please contact Ed, KE8ANU at ed.liddle at or sign up for it using ARES Connect

General information about the parade can be found here

Area DMR Repeater Information

DMR - Digital Mobile Radio
CODIG Columbus DMR repeater information can be found here
Area Brandmeister Talkgroups
313966 - Marysville
313964 - Marion
313964 - Delaware
31392 - COSWN Skywarn
3139 - OH State Wide TG
31399 - Ohiolink bridges DMR with System Fusion
31012 - Quadnet


Ed setup a rocket chat server for the club and any amateur radio operator that would like to use it. In order to use it, you have to setup an account on in. Please use your call sign for the user name. When setting your account up, you will recieve an e-mail with a link you have to click on before being able to log into the server to verify your email address. The website address for it is 

Some of the features it has are:

  • Access it with a web browser
  • Send pictures in the chat window
  • Send short videos in the chat window
  • Direct messaging
  • There are an iphone app, an android app, and a desktop app available for rocket chat, use the server address in the app to connect to the chat server. 
  • When using a mobile phone, you can take a picture or video and include it in the chat window.

Net Control Preamble

Union County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net

  • “This is (you call sign) opening this week’s Union County Amateur Radio Club Net.”
  • “Is there any Priority, Emergency, or Time Sensitive traffic for the Net at this time? Please call Net Control now.” (YOUR CALL SIGN)

If there is traffic, allow the station to announce the traffic and see if another station is available that can
take the traffic. After the traffic is passed or if no station is available to take the traffic, resume the net.



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