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Deep Dive Into The RigExpert AA-2000 ZOOM Antenna Analyzer, SWR/TDR/Cable Loss And MORE

9 hours 56 min ago

Here is the Rigexpert AA-2000 Zoom, their flagship antenna analyzer. This is SO MUCH MORE than checking SWR. This is a complete analysis in your hand. Check antennas for resonance and see every aspect of the antenna and system. Using the TDR feature, you can map out your feedline and check for shorts or faults within your coax or antenna. Measure cable length, calculate velocity factor and see the loss of your length of coax at different frequencies.

RigExpert AA-2000

The RigExpert AA-2000 is a powerful antenna analyzer designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines.

Graphical SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and impedance, as well as Smith/polar chart displays are key features of these analyzers which significantly reduce the time required to adjust an antenna.

Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as connection to a personal computer make RigExpert AA-600, AA-1000 and AA-1400 attractive for professionals and hobbyists.

The following tasks are easily accomplished by using these analyzers:

  • Rapid check-out of an antenna
  • Tuning an antenna to resonance
  • Antenna SWR and impedance measurement and comparison before and after specific event (rain, hurricane, etc.)
  • Making coaxial lines or measuring their parameters
  • Cable testing and fault location
  • Measuring capacitance or inductance of reactive loads


Review Kenwood TH-D74 [ APRS SETUP ] September 04, 2016 No comments

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FTDX10 [ Video 12/14 ] December 14, 2020 No comments

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RF transistor handles 1.5kW 1.8 to 500 MHz August 25, 2016 No comments

NXP’s MRF1K50H is a 1,500W LDMOS transistor, following on from the 1,250W MRFE6VP61K25H. This high ruggedness device, MRF1K50H, is designed for use in... Read more

Baofeng UV9S Triband HT Power Test June 26, 2020 No comments

Functions: TRI-BAND TWO WAY RADIO 1. Frequency Range: VHF/UHF136-174Mhz&220-225Mhz&400-520Mhz 2. Dual-Band Display, Tri Freq. Display, Dual-St... Read more

TenTec 506 Rebel Transceiver – ARRL – QST Magazine October 06, 2016 No comments

The Rebel 506 utilizes a chipKIT Uno32 prototyping board which give users access to an Arduino based programming environment. With its 32 bit computin... Read more

Equipment Yaesu M-70 | Desktop Microphone February 19, 2021 No comments

The Yaesu M-70 is a new desk  top microphone from Yaesu, it is ideal for the new FT-DX10 model but will function with other Yaesu Models. More info so... Read more

Mercury Paddle- Bencher December 27, 2014 No comments

The Return of the Legend. N2DAN’s legacy lives on in this beautiful dual paddle crafted from the finest materials– massive brass base with... Read more

Ameritron ALS-1306 AMPLIFIER, HF+6M, SOLID STATE, 1200 W PEP, 220 VAC September 17, 2015 No comments

Ameritron HF+6 1200W Solid State Amplifier 1.5-54 MHz . . . 1200 Watts PEP Output, Instant Automatic band switching, no tuning, no warm-up, SWR protec... Read more

CAIG DeoxIT Contact Cleaners November 18, 2021 No comments

CAIG DeoxIT Contact Cleaners CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT contact cleaners improve the performance and reliability of ALL electronic equipment and parts!... Read more

Yaesu Luxury dual element microphone M-100 announced! May 17, 2017 No comments

“Amateur radio transmitting voices on radio waves, direct more faithfully the direct sound more faithfully … …” Following the... Read more

Antenna The Siru Innovatios SDR20 adds new features August 04, 2015 No comments

New features * Smooth zoom in FFT/waterfall view * Adaptive menu * Frequency memory with snapshot pictures of signals * Sliding effect between views *... Read more

DIY Vertical Antenna – WRC Clone – On Air Test December 28, 2019 No comments

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The Yagi-Uda Antenna October 01, 2015 No comments

A Yagi-Uda antenna, commonly known simply as a Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting of multiple parallel dipole elements in a line,[1] us... Read more

Portable Antenna Build by K6UDA January 19, 2016 No comments

  K6UDA Radio, The elmer show with attitude. This time I’m building a portable end fed wire antenna that deploys in minutes and is pretty c... Read more

Antenna Polarization [ ARRL PODCAST ] July 18, 2019 No comments

 Your antenna’s polarization can make a big difference in how well you can hear, and be heard — especially on VHF and up.   Read more

