Looking to buy or sell used equipment?

I hope everyone is staying healthy. With the cancelation of many area hamfests it can be challenging to find used equipment to purchase or sell. The Ohio Section website has a swap & shop page that lists used equipment for sale. There are instructions on the page that tells how to lists items you want to sell.
The webpage address for it is

Net Control Preamble

Union County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net

  • “This is (you call sign) opening this week’s Union County Amateur Radio Club Net.”
  • “Is there any Priority, Emergency, or Time Sensitive traffic for the Net at this time? Please call Net Control now.” (YOUR CALL SIGN)

If there is traffic, allow the station to announce the traffic and see if another station is available that can
take the traffic. After the traffic is passed or if no station is available to take the traffic, resume the net.



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