UCARC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes May Club Meeting

Meeting Attendance:

Ed Liddle, KE8ANU
Armand Arabian, KC8DAG
Chris Hallock, W8RNO
AJ Loferski, KJ4SYN
Nick Kymakis, KE8VIX
Paul Fowler, N8IG
Dean Grinch, WA8OMQ
Sherley Crowder, W8SLC
Frank Reed, KD8UFE
Roger Shaull, W8KSH
Bryan McGeary, KD8ZWI

Meeting Discussion:  Still having the noise issue at the station.  Culprit is still presumed to be the power lines out front by the road.  Dean did some directional testing, and all signs point to the power pole.  Field day planning still in progress, Memorial Day Parade activity was cancelled.  Talked about status of the beam antenna.  The beam is ready to go up, Joe is going to determine and order the correct length of coax.  A bigger mast will be installed so the elements don't droop below the tower.  It was decided that we will hold our field day event at Keckley park.



April 2023 Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting on April 4th, 2023

In Attendance:
Ed Liddle, KE8ANU
Chris Hallock, W8RNO
Ron Rice, N8XY
Chuck Kelly, KA8SJH
Dean Grinch, WA8OMQ
Paul Fowler, N8IG
Sherley Crowder, W8SLC
Bryan McGeary, KD8ZWI
Joe Liszeski, K8JWL
Frank Reed, KD8UFE
AJ Loferski, KJ4SYN
Nick Kymakis, KE8VIX
The meeting opened with the treasurers report.  Funds have increased over the last month by $100.  After budgeted projects are paid for, our total funds will be around $1000.
Discussing club business, the beam is ready to go back up on the tower.  Joe (K8JWL) made and installed custom brackets to prevent the elements from rotating about the boom.  Ed emailed Mike to begin the scheduling process of getting the beam installed on the tower again, and replacing the 10 foot mast with a 20 foot.  This get the beam completely above the tower and also increase serviceability of the VHF higain antenna.  Discussion with URE continues as we are still experiencing the noise on HF.
Members were reminded that the club breakfast is this saturday morning at 8:30 at EMA Station 720.  Also, NVIS day is April 22nd from 10am-4pm, with activity scheduled to be at the EMA Station 720.
Field day is the last weekend in June. Volunteers are needed as Ron (N8XY) will be in Alaska this year.  Chris (W8RNO), Frank (KD8UFE) and AJ (KJ4SYN) Volunteered to help with planning.
Discussion of a beginners CW net was initiated, with a healthy amount of interest.  This net will be led by Chris (W8RNO).  More details to follow.
Chris (W8RNO)  then gave a brief presentation on HF Digital Modes.  A copy of the slides is available in PDF format below.  The meeting closed after the presentation.


March 2023 Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting of March 7th, 2023

In attendance:

Ed Liddle, KE8ANU
Chuck Kelly
Ron Rice,NX8Y
Paul Fowler, N8IG
Chris Hallock, W8RNO
AJ Loferski, KJ4SYN
Armand Arabian, KC8DAG
MikeHuffman, W8MDC
Frank Reed, KD8UFE
Roger Shaull, W8KSH

The meeting opened with the treasurers report.  $200 less in dues were collected so far this year compared to last year.  With a large bill and a large upcoming project, funds are getting low.

Next topic was the beam antenna.  It has been re-assembled and was set up on sawhorses and tuned.  Concern was raised about the elements twisting in the wind when installed on the tower.  Joe brought in prototypes of homemade aluminum brackets that would bolt to the element clamps and bolt through the boom, preventing the elements from twisting.  Joe also demonstrated an air choke he made on his printer for RG8 coax.

Work continues on dealing with the noise issue.  Dean contacted the power company to come out and investigate.  They came out and shut power off to the building, and the noise remained.  This confirmed the source of the noise was external.  Power company is going to investigate further.

The next topic of discussion was events the club wanted to participate in for the year.  Hamfests were considered a good source for fundraising, but volunteers were few as most were events were located farther away.  Other events discussed were field day, POTA, and participating in the Marysville Memorial Day parade.  This was discussed as a great way to promote the club.  A club campout was also mentioned for the Ohio POTA.

Another activity mentioned was field trips as a club.  Some places suggested were the local sheriff's station, the Findlay Radio Club, the Dayton Club, and the Voice of America museum in Cincinnati.  

Mike Huffman from the Delaware Club spoke about the rules and details of the MUD Contest this weekend and answered questions.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM



2022 June Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting of June 7, 2022
In Attendence:
Dean Grinch , WA8OMQ
Joe Liszeski, K8JWL
Rob Jostes, KD8PG
Chuck Kelly, KA8SJH
Armand Arabian, KC8DAG
Frank Reed, KD8UFE
Ron Rice, NX8Y.
Meeting called to Order at 7:00PM by Dean Grinch, WA8OMQ.
A brief Treasurer’s Report was provided by Fran Reed, KD8UFE. Club is solvent with over $3K in
Topics covered briefly included:
Status of beam antenna servicing:
Rob indicated that as of this date, the tower company had been slow to communicate and has yet to set
a date for any tower work. He was beginning to doubt if there was any realistic possibility of service in
the coming weeks.
Status of Loop Antenna Project:
Dean indicated that he had ordered sent a letter to the tower company ( Sabre ) inquiring as to their
recommended hardware or practices for securing the club’s wire loop antenna to the tower. After two
weeks with no response, he had ordered a “crossover plate” suitable for attachment to a 3 ½” mast
and was told the item has been shipped this week.
Rob Jostes KD8GPG, suggested that there was a realistic possibility that the Fire Department would be
agreeable to make a quick visit to the 720 building with a lift truck which could lift a couple of club
members up to an approximately 65 foot level where the crossover plate and a pulley with Dacron rope
could be attached.
Dean agreed to make an effort to put together a pulley mounting kit as parts arrive, and have that
hardware on hand ASAP while Joe and Ron volunteered to man the bucket. Dean and Frank said they
would also do their best to be on hand, depending on schedule.
Main Program : “ Field Day 2022,” presented by Ron Rice, NX8Y.
Ron shared some slides with results from past Field Days and suggestions for this year’s.
After discussion and general agreement among the attendees, it was decided that this year’s Field Day
activities will take place at the 720 Building and W8UCO would be operating in a Field Day operational
class appropriate for an emergency services organization.
Rob said that there would be no problem using the 720 Bldg radio room , conference room or the
outside grounds for this exercise.

The 24-hour operating time will be from 2:00PM Saturday to 2:00PM Sunday. Station setup will begin
on Friday, beginning at 1:00PM.
A brief discussion followed regarding necessary radio gear including and antennas. Between the club
gear and some volunteered by Ron, Dean and potentially others, it was determined that the club would
have sufficient equipment to operate three dedicated HF stations, 1 GOTA HF station and a dedicated
VHF radio.
While still to be determined, it was generally agreed that a combination of personal contributions along
with some supplemental club funds would pay for food and drinks. As there are many options, (such as
hotdogs and hamburgers grilled at 720 along with deli-purchased side dishes) that food details were
only generally considered. Ron will investigate food preparation possibilities and report back soon.
Other issues Discussed:
The topic of a July 5, 2022 club meeting and whether or not to meet was discussed. A couple members
said they would definitely like to meet, and others said that they would probably attend if they were in
town. Though a formal vote was not taken, it was concluded by all that there were no objections to
interested club members meeting if they desired.
Finally, it was decided that we should ask our Ohiohams.net Web Page publisher to:
1.) Make Field-Day Plans prominent at web site.
2.) Change the Monthly Meeting time advertised to 7:00 – 9:00 PM rather than 6:30 – 10:00.
The 6:30 to 7:00 time was for pre-meeting pizza (when available)
Joe moved that we adjourn. Frank seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm

2022 March Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

Treasures Report - Ron Motions to approve, Dean 2nd

CW class update - class is going well, have about 6 people active in the class

Loop antenna update - need to get drawing of tower to get the diameter of the tower legs to get correct size clamp to support the loop antenna

Shirts - discussed and tabled

Radio Room organization - Discussed shelves to put radio equipment on and room for monitors.
Paul and Joe to head up, Paul, Ron, Joe, Frank, and Lance to work on organizing the radio room.

