N8IG Repeater update

The N8IG Marysville Repeater is without its Controller for a few more weeks, but is still operational. However, it is on the local on-site receiver and antenna, not the Remote Water Tower (high) Receiver site. There will be no courtesy tones or announcements for this duration. The receive range may be a bit shorter for the time being, but the N8IG Repeater remains operational.

The N8IG Repeater was replaced with a new Kenwood NXR-710K repeater setup in analog mode. The repeater was purchased by the Union County EMA and put into service on March 10, 2019.

The old repeater, a  GE MASTR II Repeater was donated by Honda Americas to the Union County EMA has served the amateur radio operators of Union County well over the years. It was taken out of service when the new Kenwood repeater was put online.  

Our oldie-but-goodie Controller, receive link radios, and voter still need to be setup on the new Repeater. After this is completed, the remote receive site will be operational.
These will also be put up on the new EMA Tower when it goes up.

Below are some photos of the repeater equipment. (click on Read More to see the photos)

Union County Ohio Amateur Radio Information

Welcome to the Union County Amateur Radio Club website. This site was created for other Union County/neighbouring county hams or people who are interested in Amateur Radio.

The Union County Amateur Radio Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Union County Services Building located at 940 London Ave. Marysville, Ohio 43040  unless other wise noted.

The Union County Amateur Radio Club meets for breakfast the second Saturday of each month at 8:30am at Frich's Big Boy loacted at 15700 Delaware Ave Marysville, OH 43040  
Check into the N8IG repeater in the morning between 8:00 and 8:30 to be added to the head count for seating! The breakfast is open to anyone with an interest in amateur radio, you do not have to be a club member to attend.
Some people in this club also help maintain the repeater in Marysville that is sponsored by the Union County EMA.

The N8IG repeater frequency is 145.350 (-) MHz with a Tone of 127.3 Hz It is open for use with a Technician Class or higher Amateur Radio License, you do not have to be a member of the Union County EMA to use it. There is also a weekly net that starts at 8pm on Thursdays on the repeater. Anyone is welcome to check in and take part in the net.

World of Digital Ham Radio Presentation

Come Explore the World of Digital Ham Radio
Jim, KD8KCH talked about and demonstrated PSK 31, Olivia, MT 63 and other modes and their use in the world of amateur radio. The link below is hos presentation in PDF ffile format.

This is a video of Jim's presentation

Club Information

The Union County Amateur Radio Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Union County Services Building located at 940 London Ave. Marysville, Ohio 43040  unless other wise noted.


Postion Name E-mail
UCARC Club Officers
Exectutive Officer Joe Liszeski K8JWL(at)arrl.net
President Arnal Cook N9ACC(at)arrl.net
Vice President Dennis Lamb dennislamb5(at)gmail.com
Treasurer Frank Reed KD8UFE(at)arrl.net
Secretary Ed Liddle KE8ANU(at)arrl.net
Club Call Sign Trustee Paul Fowler N8IG(at)arrl.net
Membership type Price Voting Rights


Membership Dues Information

Regular Member $30 Yes*
Family Member at same address $5 Yes*
Associate Member $10 No
Student Member $10 Yes*
 * A current amateur radio license is required to be a voting member

Annual Dues are due at the first meeting of the year, but can be paid at or by the second meeting of the year.
Dues can be mailed to
PO Box 91
Plain City OH 43064
or paid electronically

Membership Options


Net Topics

 This information should make it easier for the net control stations to come up with a topic for the Thursday night net.

Club Shirt Request Form

Request club shirts.
Please send checks to:
Dennis Lamb
175 Tallman St
North Lewisburg, Ohio 43060

Net Control Preamble

Union County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net

  • “This is (you call sign) opening this week’s Union County Amateur Radio Club Net.”
  • “Is there any Priority, Emergency, or Time Sensitive traffic for the Net at this time? Please call Net Control now.” (YOUR CALL SIGN)

If there is traffic, allow the station to announce the traffic and see if another station is available that can
take the traffic. After the traffic is passed or if no station is available to take the traffic, resume the net.


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