App - Mobile Morse Intercom – APP September 08, 2015 No comments

  Features:i) Send Morse to, and receive Morse from, other users of the app. Restrict usage to your WiFi network, or allow full Internet connecti... Read more

AmsatDroid FREE – APP October 05, 2015 No comments

This software predicts future passes for amateur radio satellites for a specified location and period of time. Basic features: – Calculate passe... Read more

Free APRS application for iOS January 11, 2016 No comments

What it’s all about A modern APRS app for iOS users, with models detection, frequencies detection, C4FM highlight… More features Receive l... Read more

Introducing the Icom ST-4002A GPS tool for Android OS Devices December 01, 2021 No comments

Automatically input GPS location data from an Android device to the transceiver. Compatible with IC-7100, IC-9100, IC-9700, ID-4100A/E, and ID-5100A/... Read more

RS-MS1A – Remote Control Android App January 30, 2015 No comments

  Ray Novak and George Thomas show you how to control the ID-51A with the RS-MS1A Android app.   Read more

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Baluns VS Antennas : What’s best for What?

Mon, 12/06/2021 - 5:02am

Wahhab, YI3WHR, is researching some Baluns and is having trouble deciphering what the baluns strengths and capabilities are in comparison to an antenna. So Dave will explain, Baluns vs Antennas, What is best for What?

Antenna CobWeb Aerial by M0PZT February 18, 2020 No comments

The CobWeb offers the following features :  20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m operation Compact and easy to handle – Around 8ft square Doesn’t have to be too hi... Read more

Wideband Antennas for SDR Radios April 05, 2021 No comments

Flip, W4FLP, asked about options for wideband antennas for the popular RSP-DX software defined radio from SDRPlay. We cover three that should work fin... Read more

FX700 Vector Network Analyzer June 17, 2021 No comments

Metropwr FX700 is a vector network analyzer 0.1/700 MHz used to measure all the parameters of an antenna. It has a large 4.3 “touch screen display and... Read more

HF 8 band Fan dipole multiband antenna 160-6 meters with Balun June 09, 2015 No comments

HF 8 band Fan dipole multiband antenna 160-6 meters with Balun Product Description The 5 element fan dipole works very well at covering all the bands... Read more

Antenna Design and Measurement Software June 22, 2020 No comments

AnTune software assists in designing antennas and RF impedance networks. Their software runs on PC/Windows and can communicate with a Vector Network A... Read more

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Review Unboxing Kenwood TH-D74A February 24, 2017 No comments

Kenwood TH-D74A 144/220/430 MHz TRIBANDER. Triband Amateur radio packed with convenient features and the advantage of a digital transceiver with D-STA... Read more

MFJ Duplexer–Two radios, one antenna, or vice versa May 11, 2020 No comments

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Yaesu FTM 300 Review and Programming July 01, 2020 No comments

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Building the v6.1 Micro BITX from India March 16, 2020 No comments

“I build the new version 6.1 uBITX HF QRP SSB/CW transceiver fromm www.hfsigs.com in India. For an extra US$50, they include a case, another ext... Read more

Safely using a coax switch to connect multiple rigs to a single antenna system November 01, 2021 No comments

This video answers the question – “Can an antenna switch be used in reverse, to switch multiple radios into a single antenna system and, i... Read more

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Equipment Ultra Wide-band Coverage SDR Receiver MK3 September 25, 2015 No comments

Ultra Wide-band Coverage SDR Receiver MK3 • Full coverage reception form 100KHz to 2GHz SDR • Independent antenna inputs for Shortwave and VHF • USB c... Read more

Acom Remote Contro AR 400 at FHN HamFest June 24, 2016 No comments

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My Ham Radio Go Box Wiring And Setup June 16, 2021 No comments

“Today I’m putting together my ham radio go box. It featutes an ICOM IC-7300 and Alinco DR-135. The box also includes a West Mountain Radi... Read more

Xiegu X1M Pro QRP Transceiver April 18, 2016 No comments

Frequency range RX & TX:  100 kHz ~ 30 MHz* Modes: USB & LSB & CW Power output: 5 Watts Operating voltage: 12 vdc Operating current: 0.35... Read more

Coax Cable Stripping Tools May 17, 2015 No comments

  Coax Cable Stripping Tools DX Engineering DXE-UT-8213LR Coax Cable Stripping Tools have been designed to properly prepare coaxial cable for use... Read more

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Senator Blumenthal Supports Amateur Radio at Senate Confirmation Hearing

Mon, 12/06/2021 - 4:53am

Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) received an affirmative reply from FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel when he asked her to commit to providing his office “an update on the steps that the FCC is taking to support amateur radio operators.” The Senator posed the written question as part of Rosenworcel’s renomination hearing conducted by the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.