Joe motions to adjourn, Frank seconds, None opposed.  


2022 February 1 Meeting Minutes

February 1st Meeting Minutes

Treasurers report - Ron Motion to approved, 2nd by Ron none opposed

ARES - nets on Monday, about 6 to 10 check ins for Diginet and Voice net

Old Business:
HF beam antenna - Antenna could be down in a couple weeks, Joe, K8JWL bought a kit for the HF beam that has trap end caps on it, etc for the club.

Loop Antenna update - Dean has parts, needs to talk with Joe about mounting the loop to the tower
Discussed about making a loop antenna and using eznec to model it.

Ron talked about the rotor, clkub has new rotor and rotor cable for the HF beam

New Business -
CW update Morse Code Class doing good

Club shirts: discussed about the club having an inventory of shirts to use for new members with club name on them. Follow up at the next meeting

Ron - discussed station setup in EMA radio room, Rules, SOPs, equipment setup

Club Activities for 2022 discussed, the club will be participating in the following:

NVIS Day - April 23 Ed to coordinate

Field DAy June 25-26 Ron NX8Y to coordinate

Ohio QSO Party - August 27th

Ohio State Parks on the Air - Sept 10

Simulated Emergency Test - Oct 1st
Jamboree on The Air - October 15

Discussed about the club getting a table/booth space at local events and hamfests to promote the club. No interest in doing that, but weshould have a brochure that someone can take with them to promote the club if they are going to be at an event and want to promote the club.

Dean motions to Adjourn
Frank 2nd, none opposed

2021 December Meeting Minutes

December 2021 Meeting Minutes

Armand motions to approve minutes, Ron 2nd

Gene Neds – silent key – family donated equipment to club. Joe asked to purchase a Drake TR4C w/ power supply that needs work for $100 Ken, W8KWH is going through equipment to determine what shape it is in and to come up with a value for it. It was mentioned that some of the equipment could have received lightening damage

Treasurer’s Report

ARES Report – Monday night ARES nets

Loop antenna – Dean is working on a double loop antenna to be more broad banded

January 16th at 5pm Annual Club Dinner at the Asian Buffet

Winter Field Day discussion

Ed chosen to be the club president
Dean – Vice President

Frank – Treasurer

? - Secretary

George wants to head up activities for the club

Ron – can head up Field Day in June

Club Shirts order form (the club needs a minimum order of 6 shirts)

Ron Rice to teach a morse code class towards the end of January

Ron motions to adjourn

Dean seconds, None opposed.

2021 November Meteing Minutes

Paul Motioned to approve October meeting minutes. Armand 2nd None opposed

Frank gave the treasurers report

Paul motioned to have Pizza before the meetings.
Discussed Pre-meeting Pizza at 6:30pm- Club will buy pizza and put a donation can out to offset the cost of the pizza. 
Armand 2nd none opposed

Club Dinner in January at teh Asian Cafe Buffet

Loop Antenna - Dean talked about the loop antenna and the EZ NEC modeling he has been doing for it.

Dean Presented about MARS

Armand motioned for the meeting to adjourn. Frank 2nd  None opposed 

2021 October 5 Meeting Minutes

Approve Minutes Paul motion Aromond 2nd none opposed

Tresurers report

ARES - SET last Saturday went well

Old business
Loop Antenna - Cords untangled from poles.

communications vehicle (Squad) - Tabled

in person meetings to continue

Meeting Ideas:
DARA mobile comms van visit maybe
MARS - next meeting topic

2021 September 7 Meeting Minutes

September  Meeting Minutes

Paul motions to approve August minutes. Frank 2nds, none opposed

Treasurers report


Discussion of projects – Squad and loop antenna.
Loop Antenna – ball park parts needed $135 for wire, Coax $200, Balun $240, Estimate of $650 - $700 needed for loop antenna.

Paul motions for $700 for materials for the loop antenna. Frank seconds, non opposed.


Tower/beam update – No response from tower company.


Paul Motions to adjourn, Dean seconds. None opposed.

2021 August Meeting Minutes

August 3rd 2021 Meeting Minutes


Paul motions to approve minutes
Armon second

none opposed


Treasurers report


Club Breakfast 2nd Saturday of the Month at Bostons 8:30am


Sept in person meeting Tour of EMA


Loop antenna- tie into Beam antenna project


Table Trunkfest until 2022


70cm MSTR II repeaters – Free or Best Offer. Try to rehome


Paul Motion to Adjourn Armond 2nd None opposed

2021 June Meeting Minutes

June 1st 2021 meeting minutes

May Meeting Minutes approved

Treasurers report
3324.52 cash

ARES Report – Monday night nets

Trunkfest Oct ?
Table till August Meeting

In person meeting in August BYOFood
Location Station 720 NW Parkway

Paul motion to adjourn Ron 2nd none opposed 2026

2021 May Meeting Minutes

May 4 2021 meeting minutes


Minutes approve on website Frank motion Ken 2nd
none opposed


Treasures report

3324 balance
700 income
865 expenses – 21 paypal fees – and new rotor, rotor cable



POTA – George – Madison State Park – battery and solar powered


Next POTA May 23rd Madison Lake

Hamfests - Columbus Hamfest in August
Trunkfest on hold ..

July Meeting – no meeting – zoom will be available for get together


Field Day – last wekeend in June 2pm Saturday to 2pm on Sunday

June Meeting Topic – field day rules and logs submission -


June POTA same weekend as Field Day


Loop antenna – discussion – poles are in

2021April Meeting Minutes

UCARC April 2021 meeting


Approve last months minutes

Paul 1st Armand 2nd none opposed

Treasurers report

Motion to renew insurance

Dean 1st Frank 2nd none opposed

World Amateur radio day

NVIS DAY April 24th

POTA April 25th Madison Lake State Park

World Amateur Radio Day April 18th

Trunkfest – 3 month lead time – no later than October -

Field Day – Do it like we did last year form home

2021 March Meeting Minutes

Ron 2nd opening meeting accepting minutes


Treasurers report
3122.71 balance
-190 cashflow for past 12 month period

POTA 10am – 4pm 6 people 26 contacts
Last weekend March on Sunday Location TBD

Trunkfest – maybe later in the year

Field Day – Unsure .. likely do the same as last year

In person meetings – maybe later in the year

New business – loop antenna planning

Hamshack Hotline phone for Statiojn 720 using club call sign

Logging software Next meeting HRD and N1MM by Ron
DX for Win by Joe
CQR Log by Ed

2021 Feb 2 Meeting Minutes

Frank Motions to aprove minutes
George 2nd

Treasurers report 3893 cash balance

36% paid dues Around $500 collected
Brian Williams - New member General
DMR net on 313966 2nd Tuesdays

Rotor came in within a week with a rotor cable
Future events – no hamvention –
Field Day - in person or not?

2021 January 5 Meeting minutes

Dean motions to accept minutes

George 2nds

none opposed


treasurers report -

rotor – not serviceable – discussion about replacing with one from Norms and replace rotor cable and sell the yaesu rotor

Get refurbished rotor from Norms or a new one hygain ham4

Dean Motions for not more than 800 for rotor plus $100 rotor cable costs

Winter Field Day

George Motion to adjourn the meeting, Armond 2nd


2020 Feb Meeting Minutes

Treasurers report


Dues 60-65% in

Cash Balance 2867 end of Dec

3131 now

900-1,000 a year in dues typically

Arnal Motions to reimburse Rob for connetcters $300 something
Motion tabled since Rob didn’t want to be reimbursted


Old Business

Wrap up for Winter field day

Ed gave a summary about it

2nd Saturday Breakfast coming up

March 14th brunch at 12:30pm at Frich’s


Antennas jpole
Frank will see about getting tax exempt number



March 3rd UCARC meeting

Skywarn training Union County March 11th


Bicentennial Parade


NVIS Day – Coordinator - Cat KD8RPD and John


Telephone Poles – EMA talked to URE to get 4 poles put in.


