Net Control Preamble

Union County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net


“This is YOUR CALL SIGN  opening this week’s Union County Amateur Radio Club Net.”

“Is there any Priority or Emergency traffic for the Net at this time? Please call Net Control YOUR CALL SIGN now.”

[if Hearing none]: “This Net is open to all amateur Radio Operators interested in Amateur Radio and learning more about our hobby and sharing what you know with the rest of the group.
This is a Directed Net with a Net Control operator, but we want to keep it as informal and interesting as practical, while using Directed Net procedures.”

“We will take check-ins; mobiles first, then any wishing to check in and out (have other places to be), then all other check-ins.
Any information can be shared as long as it is clean and generally in the interest of HAM Radio and communications, electronics, etc.”

“The purpose of this net is to:”

  1.  Provide all amateur Radio Operators the opportunity to check out their equipment.
  2.  Check out the repeater for range and from your location.
  3.  Pass on information about Hamfests, events, problems, issues, recent successes, or any other information relevant to Amateur radio, the Repeater, etc.;
  4.  It is not intended as a Traffic net (at this time). There are other Traffic nets available.
  5.  Please leave a brief period between comments to allow a new check-in the opportunity to call Net Control. The courtesy tone is a reminder to do that.”

“We will now take check-ins:
Mobile stations first, then stations that need to check in and out.
I will call for stations [N thru Z first, then A thru M*] [this the first letter following the number in your call sign].
Mobile stations, please call Net Control YOUR CALL SIGN now with your call signs phonetically:”

  • Mobiles Short time stations:
  •  *A thru *M [*Mix the order up week to week so later letters don’t always
  •  *N thru *Z have to wait the longest every week! “Because Net Control said so!”]

A subject for discussion when asking for comments might be:

  • "What do you do at home to protect your radio and hence, house, from lightning?
  • (Sample only, pick any topic of your choice; trying to stay away from Politics, Religion, and Current events, unless Amateur related/etc.)
  • “Topics of a technical nature are OK, keeping it to the general K-I-S-S principle, that's not a rule only a suggestion. We do want to learn from them/each other."


  •  Call for Additional Check-ins, and then lastly, Late Check-ins:
  •  Call for final comments, additional information, replies, “last rounds and alibis,” etc.
  • After all traffic has finished, “This concludes this week’s Union County Amateur Radio Club Net. The repeater is returned to normal amateur use at Current Time. “

Send Net report of check-ins to N8IG "Paul Fowler" .

The following schedule is a rotating schedule, when it reached the bottom, it cycles back to the top of the list.

UCARC Thursday Night Net Control Operator Schedule
CALL   Name Backup NC Primary NC
KE8ANU   Ed 7/21/16 7/28/16
KE8BDX   Eric 7/28/16 8/4/16
KE8WT   Eric Ellington 8/4/16 8/11/16
N8GU   Bob 8/11/16 8/18/16
N8IG   Paul 8/18/16 8/25/16
K8JWL   Joe 8/25/16 9/1/16
W8KWG   Gayle 9/1/16 9/8/16
W8KWH   Ken 9/8/16 9/15/16
KA8LVZ   John 9/15/16 9/22/16
W8NRH   Doc 9/22/16 9/29/16
KD8SYK   Leslie 9/29/16 10/6/16
10/6/16 10/13/16
10/13/16 10/20/16
KD8VNH   Jerry 10/20/16 10/27/16
AC8DME   Devon 10/27/16 11/3/16
  Ron 11/3/16 11/10/16
11/10/16 11/17/16
11/17/16 11/24/16
11/24/16 12/1/16
KE8ANU   Ed 12/1/16 12/8/16