UCARC Meeting Minutes

July 2016 Meeting Minutes

Union County Amateur Radio Club Minutes July 14, 2016


19:10 hours Meeting opened by Jerry Hill, 18 present

Floor opened for nomination for President, 1- Jerry Hill, 2 Joe Liszeski, 3 Arnal Cook, 4 Ed Liddle


-Moved for each Candidate to talk about what they can do. Candidates spoke for around 2 minutes


-Voting 18 votes at 19:30hrs 10 for Joe, 5 for Arnal, 2 for Ed, 1 for Jerry

Elected President Joe Liszeski asked Paul Fowler for Executive Officer, Arnal Cook for Vice President, Frank Reed for Treasurer, and Ed Liddle for Secretary. The people agreed to the positions and the 18 members approved them.


-President Joe proposed to decide an alternate meeting night so meetings won't conflict with the regular Thursday night net. After discussion Tuesday and Thursday were voted on, Tuesday got 13 votes, Thursday got 1 vote. The first Tuesday or Third Tuesday of the month were the better meeting nights. First Tuesday received 9 votes, the third Tuesday received 1 vote.

The next meeting will be on August 2nd .


-Dues were brought up for discussion by Frank.

Price out our requirements for costs and wants. Repeater Maintenance, upkeep, upgrade, website were discussed. The consensus was the EMA would most likely be able to maintain the repeater at its current level and the club may want to budget or set aside funds for repairs and likely upgrades to the current repeater. The website was also brought up along with a different domain name. Jerry purchased a union county amateur radio club specific domain name, Ed is currently providing web-hosting. Those costs will be figured into the required costs. Jerry registered the trade name Union County Amateur Radio Club with the state of Ohio for a filing fee of $39


Dues and Initiation fees and/or capital contributions were discussed. Initiation fees/capital contributions fees may be a way to generate some revenue for the club starting out and could be adjusted once the club has established enough revenue to pay for operating expenses and funds that may be needed for equipment costs and repair, etc. This is to be discussed at a future meeting after operating costs are established.


-Net Control, Paul passed out a net control list that covers backup net control operators as well as primary net control operators on a rotating basis. If changes to the list are needed, please let Paul know if you want to be added to it or taken off it.


-Club call signs were discussed. The club needs a volunteer to research how to get a vanity club call sign. John, KA8LVZ will be asked if he wants to volunteer to find that information out. Some vanity club call signs that were mentioned are N8UCC, AD8UC, and W8UCO


-Frank brought up the need for a club logo. If anyone wants to design a club logo we could have a contest and the winner would get a warm fuzzy feeling that they came up with the logo when they see it in use.


-Motion to adjourn at 20:35 hrs, Seconded