Madison county test session May 7th


new business

Trunkfest June 13th 4th annual trunkfest Open at 9am 7am setup Club members 6am


Field Day June 27th-28th
Ranked 30th for the 3A class
Top 4% in the US

4th in 3A in OH
Greatlakes region 5th

Most people in attendence

45 total visitors

6 youth


EMA highband repeater Tait 9100


Ron motions adjourn Joe 2nd


2019 December Meeting Minutes

Antenna Cable Connector discussion for new tower.

Activities for participation

Winter Field Day – Jan 25-26th – Grant

Dec 9th for two weeks, ham radio study at stem school for highschool



Treasurers report – Income – $3966.00
$2,500 Cash
Dues - $30 per year


Dualband Antenna Project


January Dinner

Jan 7th or 14th open at asian cafe

Saturday 11th if its available or Sunday 6pm


Breakfast Frichs 1st Saturday

Arnal ran unopposed for club president


KE8NIY George newly licensed

Old Business -

Winter Field Day

Ham 2 weeks


Armond Motions to adjourn, Grant, JOU 2nd

2019 August Meeting Minutes

August UCARC Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 1906


Treasurers report – 3848 cash end of July
2000 equipment
Income 2500 this year
Income last year 2800 in august

Expenses increased around $600 for equipment


Antennas and cable for Belfontaine link were purchased by the club


Hamfest update

Attendance was down
Income was OK since we charged for spaces
Why was attendance down? Weather – wet spring led to too much yard work to get caught up on
Attendance has been down for a lot of the hamfests.


DX Engineering hamfest coming up on Saturday


Findlay hamfest in Sept


Steam Threshers special event station 140 contacts made


Field Day
3rd year
1st more than 40 people 45 people attended
16 non hams 6 people 18 or younger
made over 1,000 QSO’s for the first time
Article on front page of Journal Tribune
1st sattellite contact

GOTA and 1302 QSO

1081 CW
GOTA 10 ops on GOTA station
Score total 4766 contacts plus 1070 = 6236 points

4 fan dipoles plus beam


Cubscout day camp at past time park Groups of 10-12 scouts at a time
Frank and Bob


Tower update – tower is up

Spool of hard line to pickup in Columbus
Conectors are in antennas are in
standoffs need to be ordered

New Business - Ohio QSO party August 24th same day as ohio court house on the air day
Meet at new 720 to

Motion to purchase 1000’ antenna rope at DX engineering for no more than 250
Joe motions, Armond 2nds


none opposed


Sept 7th OSOTA Same location Alum Creek State Park




Possible Topic – Astronomy


Breakfast postponed a week to august 17th

ARES Connect any interest in the club to use it ?


Amplifier update ? None


Armond motions to adjourn, Joe 2nd

June 2019 Meeting Minutes

UCARC meeting

LUNCH IN THE PARK – about 10-15 kids


Treasurers report 3794 cash on hand


Steam Threshers – July


Belfontaine Remote receiver – Install new antennas and cabling

around $700 decided by the executive committee


Antenna – loop antenna at station 720 along with the tower


Trunkfest report – by Ken

brief history of the trunkfest.

$5 seller space and $5 admission -
6am arrival for setup -

Will need afternoon help for cleanup around 2pm
Will have a free table


Field Day report – by Ron

Brief History of Field Day -

Waldo Rd -

GOTA station

Have fun, enjoy great food

have fun

Work all states

make a Satellite contact

Gold to make 1,000 contacts

2pm Saturday – 2pm Sunday
Setup Friday start around noon

17610 Waldo Rd

Need Porta John for Field Day -

Armond motion, Dennis 2nd to adjourn

May 2019 Meeting Minute


- Introductions.

  • Including Stan N8BHL, ARES Coordinator and Hurricane Net Control.


- Repeater Update

  • Loop antenna / pole mounting update/ #4 of poles?
  • Tower update


- NVIS Day review – John K8LVZ


- Bellefontaine Link gear needs to be looked over/protected/detected what and where

Bellefontaine club will be cleaning up some of the antenna mess on the radar tower @ High Point on May 25th. Not aware that we had equipment there so we need to coordinate with them ASAP, Club President Gary N8GJK phone # is 937-441-2648

- Need our own Work Crew to be there to protect our gear/find our antenna!


- ARES Update – Ed KE8ANU


- Want to provide books for KE8LVF & Classroom. Handbook, Operating Guide, Antenna Book.


UCARC Breakfast this Saturday, 0830. hrs at Frisch’s Big Boy

  • Frisch’s Big Boy located at 15700 Delaware Ave Marysville, OH 43040
  • Call ahead on the 350 Repeater so we know what size table to get/hold


Might ask who all is going to the Xenia Hamfest. May 17th – 19th

  • Mention frequencies we use when at events like that.  145.350 simplex, 127 Hz
  • Even so, this does not prevent RF Overload from blocking signals on frequency/ on tone
  • UHF: 443.45MHz with a PL Tone of 136.5 Hz with a +5 MHz in analog mode


Sale of non-working Collins and Drake gear – Paul N8IG


Project day to build the Fox Hunting Tape Measure Beam Antenna


Final details for the Trunk Fest – June 8th

  • Need volunteers morning AND afternoon
  • Pack your trunk!


Final details for field day.  – June 22/23

  • Ron Rice NX8Y @ Rice Farms


Next Meeting June 4th, just ahead of the Trunkfest/Field Day for last second items.


No July 2nd Meeting


Program: Stan Broadway on ARES


April 2019 Meeting Minutes

04/02/2019 Meeting Minutes

Motion to Approve March Meeting Minutes by Paul 2nd by Rick approved none opposed

Treasures report - 726 quartly income - primarily dues plus money for pizza. net cash $32054.00

Resolution to change the signature cards for the club for the club president. Motioned by Frank 2nd Jeff, all in favor none opposed.

Introductions - made

ARES Report

NVIS Day - K8LVZ's house, Breakfast first at Friches Put some antennas together

May activity - Fox hunt

Lunch in the park - partners park activities

Field Day at Ron's son's place - June 22nd 23rd

Trunkfest 2nd Saturday in June, 3rd year New Horizons Baptist Church - everything is good except the food truck. We are expecing a good turnout. $5 table charge, Food truck will be there at 6am

Hamvention - May 18th

Meeting Adjourn Jeff - Paul 2nd

March Meeting Minutes

Union County Amateur Radio Club March 5, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Repeater update – Arlin having trouble interfacing the old controller and voter with the new repeater.
The plan is to get the controller and voter working with the new repeater, then moving it to the new
location on NW parkway after the tower is put up.

New tower – probably won't be until June
Radio room coming together good at EMA station 720
2 HF stations with amp, 2 UHF/VHF and EMA highband. Ed has been working on getting the
computers imaged

NVIS April 27 th Decide at the next meeting on the location

Motion to decide about direction finding – as a club project, Rick motioned, Bryan 2 nd
Committee – John LVZ, Rick, Ed, Dennis
none opposed

Station 720 – where to put poles
Dean, Paul, Jeff, Arnal, Ron to look into antenna options for poles

Trunkfest June 8 th 9am to 2pm, setup starts at early as 6am. Sellers setup at 8am
$5 a spot for space $5 admission

Motion by Dennis for 2 nd club banner $100 limit, 2 nd by John, LVZ
none opposed

Library Lunch Program
Paul Paul, Ron, Dennis, Dean may be abe. to help

Treasurers report around 3,000 cash

John motion to adjourn,
Ron 2 nd , none opposed

2019 Feb Meeting Minutes

UCARC Feb 5 2019 Meeting
Minutes Paul motions to approve, Clifford 2 nd

Treasurers report – Cash balance little over $3000ARRL Dues can be paid through the club, club gets $2 for referrals, $15 for new referrals

Ron Payne resigned as Quartermaster Joe nominated Stallwart award for putting it together
Joe talked about equipment donation by SK John, W1GKB.
Dean volunteered to be quarter master

Winter Field Day
participated Saturday at 2pm had 8 people show up, 2 ohio national guard people showed up, one was
a former member. Tim major in national guard, looking for HF experience for field day

Joe presented with Stallwart of the club award for Feb

New business
Repeater update – removed controller and voter from current repeater and use with the new repeater
Ed talked with Arlin about programming it. Arlin is going to program it with the controller and voter .
After its configured, it will be setup at the current location to test out.
No Announcements and courtesy tones on repeater

Everything that was on the equipment order was at station 720

Coordination for the repeater move is in progress, no word on tower, most likely in June

New Business
Park lunch mentioned, Partners Park summer lunch program from June 3 rd to August 9 th . We could
setup a table with actvities for the kids to do and get kids interested in the hobby. Time commitment
would be 2 hours a day, one day a week for 10 weeks.

