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Kids Day 6-18-2016

Our youngest son, Nathan had his birthday fall on the same day as the ARRL Kids Day event this year. We had about 10 of his friends over to the QTH to celebrate his birthday. Since I had my HF radio in a tote from the weekend before when I brought it with me on a getaway trip to Amish Countrty in North East Ohio with the XYL, I decided to turn the garage into a ham shack, especially since the activities for the birthday party included a slip n slide and a water fight.

Wire, trees, and kites

Amateur Radio is a lot of fun. I talked with Kourt, KB5PRZ. He was on the gulf coast of South Texas at Mustang Island State Park on the beach camping in his VW Camper van with a small group of other VW Camper van owners. His antenna has been up for a day or two... a long wire attached to kite flying in the air about 100 ft high attached to the bumper of his VW Camper Van. He was loud and clear here in Marysville Ohio. He also said I was making it over the noise there good with my IC 718, G5RV JR antenna, running 100 watts on 40 meters.


Trip to Colorado

Last week I went on a trip out west with my 2 sons, my brother in law and my father in law.

Trip to Mount Vernon

On Monday I went to the Mount Vernon Amateur Radio Club meeting. Before leaving Marysville I was talking with Paul, N8IG on the repeater and asked if he was going to be around later and if he would mind giving me some feed back as to how well my radio worked on the way out.

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