Blumenthal took note specifically that “Radio amateurs voluntarily provide an array of public services, especially emergency and disaster-related support communications when infrastructure has been destroyed by a hurricane or similar disaster. Their contributions in this area are regularly recognized by local and state authorities.”

“ARRL is grateful to Senator Blumenthal for his support and recognition of radio amateurs,” said ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR. Blumenthal has previously co-sponsored legislation supporting amateur radio, and his staff was recently briefed by ARRL on pending amateur radio matters at the FCC. Roderick added, “We need the partnership of the FCC and Congress to ensure our rules and spectrum continue to support the march of technological innovation in our vibrant Amateur Radio Service.”

Multiple proceedings to update or change the FCC’s amateur Part 97 rules to account for changes in technology and operating practices have been languishing at the FCC, some going back five or more years. ARRL is hopeful that these will be addressed soon.

The Senate Committee approved Rosenworcel’s renomination with a bi-partisan vote on December 1, 2021. She has served on the FCC since 2012, and the Committee’s vote to approve her nomination for an additional term sends it to the full Senate for final consideration.


Review Overview – YAESU FT DX 3000 & SDRplay December 15, 2015 No comments

YAESU FT DX 3000 & SDRplay More: https://www.hb9fxq.ch.   Read more

Overview of the Icom IC-9700 SDR VHF/UHF Transceiver July 18, 2019 No comments

Following on from our initial ‘Introduction to the IC-9700 VHF/UHF/1200 MHz Base Station SDR Transceiver’ video, we have put together a more in-depth,... Read more

Icom ID5100 vs Yaesu FTM400 for adventure travel December 21, 2019 No comments

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Comparing the RSP1 and RSP2 – SDRplay January 04, 2017 No comments

SDRplay RSP2 Over on YouTube user Mile Kokotov has uploaded two new videos that show both the SDRplay RSP1 and RSP2 receiving VLF, LF and AM BC signal... Read more

ICOM IC-7610 [4K VIDEO] May 01, 2019 No comments

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Equipment New From TenTec The Omni 7 Plus [ Hamvention 2019 ] May 29, 2019 No comments

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Ham Radio Go Box December 22, 2014 No comments

Ham Radio Go Box   Read more

Elecraft K2 February 15, 2015 No comments

  The Elecraft K2 is a full-featured HF transceiver with the options you have come to expect from radios costing over twice as much. Two VFOs wit... Read more

XPA125B 125W Solid State Linear Amplifier July 05, 2018 No comments

  Xiegu XPA125B is a small and lightweight 125 watt HF and 50 MHz solid state linear power amplifier perfect for your QRP radio or low power SDR... Read more

Audio Amplied Speaker Microphone designed for the Elecraft KX 2 and KX3 transceivers June 06, 2017 No comments

Elecraft radios have acheived excellence in quality and design for the fast growing market of QRP Portable Operators. The AlexMic is a Audio Amplied S... Read more

Antenna Triband Receiving Loop for 160/80/40m by AC0C November 30, 2016 No comments

“Noise is the constant companion of the stealth antenna warrior. And as the 160m season heats up this winter, the noise level of the house with... Read more

The F-LOOP Antenna 5.3-29.7 MHz May 19, 2015 No comments

  The F-LOOP was designed with weight, durability, portability, versatility and cost in mind. The unique craftsmanship of the CHA F-LOOP distingu... Read more

Vertical Antenna 8 bands trapped (10-12-15-17-20-30-40-80m) with wire radials 1/4 lambda for each one band. June 11, 2019 No comments

10-40m Full bands coverage. 80m about 120Kc/s RF chocke for electrostatic protection. 2 KW pep SO239 Technical specifications: Height: 11.3 m approxim... Read more

HexBeam SP7IDX Technology assembly April 15, 2020 No comments

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G3TXQ 6 Band Hexbeam 40m single element add on kit March 13, 2017 No comments

G3TXQ 6 Band Hexbeam 40m single element add on kit Some of you may remember the 7 band Hexbeam that was in production a few years ago. Due to the comp... Read more