Trunkfest same place as last time pending contacting the church
Paul suggested we get another club banner.
Clifford suggested better sign-age for trunkfest

Field Day Location change possible.. John, LVZ offered his place
22, 23 of June, consensus was to keep it at the current location on Waldo Rd.
We may invite the Ohio National Guard to join us for Field Day.

Digital presentation
John motions to adjourn, Paul 2 nd

December 2018 Minutes

December 4th 2018 UCARC Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes Armond 1st, trevor 2nd none opposed

Treasure's report – collecting dues for next year

total liabilities 0 and equities 4663

Trevor 1st Dennis 2nd

100 due to EMA association for GOBA repeater use that the club has.

Quarter master report – NA

Repeater update -
Discussion on new repeater equipment

Ed to email Arlin his thoughts on the matter.

ARES Simplex Net

OSPOTA - Placed 3rd

Holiday Dinner follow up with Frank to see if Sunday the 13th is a go.

Dennis Nominated Arnal for President. Clifford 2nd all in favor none opposed.

No other nominees.
Arnal N9ACC - Club President
Dennis W8ILD - Vice President
Ed KE8ANU - Secretary
Frank KD8UFE - Treasurer
Joe K8JWL – Executive officer

John Motions to approve officers, Ron NX8Y 2nd

Field Day placed 75th out of 300

Breakfast Saturday

Next Meeting Feb 5th

Armond motion to adjourn the meeting, Ron 2nd

2018-11-06 meeting minutes

October UCARC meeting Minutes November 6th 2018

Introductions -

Last meeting minutes- Armond motion Ron 2nd. None opposed

Treasurers report - Cash balance $2639

Quater Master report- none

Repeater Status – End of November – should have new repeater parts. Tower soil sample was taken.

Goes to sleep once in a while

ARES – Clifford gave a report about the SET (simulated emergency test)– this year was simulated severe winter weather – used Fldigi on 2 meters
ARES nets start Monday night at 9pm. 2 meter repeater net – check in, let everyone know if you will take part in the simplex digi net and make announcements. Afterwards we qsy to 145.600 MHz for the simplex digi net. We have been using MT632kl with FLDigi. The 3rd Monday of the month is our ARES meeting and there will be no net.

Mesh networking- talked about mesh network in general.


JOTA – 53 scouts signed in. Ed presented certificates of appreciation for everyone that helped out with JOTA.

APRS – Scott – APRS not a go for Dec

Powerpole crimp kit – Paul motions to reimburse Joe for the kit, Clifford seconds – none opposed

Location for holiday dinner January - Sunday the 13th – holiday dinner 6pm

Officer election – December

Breakfast – Saturday 2nd Saturday

Next meeting Dec 4th

Thinking about next years activities

Winter Field Day in January

Armond motions to adjourn meeting Paul 2nd none opposed


2018 October Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes Dennis motioned, Armond 2nd

Treasurers report -

$60 check for shipping and bird watt meter

$100 for Tom paid
Portapot paid

Inventory of equipment made

Stem School – wait for date

Repeater status – Soil sample was taken for tower Paul, Arnal, and Joe working on coordination for repeaters

ARES – SET coming up in October Black Swan, Clifford is working on activities for the SET to go along with the Black Swan Event.


182 contacts
4800 points ,almost doubled points from last year

JOTA – Camp Lazarus in Delaware Operating on Saturday

ARES Connect – can be used to coordinate events for non ares members as well as ARES activites and members.

Presidential Alert from cell phones tomorrow at 2:18pm
Diagrams for station 720 tower – dual band antenna needed for new location, either use current dual band antenna or buy a new one for around $200

APRS Demo – Dec or January from Scott, N8JYF

Nov 6th, next meeting at station 720 – old or new,

Shurle asked about dues – and getting help with not being able to get into the repeater.

Meeting ended after Ken's presentation at 8:47pm.

2018-09 Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2018 UCARC meeting

Started at 7pm

Armond, KC8DAG motioned, Trevor, W8TKC 2nd approve meeting minutes

Treasurers report 12 month period

no liability
$2651 expenses
$4623 Net

Number of Members approx 30 + or -10

Chris Dillon talked to the club about Stem Day – In November with Story of Autism at STEM school weekend 4 to 6 hours, 4 or 5 stations 50 minutes per station, the club would have one station Thestoryofautism.org ages 5 to 15, 2 groups, a younger age group and older age group.

Repeater Status -
amateur repeater – 2 meter
EMA repeater in next years budget
both sets of duplexers will go to 159.300
small set is around $1200
big set is worth around 1500 – 2000

Tom Eckleberry
Paul, N8IG motioned to pay Tom $100 Armond,KC8DAG 2nd none opposed for his time he put in to the cans and repeater previously

ARES Set coming up in October Blackswan 18, ARES Connect

Bird Watt Meter received Calibrated 4 slugs and modifications has been made. Discussion about marking the case with the Club Information on it.

OSPTA – Saturday at Alum Creek State Park Cheshire Boat ramp 8am to 6pm
Breakfast – 8am Cracker Barrel

Findley Hamfest Sunday the 9th

Next meeting October 2nd

JOTA October 20th at Camp Lazarus

Ohio QSO Party results
93 contacts
56 multiplier

Meeting Presentation started at 7:33pm

Meeting ended at 8:30pm

2018-08 meeting

UCARC Meeting Minutes August 2018


Dennis motions to approve meeting minutes 2nd by KC8DAG Armand


Treasurers report

Ron Motions to approve John 2nd None opposed


Field Day Report


4,150 points this year, 4152 points last year

805 contacts made

Message to the arrl section manager

12 messages handled by Tony KC8PZ – 100 pts

GOTA – 160 Bonus Points

Brianna Kruse – 12 yrs made 12 contacts

Grant – made 24 contacts

Terry – made 24

Armond – 20

Frank 24

Bill Cash – 2

13 total GOTA operators 8 youth made at least 1 contact

42 people visited field day site

10 of 42 visitors weren't licensed


Ron, NX8Y received the Stallwart of the Club Award for Field Day Planning


Micheal KE8KDF Joined us at the meeting. Recieved his tech license last month


Trunkfest Report -

Need to have more money for change
We had around 40 vendors

75 – 80 tickets sold


Executive Committee put for a vote for a $100 donation to the Church for letting us use their parking lot.

John LVZ motions, Dennis 2nd, None opposed


Ken received Stallwart of the Club Award for Ham Radio Tailgate and Trunk fest


Ed gave report about Steam Threshers


Repeater Status – Status Tower is about 2 months out, EMA purchasing 2 repeaters, 1 for the 145.35 and one for the EMA highband radios. New antennas except for the triband beam currently at County Services Building.

Would like the club to take existing hardline out of the county services building.


PortaPotty – haven't received the bill for Field Day.


Ed gave the ARES Report -


Covered Bridge day – no interest


Ohio QSO Party – August 25th

Paul will make sure 720 is open


Dennis – OSPOTA Sept 8th

Alum Creek – location to be determined. Nvis configuration


Sept Activity suggestions –

N8JYF – APRS presentation ?

DMR presenation – including DMR programing

Show and tell -

Mesh networking


More NCS stations needed for Net Control

Measured 10 seconds of no transmit


Breakfast this month at Frich's


Tuesday Sept 4th next meeting


Findlay Hamfest Sept 9th

Case for Bird Watt meter

N8GU QRZ page for info about his light house activation


General Class – Dennis announced


Adjourned 8:27


June 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 7pm

Paul motions Joe get a case from harbor freight for the bird watt meter Trevor 2nd

Paul withdraws motion

Bird Watt meter spend $500 on calibration of watt meter and slugs

$100 for mod

$185 for slugs
$40 for case
Total $325
Shipping costs $50 ish


Clifford motions spend up to $400 on everything John 2nd none opposed


ARES Report – Clifford and Ed completed the AuxComm course the week of Hamvention. Central Ohio Challenge Bike ride coming up July 7th from Dublin to Bellefontaine and back for the longest 100 mile loop.


Repeater update : tower approval waiting .. ordered EMAhighband repeater and 35 highband repeater

Ordered antennas. Moving beam to new location


Dennis has a few matching hats to go along with the shirts


Trunkfest :

Weather looks good

7am meet at church

Trevor motioned to raffle a zumspot Ron Rice 2nd none opposed


Field Day

6pm Friday to setup antennas





1 free VHF station

Needed items

150' coax


July Breakfast 14th


Parks on the air

Covered bridges on the air


coming up


Meeting adjourned at 9pm

May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes Frank motioned Trevor 2nd

Treasurers report $1609 cash in bank
6 or 7 people dropped from roster

Repeater Move – no new news

76 repeater receive site Chris KC8FRJ inquired about it

ARES – Bike Ride coming up July 7th

Shirts – Arnal motions to vote for shirt color from top 3, Red, Maroon, and Green

Maroon won the vote

30 – 35 per shirt

Union County
ARC in the logo

Name and call sign


Frank motioned to buy extra shirts for new members– Trevor 2nd

Frank withdraws motion after discussion


Field Day Setup Friday night

Last year 925 contacts – CW 600 and phone combined 309 (60 GOTA)

33 total people involved, 21 licensed, 6 adults unlicensed 6 youth

email union county hams about field day, get e-mail from QRZ

Beam from W1GKB used for field day

17610 Waldo Rd

NIVIS Day inspired discussion – Get different people to operate – make goal for making contacts get a prize
get to gether to operate

Quarter Master – Ron, KE8RGP
taskforce – Ron, Ken W8KWH and John KA8LVZ who else to price items

Paul motions to approve quarter master job description and dennis 2nd none opposed

Items to sell to be offered to club members first

Tailgate -

admission - $5 kids free donation
price on stuff to sell
discussion ensued
8 to 2pm open at 9am
7am setup
hamfest signs

Adjourned at 9:

April 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened by Arnal at 7pm


Introductions – we had 2 new hams from the class attend

new to Marysville from Dublin- Dean WA8OMQ Saw the website ARRL member


Meeting Minutes – as posted on the website Paul, Motion to accept minutes – Ron 2nd none opposed


Treasurers report – Cash in bank – $1494 -
38 paid - 40 members plus non-paid

Ed motion to accept treasures report Paul 2nd none opposed


License class – 15 people tested, 2 didn't pass, 1 upgrade


Stallwart award – Ed Liddle for the tech class

New Business -

2 meter grid square activity this weekend

NVIS Day – Saturday April 28th 10am – 4pm Still at Maple Street – Start on sorting W1GKB donation

Soldering kit?

May- May 1st meeting -Hamvention Prepare for Trunkfest

June – Trunkfest 9th and Field Day 23rd and 24th



Paul motions that we have a raffle Ken 2nd none opposed

Trunkfest – Ken and Frank to run including raffle at EMA Station 720 at new location

UHF repeaters to sell, cans, W1GKB equipment

Food – need food truck/vendor


June 23-24 Field Day – Ron Friday night antenna 17610 Waldo Rd Field Day

Need to check to see if EMA Bus can be there


July – no meeting ?


Shirts – Poll on website


Move to new 720 -
2 meter repeater and DMR repeater move to 720
Moving HF beam – all other antennas will be new

Emergency Communications Asset for County
Telephone poles to move to new location
New VHF repeater – using exhisting now ..


Hamfest April 14th at Cayaghoga falls – Akron


Treasury – clubs that have bookoo bucks – do some work to raise money Do we want to donate time to do work to raise money for the club.


Clifford motions to adjourn, Paul 2nds

March 6 2018 Meeting Minutes

March 6th 2018 Meeting Minutes

Approval of minutes none opposed

Treasurers report – cash $1494

$360 collected in dues
Ed Motion to approve John 2nd none opposed

Ares – GOBA June going through Union County in June
Monday Night ARES training at 7:15pm at Station 720
Practice Traffic net – 2 meter practice net.
Central Ohio Challenge MS Bike Ride in July

Tech Class update: 20 – 25 people per tech class, 11 is North Lewisburg Scout Troop

Joe motions for offering 1 year club membership to new hams that take the class to help with mentoring.
Clifford moves to offer associate membership until January Paul 2nds
none opposed

Repeater update – new tower at new 720 quoting new antennas
Guy wires work on old tower neighborhood of $160 If Brad doesn't pay, Paul would like to have club pay for it.

Shirts – polo shirts need to settle on color, embroider club logo with first name and call sign, $35-40 per shirt, Dennis, W8ILD getting embroider machine to do up shirts He can also do hats too Color for Shirts – Ed to do survey on website along with choosing own color

Rick, KK4MLY joined us for the meeting, everyone introduced themselves.

Announcements – Breakfast 8:30am at Frich's
John, N8PVC presentation Central Ohio Severe Weather Network

Meeting adjourned after presentation.

February Meeting Minutes

February 2018  Meeting Minutes


December meeting minutes approved none opposed


Treasurer Reported 1300 in the bank, 3300 in assets including cash


Bird Watt Meter - get it sent out to modify and calibrate it


Trunkfest update- $30 per trunk to hold it at the Union County Fairgrounds, Possibly have it at the New Station 720 location, $10 per table


ARES - Started Monday Night training night at Station 720.


Repeater - 4 Miles difference from where it is now. We need to submit paper work to get it recoordinated. Paul didn’t for see any issues. The new location is 75ft higher in elevation.


EMA is moving station 720 to a new location on Northwest Parkway. It will be a month before county takes possession of the building. We have around 4 weeks to come up with a plan to move the repeaters and for the radio room setup.


Free Club Membership - Survey the class - find out what they are going to do with the hobby and if they plan to become club members. Clifford will write up a survey.


Field Day, Same place, Same time as last year.
Ohio State Parks on the Air - planning on participating
NVIS Day - Planning on participating

Tower move - Cables, remove cables and salvage them or sell them from county services building


Radio Tour - tour different radio roms to get an idea how we want to set up the one at the new station 720 location.


Arnal motion to adjourn

All in favor, none opposed.

Dec 5 2017 Meeting Minutes

Joe, K8JWL Called the meeting to order

Treasures report - $900 in the bank
$3,400 income
$1,200-$1,300 expenses
$2,000 equipment costs

$228 was spent on Slugs for the Bird Watt Meter
Paul, N8IG motioned to allocated $100 to upgrade the Bird Watt Meter , John, KA8LVZ 2nd, none opposed.

Paul discussed the Tower at Station 720 and the costs to get the antennas moved up higher on the tower would be 1,000 plus cost of hardline. Rob, KD8GPG suggested not to pursue this project at Station 720 and to instead plan for moving the repeater from Station 720 to a higher profile location like the water tower at 38 and 736. Rob is going to check on the availability of the water tower for a repeater location.

New Business:
Paul Motioned the Annual Dinner to be at the Asian Cafe Buffet, John, KA8LVZ 2nd, none opposed.
January Dinner will be at the Asian Cafe Buffet Sunday January 7th or 14th at 6:30pm. Frank is going to make the reservation.   