App - Mobile Morse Machine – Android APP February 02, 2015 No comments

This program teaches you to receive Morse Machine code (CW). It starts with two letters and adds more when it sees that you are ready. This is the eas... Read more

817 Companion for Yeasu 817 – App June 26, 2015 No comments

Yeasu 817   The 817 Companion app is dedicated to all the proud owners and users of the Yeasu 817 amateur radio. The Yeasu 817 is a fantastic radio bu... Read more

Ham GeoTool APP November 13, 2015 No comments

A tool all-in-one for the radio amateur in Portugal and Spain created for personal use but at the last JOTA / JOTI, was released at the request of som... Read more

US Amateur Radio Band Plan for Android May 06, 2015 No comments

    US Amateur Radio Band Plan A clean native app that’s sole purpose is to provide amateur radio operators a simple and easy to use f... Read more

SDR Touch demo on Android device using SDRplay RSP April 24, 2016 No comments

This demonstrates turning an Android Tablet (or Android Phone) into a highly portable comms receiver or spectrum analyzer operating from Long Wave to... Read more

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Xiegu X6100 [ Video Demo ]

Sun, 12/05/2021 - 6:05am

Xiegu X6100

Antenna New ! SteppIR SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer December 28, 2014 No comments

  The SARK-110 is a completely new design concept for an Antenna Analyzer. This is a truly pocket size device, so you can take it anywhere. It of... Read more

Scorpion SA6-160 – Mobile Antenna 80 to 6 m March 30, 2015 No comments

  A gasketed sealed Polycarbonate enclosure mounted at the base of the antenna sports two shunt coils switched through a relay. An 8 turn shunt c... Read more

Dipole and Inverted V Antenna Basics September 15, 2015 No comments

  Learn how dipole and inverted V antennas work and how to build an hf antenna. Includes tips for construction, mounting and tuning   Read more

Comet GP-15 Tri-Band VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas GP-15 January 14, 2015 No comments

Comet GP-15 Tri-Band VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas provide good gain figures on the 6-meter, 2-meter, and 70-centimeter bands in a compact 7.9 foot p... Read more

MEF-330-1K Multiband EFHW Antenna Transformer for 8 Bands May 13, 2015 No comments

  MEF-330-1K Multiband EFHW Antenna Transformer,  Covers 8 Bands / 80-10m / 1kW-max. /  NO TUNER needed / wire not included/one End Insulator inc... Read more

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Review Entry Level vs Pro Level HF Ham Radios | Which is best for you? May 26, 2019 No comments

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Xiegu X6100 [ Video Demo ] December 05, 2021 No comments

Xiegu X6100 Read more

Cable stripping has never been easier with CableKnife January 17, 2016 No comments

  CableKnife claims the title of the “world’s best hand held cable stripper” and looking at the prototype, I find it difficult to disagree with t... Read more

Morse Code : Keys and Keyers June 23, 2021 No comments

Garry Ursenbach, VE6MU / NB7T, wants to know Dave’s suggestions on morse code keys. Dave will also teach about keyers. Read more

ICOM IC-7610 & excellent noise blanker and noise reduction December 03, 2018 No comments

ICOM IC-7610 “About two weeks in a row i receive very strong static noise from the nearby electric transformer station. The noise level is S9 +... Read more

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Equipment The Yaesu FT-891 | Specifications May 23, 2016 No comments

   Yaesu FT-891 HF/50MHz 100W All Mode Transceiver – FT-891 ·         Rugged construction in an ultra-compact body 6.1” x 2.0” x 8.6” (152 x 52 x... Read more

(tr)uSDX Prototype: on-board measurement equipment demo December 03, 2021 No comments

Short teaser of the on-board measurement equipment. This is by far not the final software, but it shows the hardware features we have, making life for... Read more

Aerial-51 SKY-SDR August 06, 2017 No comments

GENERAL TRANSCEIVER  SPECIFICATIONS Technology Solid State SDR-DSP Direct Conversion Frequencies / Bands 1.8 MHz to 54.0 MHz 160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20,... Read more

YAESU FT DX 5000MP HF/50 MHz 200W Transceiver February 04, 2015 No comments

The Yaesu FT DX 5000MP HF/50 MHz 200 Watt Transceivers is a Premium Class of Yaesu radios with 2 Independent Receivers plus many unique options and ac... Read more

Mercury III LDMOS Power Amplifier Kit December 23, 2019 No comments

Mercury III https://www.km3km.com/ Read more

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Switching Rigs Instead of Antennas

Sun, 12/05/2021 - 5:59am

George, WG4J, has a alpha delta 4 position switch that he wants to use to switch between his radios instead of the antennas. He asks, Will this work?