A discussion about the donated W1GKB club equipment ensued. The general consensus was to keep the HF equipment and other equipment and to form a committee to inventory the equipment. Discussion about a policy on loaning the equipment ensued. Ron Payne is going to headup creating an equipment loan policy. Frank nominated Ron for quartermaster function. There were no other nominations. Ron agreed to start the quartermaster function to the best of his ability with help from the inventory committee

Tech License Class - the club decided to offer a technician license class on Wed evenings from 7pm to 9pm for 6 weeks starting in Feb7th. Gary, KE8O is going to talk with the VE's from Delara and they will put on a testing session after the class.  The class will be held at the Union County Services Building, 940 London Ave in Marysville. 

Officer Nominations: Joe, K8JWL asked the club to stay on as president for another year unless someone else wanted the position. There weren't any new officer nominations.
Ron Payne motioned to keep Joe as club president for another year. Gregg 2nd none opposed 

Joe asked the current club officers if they would like to serve another year with him. They agreed.
Gregg Motioned to accept Joe's slate of officers, none opposed. The Vice president will remain Arnal, N9ACC, Treasurer will remain Frank KD8UFE,  Secretary will remain Ed KE8ANU, and the executive officer Paul, N8IG.  

January the meeting will be the Club Dinner
February, maybe do a amateur radio movie night for the meeting, show amateur radio videos from Youtube that are of interest. 

Gregg motions to adjourn the meeting, Ron seconds.


October Meeting Minutes

Sumary of what was discussed at the meeting.

$75 to $100 per slugs for Bird Watt Meter, hold off on upgrading watt meter, Ken to purchase


Stalwart club award – setting up/coordinating OPSOTA

Antenna update at station 720 – Tall tower is good, esitmate to move antennas to top tall tower will be sent to Brad.  Club may want to fill in what EMA can’t cover – may need around $1,000 in cabling. Need to figure out what type of cable is needed. etc.


OSPOTA – went well, 18 members showed up, 13 YR/old upgraded to General, made his first contact with his general ticket. The club earned 2863 points, We contacted 33 out of 51 parks in Ohio. Propane generator- barely used any propane and was quieter.


Pancake Breakfast – target for November


Sept 2017 Minutes

UCARC Sept 5th 2017
Minutes – Paul motioned as posted, Dennis 2nd none opposed


Treasurers report 1125.51 in the account

DMR repeater paid

Ohio Parks on the Air – Permit obtained – Parks on the air phone – 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10
Mobile ops low power more than on person
Mosiers – Ham, turkey, buns, water Bring your own chair event. Big Red 1500 ram cargo van.

10am – 6pm Alum Creek State Park
74 state parks – 51 state parks on the air
W8UCO call sign W8UCO ALU
Dennis will be there early, Ron will help setup early.

Stem School update – Eric has been out of area for work.. yet to be determined

Test equipment/slugs for Bird – buy from online
Ken to look into Bird Watt meter slugs and calibration/conversion from radio dan website

Logo- table shirts for another meeting. Have by next trunkfest, use logo from the website.


ARES – SET Oct 7-8


Tech class – Coordinate with Delara/madison county club for testing.

Thursday Night Nets – new net control operators – Lance, KD8TED volunteers

Topic list for ideas
Form on website for net reports -

Meeting Ideas:
Project for meeting


DX engineering presentation – topics
Traffic handling -
Videos – hamnation videos
Genral operating – HF operating etiquette
OA station by Dayton
CW, Digital, etc
CW intro class - ?

Pancake Breakfast – October

October Pizza – party and movie -
November – traffic handling Matt Curtain ?
CW Intro
Ham Radio Deluxe
LOTW – Setup Club call sign with LOTW can this be done? Scott Yonally ? Ron Rice
John motions for name and call sign to be added to the website
Frank 2nd, Paul 3rd
Ohio parks on the air
Breakfast cracker barrel 8-8:30am
October 3rd – pizza
Nov – nominations for club officers - '

October discussions for voting

8:43 meeting ended

June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Started 7:06pm


Congratulations to Denny, KE8HDE New ham since Saturday


Paul motioned
Gregg 2nd accept minutes none apposed


Treasurers report – 1,077 balance
$40 NVIS expense
$60 dues in

Special event – call sign and date July 15-16, W8M


Banner cost around $89 delivered at 720 Look into getting second banner


Repeater – Limping along, issues with controller for 2 months- no audio, no tones. Power cycle controller to fix it. Still trying to get it settled down. Possible loose connection on tower. Will need a tower climber or FD to take us up with ladder truck. Turn the rotar and SWR goes down until wind blows

ARES meetings, 3rd monday of the month at 7pm at Station 720
Ironman event in Delaware on July 30th

New Business


Traffic net- announce at beginning or end .. rework the preamble


DMR repeater on loan -
Sell tickets at trunkfest

Ken motion drawing at trunkfest up to 300 tickets

Frank amend to have raffle on field day – sell more tickets

Paul second on modification

Drawing on field day - 1 – frank

Everyone else opposed


Drawing at 1pm on trunkfest June 10th 300 tickets or less

Paul second – none opposed


To use up to $800 club funds to purchase repeater for repeater in conjunction with raffle tickets- Arnal first, John 2nd none opposed


Website being moved to a new hosting provider


Wed pickup radio gear- larry polling barber to sell at trunkfest


Stalwart of the Club award – First award goes to Paul, N8IG for keeping the repeater on the air and his dedication to keep amateur radio alive in Union County since the disbandment of the former Union County Amateur Radio Club.


Calendar – Ham and Egg – 6am Frich's Trunkfest weekend -

No July meeting -

Paul Motion Ken 2nd July meeting 2nd Saturday July 8th at Frich's Breakfast none opposed


Special Event station for Marvin


Field Day – Scavenger hunt under age 12 range – education table – kit first 2 prizes
Freebie VOM's 3 clock kits -

Field Day Net – Thursday net after-net



17610 Waldo Rd

Marysville, OH 43040


Friday Night setup 5 or 6pm

Sat breakfast at Frich's
Starts at 2pm – 24hrs stops 2pm Sunday

3A – 2 cw, one ssb

GOTA – limited to 500 points N8IG call sign – person making contacts have to log it on paper.

Bring your own chair

Extension cords


Food – 30 people -

Message handling – send message to section manager handle one message

satellite ?


50/50 raffle – at meetings etc.. tabled till next meeting.


May Meeting Minutes

Union County Amateur Radio Club meeting minutes
May 2, 1017

Meeting Minutes – motion to approve by Paul, 2md by Ron

Treasurers report – Frank gave the treasurer's report

Old Business:
NVIS day – band conditions were bad and we made a digital contact and not phone contacts. Everyone had fun making the antenna and participating.

Trunkfest – Ken obtained door prizes from DX engineering, ARRL, and also has 1,000 door prize tickets to use.

Field Day- discussion of 2F or not ensued.

Special Event station for Marvin will be July 15-16. Paul got a special event call sign W8M

Repeater discussion – There was an incident of a hot mic. After making some phone calls and sending some e-mails out about it, we were unable to find out who had the hot mike. This issue was brought up to make everyone aware of it and to make sure everyone is aware of it and to try to not have a repeat of the same issue as a learning experience.

New Business:

Reimurse Ed $40 for the clock soldering kits, Arnal motioned, Paul 2nd. None opposed

Discussion of purchasing additional soldering kits that could be put together by youth that attend field day. How many, and how much to spend was discussed, $150 was talked about and the topic was tabled for the June Meeting.

Breakfast reminder for May 13th was made

Reminder about the June 6th meeting for Field Day and Trunkfest was made.

Gregg KE8BBS and Clifford, KE8WNO has become a new club members.

Scott, N8SY and Arlin, KD8EVR gave a great presentation about DMR, how it works, and how its being used by amateur radio. Arlin mentioned he could put in a Demo DMR repeater at Station 720 to try out.


April Meeting Minutes

March 4th meeting minutes

Paul motioned to accept the February meeting minutes. John 2nd, none opposed

Treasurers report:
1345 in bank

$150 in assets – repeater
Sold some equipment on e-bay for $100

Stem School update, Eric wasn't present to give an update.

Weather spotting training reminder for Wed April 12th

Trunkfest – Ken has vendor confirmed from Bowling Green

Field Day – June 24-25
Location may be on Waldo Rd
Setup Friday night, need 6 meter station, and possibly a GOTA station

Marvin Special Event station July 15 to 16 Need to come up with a QSL card or certificate to send out. A motion was made, Paul 2nd none opposed

Steam Threshers special event station – Will wasn't present. May conflict with Marvin's special event station.

Club Call Banner – discussed ideas for a banner. Paul wrote down a couple of suggestions, the one on Clyde's banner and
Amateur Radio Communications Local, National, World Wide 
Everyone seemed to like the one on Clyde's banner

Insurance – Paul motioned for the club to purchase liability insurance for $200 Ron 2nd none opposed

Repeater – Ken gave everyone an update on the repeater. Its using the original amp that was repaired to drive an auxiliary amp. The amp from the spare repeater quit working. Ken is looking at that. Tom has the amp that was running at ½ power and is going to try to repair it along with the original duplexers.

The repeater is now operating at full power using receiving only from the receive site at the water tower.

Ed Liddle is the new ARES EC for Union County. Joe suggested to allocate some time at each meeting for ARES related updates and information as a permanent agenda item. Discussion ensued, everyone thought that would be a good idea and also to make the August meeting topic about ARES .

Everyone was reminded about the monthly breakfast at Frich's on Saturday and the Weather spotting training April 12th

The next meeting will be a presentation about DMR by the Ohio section manager and Arlin from the Mount Vernon Club.

We currently have 35 members on the roster.

Frank brought up the club obtaining equipment for club members to use and suggested purchasing some equipment. John suggested asking members to donate equipment they don't have a use for any longer. Discussion ensued. It was mentioned to get a bird watt meter modified and to get some additional slugs for it for HF, VHF, and UHF. John KA8LVZ motioned to use $250 to be used for Ken to purchase bird watt meter slugs at upcoming hamfests. Frank 2nd, none opposed

The meeting ended with discussion and planing for NVIS day.

Bryan contacted the journal tribune and is waiting for a response.

There are plans try out multiple antennas and possibly setup multiple stations. The starting time for NVIS day is at 8am at station 720.

March 7 2017 Meeting Minutes

Paul motioned to approve the minutes for the Feb meeting. Ron 2nd none opposed

Treasurer report- $1372.40 in the account. $983 was the previous balance.
$150 spent on repeater
$133 for parts

UCARC Logo – approved from website

Eric AC8WT – talked with stem school about book donation. He wasn't there. More info at the next meeting.

NVIS Day planning at the April meeting at station 720.
The grill at station 720 can be used. Hours will be from 8am to 5pm
Brian still needs volunteers to help out.
Volunteers for food
Someone to take pictures
Contact the Marysville Tribune for publicity
Bring antennas to try out


Ken created a Sign-up sheet, 2 shifts, 8-11 and 11 – 2
Vendor setup at 8am
Try to get some vendors


Field Day

Ron, NX8Y is coordinating


Special event station – Paul
Event station for Marvin, certificate or QSL card

Steam Threshers special event station – Will to coordinate, get more info at next meeting

Banner – 12x10 $99 bucks 18guage vinyl on line
make it easy for non-hams /public to tell what it is

Insurance – Ed to look into

Repeater -

Ken ordered parts, 2 sets of transistors and 20ohm transistors

Amp getting repaired

Getting spare repeater for parts

Replacing coax with hard line


Everyone talked about how make it efficient to buy items when needed. Frank pointed out the executive committee has authority to do that per bylaws. Amount raised for repeater was more than what was needed to cover the cost of the repeater.

After a discussion of what is on the calendar and field day being at the end of June, Arnal motioned that we not have a meeting in July. John 2nd 1- Frank opposed

Discussion about having a raffle at meetings and events, raffle items or have a 50/50 raffle at each event.

Reminder about weather spotting class April 12th

2017 February Meeting Miniutes

Treasures Report 983 in the bank plus what came in tonight

UCARC Logo Need update – use logo on website
QSL Card with logo discussed

Discuss book donation to local Library’s - Talked a little more. Gathered ideas
stem school, talk to school about school radio club, setup a day to talk to the students. Eric, AC8WT will talk to the stem school about it.
What about other schools in union county, Fairbanks HS, NorthUnion, Dublin Jerome HS? Donate books and DVDs to public libraries, talk to libraries about it first.

QRZ page setup needs pictures, hamqth page setup

New Business

Next month’s (March 7) presentation – Mesh Networking by W8ERD – thank you Ed for setting up.

NVIS Day which is Saturday April 22 – Need someone to coordinate- Brian, KD8ZWI volunteered to coordinate NVIS day. NVIS day is important to EMA and ODEN, NVIS QSL Cards needed NVIS day, new band to try for NVIS 60 meters band

April’s meeting at station 720 to plan for NVIS day

Weather spotter Training – April 12th 6:30pm to 8:30pm Union County Services Building 940 London Ave

Field Day. – Need someone to coordinate last full weekend 24th and 25th Ron Rice may coordinate needs to talk with family

Trunk-fest / Hamfest – Just Ideas at this point. Ken W8KWH has volunteered to head this up. If this can be done this year? When? Where? If not let’s plan for next year. Find a date. No decisions tonight just throw ideas around to discuss.
June, 2nd or 3rd week , Free tailgate fest -

Special Event Station Paul – Special Event Station for EMA/Club Marvin Gilbert maybe with trunkest

Steam threashers special event station Craig w8chr delaware club – steam threashers special event station union county sponsored event with Madison County ARC and 13-16th Will to head it up,

Mailings to let other area hams know about our cub, mailing labels etc..
Event table – pay for space, market club, promote amateure radio -

banner with our club call sign - Paul mentioned about getting a banner with our club call sign

universal radio UHF radio Beofeng UHF B888 Arnal- mentioned universal UHF radio Beofeng UHF B888S – union county code plug for them

Donation – TRC last week donated to EMA Hardline , 2 lengths, 2 DB loss – UHF rack mount mastr II repeater system

Adjourning business meeting 8:08pm

2016 December Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting Minutes December 6th 2016


Meeting called to order at 7:20pm


Nov meetings minutes approved
Motioned by Paul, 2nd by


Treasures Report

$703.78 in the bank

No ebay sales, Donated Radios given to Arnal to checkout, Frank didn't think they were worth trying to sell on ebay.
Possible fund-raiser – selling equipment on ebay. Frank is going to come up with a reasonable suggested donation to the club selling non-club donated equipment on ebay




Same status as last month


QRZ page

Good Work Ron!

Ed to check out Hamqth.com & qthcq.com and see about updating those pages with same information as QRZ.


Last meetings Echolink presentation by Ken W8KWH

Thank you Ken for the outstanding job!!

& ED KE8ANU for posting the video.


January 7th yearly dinner

After much discussion, we decided to have the dinner at the asian buffet at 5:30pm.


New Business


Brian, KD8ZWI is going to present about information system security.


Discussed book donation to local Library’s. Discussion ensued. We decided we need to do some more research on this, try to find a school radio club to talk to about it, maybe talk to the logan county club about it, and tabled it to discuss at a different meeting.


Frank motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:19pm Brian 2nd, passed with None opposed.

November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Union County Amateur Radio Club 11/01/2016 meeting minutes


Paul Motioned to approve minutes from the October Meeting
Frank 2nd
Passed, no opposed

Treasurers Report
$703.78 in the account
Membership list – 28 members

Old Business
Jota – Ron, NX8Y, Chris, W8RNO , and Ed, KE8ANU setup 2 HF stations and a 2 meter station at Camp Otter Run for the Darby District Fall Camporee, the same weekend as JOTA. Ron set up some CW keys and showed a video the recreated the Titiantic Morse code transmissions. There were about 100 scouts and several adult leaders that were at the Camporee. A good number of scouts and some adult leaders talked to other stations on the HF and 2 meter stations.