Antenna Navassa 5 Elements [ K7AGE ] – : Part 9 March 10, 2020 No comments

  JK Navassa-5 2 Elements on 10M / 2 Element on 12M / 2 Elements on 15M / 2 Elements on 17M / 2 Elements on 20M / 12ft Boom JK Antennas Navassa-5... Read more

6-10LP5-125 – M2 Antenna – 7 and 10 MHz September 04, 2015 No comments

The 6-10LP5–125 log periodic is a rugged, versatile performer designed for years of trouble free service. For the amateur radio operator it cove... Read more

X700HNA Dual band Base / Repeater Antenna April 14, 2015 No comments

  Special Features: • Fiberglass radomes  • Overlapping outer shells for added strength • Strong waterproof joint couplings • Stainless steel har... Read more

IS THIS THE ULTIMATE 2M CONTEST ARRAY? December 16, 2016 No comments

2 x el G0KSC / InnovAntennas rigid quads with additional parasitic reflector. 16.64dBi/14.48dBd when placed 20′ (5m) above average ground with m... Read more

Ham Radio Xmas Story – ALEXLOOP ! January 10, 2015 No comments

See More about AlexLoop   Read more

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Review D-STAR Picture Messaging, Texting and Mapping, Bluetooth App December 16, 2018 No comments

Using my ID-5100A in the vehicle, I’ll show you how the app works, group texting and then send a picture back and forth over D-STAR to John KM4M... Read more

Using RF Gain Control On HF-Less Ear Fatigue [ Ham Radio Basics ] January 28, 2017 No comments

Read more

Rugged Spot Hotspot DMR/DSTAR/Fusion Pi-Star November 02, 2018 No comments

NexGen Hotspots “From NexGen Hotspots, the Rugged Spot, one of their top sellers – a review. The nice thing about this hotspot, over other... Read more

Introducing the new ICOM 9700 February 10, 2019 No comments

ICOM 9700 Built with the VHF/UHF weak signal operator in mind, the IC-9700 is an RF direct sampling receiver for 2m and 70cm. The IF receiver consists... Read more

Testing the NEW GD-55+ for DMR July 12, 2017 No comments

Advanced GPS function for emergency communication 10W High Power IP-67 Waterproofed Call Recording Emergency Alert (“Man Down” Alarm) 2800mAh Lithium... Read more

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Equipment PALSTAR LA1K – 1000 watt RF Sensing Amplifier November 06, 2017 No comments

FCC approval pending. Not yet available for sale. The new LA-1K 1000 watt RF Sensing Amplifier. While the LA-1K will work with a wide variety of tuner... Read more

ALPIN 200 – LINEAR AMPLIFIER HF 2KW December 04, 2014 No comments

  ALPIN 200 Linear Amplifier Available from January 2015! Specifications coverage Frequency : All the bands radio amateur 1.8-29,7 MHz  Output Po... Read more

New! Acom HF Amplifiers – ACOM A2100 and ACOM A1200S June 26, 2015 No comments

ACOM A2100 ACOM 1200S Photos : EA7JX Source: CQDX.ru Read more

RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer August 07, 2015 No comments

A full-featured spectrum analyzer for less than half the price of a conventional unit. It’s compact, weighs just 1.3 pounds, takes little space on you... Read more

New RigExpert Green ZOOM Family of the antenna & cable analyzers July 21, 2020 No comments

“New RigExpert Green ZOOM Family of the antenna & cable analyzers Dear RigExpert Followers, We are glad to present you a New RigExpert Green... Read more

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Overview of the Chameleon MPAS 2.0 [ 6M – 160M ]

Sat, 12/04/2021 - 5:22am

Use the Ideal NOALOX 4 oz. Anti-Oxidant Compound to improve the efficiency of aluminum conductor connections. This compound provides additional inner-strand and inner-conductor current paths.

The Modular Portable Antenna System (MPAS 2.0) is a concept allowing the radio operator to configure and deploy the antenna system in a variety of configurations. Some of the possible deployment configurations:

• Vertical

• Horizontal

• Sloper

• Inverted “V”

• Inverted “L”


• Balcony

• Vehicle (Stationary)

• Man-Pack


Frequency: 6M – 160M

Power: 100 SSB or 50W CW.