Logo – Rob sent a couple logos to Paul. Paul is to send them to Ed to put on the website.


New business -

Setup QRZ page for W8UCO – Ron NX8Y said he would do that.

Dec Meeting at Station 720, show your GO Boxes/show and tell type meeting

January Meeting - TBD
Der Dutchman - ?
Little Tonys – seats 40 people in their back room, pricing could be from catering menu.

Lucaseys ?

Repeater is staying in its current location. It will be put on casters and moved in the corner of the room. Tower is staying at county services building. May eventually add another tower at Station 720 and use 40 meter beam from ECC on it. HF and 2 meter radios moved to Station 720. Amplifier is working good.

Business meeting finished at 7:23pm
Nov 12th next Breakfast

Ken, W8KWH 's Echolink Presentation ended at 8:23pm

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

UCARC Meeting Minutes Oct 4, 2016


7:04pm Meeting brought to order


Minutes approved for Sept Paul motioned, Ken seconded


Treasurers Report 644.94 in checking account


Club money was used to buy donuts for SET, Collection was taken up that more than covered the cost of the donuts. Consensus was to keep collection money for food at club events and try to break even so club money can be used for bigger expenses when needed.


Paul went to the ARES Conference
Checked into 75 meter net and monitored 146.97 repeater

Future have a radio to monitor Voice on 75 meters while operating in digital modes

EMA – sign-in and sign-out sheet at any activity Important to show activity for amateur radio

Next year plan a scenario possibly a hazmat incident, maybe work from emergency power too?
Also need to work on getting familiar with passing traffic, messages and forms, etc.


Club Logo – One on website looks ok, maybe reference Columbus on lower right of Union County to show where Union County is in relation to Columbus. Rob's daughter may be able to come up with a logo


e-mail list serve setup at freelists.org for ucarc. Ed will send out information to everyone about it so they can sign up for it. Archives it creates are publicly available.


Jota was talked about. Ed, Ron Rice, and Bernie are planning to be at Otter Run during the fall camporee. Talked about activities


Presentation Ideas :
Echo Link – Ken

Traffic Handling – maybe Brian?

Digital Communications

JT65 – digital modes


remote station operation

SDR radios

Show and Tell

Portable operation

Water Tower installation

Dec meeting at station 720 show and tell meeting

Gobox activity


Jan 7th yearly dinner

Lucaseys – Frank going to check out

Bennys – Frank going to check out

DerDutchman – Frank going to check out

Asian Buffet – Ed going to check out

Little Tonys – Ed going to check out

July meeting falls on 4th .. move the meeting a week, move it to sat, not have a meeting?
Ohio QSO Party

NVIS Day – April?

Field Day – June

OH state parks on the air Sept?


New Business

Club Participation – encourage more club participation at events

AM broadcast station getting FM translator for Marysville

Breakfast Saturday


Repeater Move – County needs the EC room the repeater is in for additional office space

Brad moving to Vets Auditorium building

Possible locations for repeater: Multimedia room adds 150' plus of additional cabling

Storage room – not climate controlled

Keep it in same room

move to station 720

Transmitter on a different water tower

Move HF gear to station 720


Meeting adjourned motion by John, 2nd by Doc, carried at 8:35



September 2016 meeting minutes

UCARC Meeting Minutes 9/6/16

Meeting brought to order by Joe at 7:12pm
Approval of 8/2 minutes – Paul Motioned, John 2 nd , passed
Marvin Gilbert, EMA Operations Officer passed away, Pray for family.
Treasurer's report
Income – 648.44
Expenses - $43.21
Total 605.23 in paypal and bank account
Frank setup an ebay and paypal account for the club UCARCOH – ebay account
Fund Raiser idea, If anyone wanted the club to list and sell items on e-bay, 25%
commission or $10 minimum after fees would be donated to the club. No charge if item
doesn't sell. The club can sell donated items on e-bay.
Arnal is going to help identify box of radios donated to the club
Membership Roster passed around, Discussion about how to handle club membership
information, whether or not to list it on the website. Ken motioned to table the
discussion until next meeting, Gail 2 nd Passed none opposed
Logging Software N3FJP purchased by Paul for the club, Ed motioned to reimburse Paul
back for software $49.95, Eric 2 nd the motion. Passed none opposed
Ohio QSO Party – 15 people at station 720 from noon to midnight throughout the day.
109 contacts made.
Eric suggested about having an online signup list for events. Discussion ensued. Google
Docs and signup genius mentioned
October SET (Simulated Emergency Test)
ARRL affiliation paperwork- Ed went over forms filled out and obtained needed
information on forms form club.
Ohio QSO Party Report
QSL Card received from Ohio QSO party – Ed to make a QSL card with the club call sign
to send out.
Paul Motioned to approve the ARRL affiliation paperwork Gayle Seconded the motion.Passed none opposed
Vanity Call sign – Paul to apply to vanity call sign – Discussion ensued
Order for preferred call signs W8UCO, KD8UC, AD8UC
Paul Motioned, Eric 2 nd passed, 1 opposed
UCARC logo – next meeting after new call sign deadline
Eric E Motioned, Eric H 2 nd passed
Event Planning
SET Oct 1 st Particpate at Station 720
Jota – Oct 15 th – Discussion ensued – Discuss more at next meeting
Planning tabled until next meeting -
Special Event Station - ARRL Calendar – etc.
Findley HamFest on Sunday
Breakfest next weekend
W4XDCC Pigeon Forge 23 rd and 24 th Eric E might be going. Anyone want to go with him?
Eric H Donated a HT, beofeng, and mag mount antenna to the club for use by club
members, particularly new hams that don't have a radio yet.
Paul talked about Ed's trip to NY and communicating on 40 meters and using
text/phone/email to coordinate frequencies. He also talked about echo link and getting
it setup and using it to coordinate with Ed in NY. Discussion about Echolink/IRLP.
Frank brought up simplex net and discussion ensued
Eric E motioned to adjourn meeting Gayle 2 nd motion passed with none opposed at

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Union County Amateur Radio Club August 2, 2016 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm
Minutes approved for July meeting
Treasure's Report
Frank went over a purposed budget and discussion ensued about dues.
• John motioned to charge a full years due for 1⁄2 year and to pay dues by January for the full year.
It Passed at 7:45pm
• Will motioned the first club meeting of the year are when yearly dues are due and can be paid
by the 2 nd club meeting and still be in good standing. John KA8LVZ seconded the motion
It passed at 7:48pm
Discussion about membership levels ensued, members that are members of more than one club-
associate membership dues being less

Gail motioned to make regular membership dues $30, John KA8LVZ seconded the motion. It
Discussion of family membership ensued.
• Eric motioned that a family membership dues cost $5 and are limited to family members living
at the same address. If family members have a valid license they also have voting rights Paul
seconded the motion. It passed
• Paul motioned that an associate member cost to be $15 – does not include voting rights. The
motion was amended for the cost to be $10 It passed
• Frank motioned that a student membership cost $10, John seconded the motion, it passes
Membership applications are to be approved at the next meeting
If anyone wants to mail their membership dues to the treasurer, Frank's address if 10343 Ketch Rd,
Plain City, OH 43064
Paul was asked to be the club call sign trustee and accepted the position of club sign trustee.
New Business:
Forming an activities committee were discussed, Wil mentioned that the Madison County Club's vice
president is also the activities chair person. The Following activities were discussed,
1. Hamfest/Trunkfest in April?
2. Parks on the air
3. Ohio QSO party
4. Field Day End of June
6. Annual Meeting (end of January)
7. Winter Field Day

Frank motioned that the club take part in the Ohio QSO party the 4 th Saturday of August
from 12pm to midnight. Paul seconded the motion, it passed.Meeting Activities like speakers, demonstrations, etc were mentioned.
Ed asked if anyone would be interested in participating in JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) and John, Eric,
and Gail said they would be interested.
The quest for a logo continues, some logos were submitted and Ed will post them on the website.
Meeting adjourned