Mounting Configuration: 3/8-24 Thread

The antenna system consists of:


1 X 73’ Wire

1 X 25’ Wire

1 X CHA MIL 2.0 (113″ Long)

1 X CHA MIL EXT 2.0 (105.5″ Long)


1 X CHA 50’ Coax with RFI Choke


2 X 3/8-24 SS Nuts

Stainless Steel Hardware


Review Performance & Range Testing Extra Long Tactical Foldable Antennas Vs Stock Antennas! April 26, 2020 No comments

Read more

LimeSDR Mini – Full Duplex SDR Transceiver – DATV – QO100 – Es Hail 2 January 16, 2020 No comments

The LimeSDR Mini development board is a hardware platform for developing and prototyping high-performance and logic-intensive digital and RF designs t... Read more

Ham College 43 – General Amateur Radio Exam part 14. Emergency Communications, Skywave propagation, and Yagi antennas. July 30, 2018 No comments

Ham College episode 43 is now available  General Amateur Radio Exam part 14. Emergency Communications, Skywaves, Yagi Antennas   Read more

FT8, Scope Kit , Pi Zero W : AmateurLogic 107 August 13, 2017 No comments

Peter operates the new FT8 Digital Mode from Joe Taylor. Tommy builds the DSO138 Scope Kit. George discusses the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Wayne build an A... Read more

ExpertPower Lithium Iron Phosphate Smart Charger – Ham Radio Q&A December 11, 2020 No comments

The ExpertPower 12 volt 5 amp Smart Charger is designed to work with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries of 10 amp/hours and larger in size. Read more

Equipment Heil Pro 7 December 22, 2014 No comments

The Heil Pro 7 offers a feature set that compliments the Heil Sound standard for headset design. Unlike copies of various aviation type headsets, the... Read more

SunSDR2 PRO May 17, 2015 No comments

  The brand new SunSDR2 PRO transceiver is a modern SDR transceiver developed with contesting and DXing in mind. It covers all HF bands plus 50 M... Read more

Icom IC-7200 HF/50MHz Transceiver July 31, 2015 No comments

Icom IC-7200 IF DSP The latest IF DSP technology is employed in the IC-7200. While the IC-7200 is an entry-class transceiver, advanced digital feature... Read more

RF-KIT Power Amplifiers RF2K-S November 14, 2019 No comments

RF-KIT Power Amplifier RF2K-S – THE Solid State 1,500 watt linear amplifier DX Engineering exclusive! Both kit and assembled versions offer exac... Read more

RF-KIT RF2K-S Amplifier – Legal Limit Solid State PA May 19, 2019 No comments

General Features: Output Power 1.8 – 30 MHz 2K+, 6m 1K+ Device: 2x BLF189XR Auto Band Selection ICOM®; YAESU® Band data Interface CAT Connectivity LAN... Read more

Antenna The Alternative Multi-band Solution – Cobra UltraLite Antennas January 02, 2015 No comments

  Covers More Bands than a G5RV (Shorty). Goes up Fast, Easy on Trees. All Stainless Hardware Black Marine ABS Insulator Blocks Handles a Full kW... Read more

Omnidirectional Biquad Antenna for 2.4GHz ( WI-FI ) June 18, 2016 No comments

Directional antennas do have their strengths such as power over distance but sometimes you may need to use a good omnidirectional antenna to produce 3... Read more

The $4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna April 26, 2015 No comments

  Ham Radio Satellite Antenna Simple, inexpensive and lots of fun! Here is an easy to make home brew antenna that can get you on the air working... Read more

High Quality 5 bander CobWeb Antenna April 24, 2015 No comments

The Cobweb 2000The 5 bander CobWeb Antenna is a High Quality designed antenna with products from Europe. We don’t use low-budget accessories. This Cob... Read more

End Fed Dipoles : So I need a Counterpoise? September 20, 2021 No comments

Kenneth, WB3JFR, encouraged this question. Do you need to use a counterpoise just because its “End Fed”? Read more

App - Mobile Yaesu FT817 CAT Control Setup & BT Remote Control | Android March 30, 2015 No comments

  In this video we run through setting up a bluetooth CAT control for the Yaesu FT-817, using an Android Tablet, bluetooth interface, and Yaesus... Read more

EchoLink App for IOS8 November 15, 2014 No comments

Description Please note: This app is for licensed Amateur Radio operators only. See www.echolink.org for more information. EchoLink for iOS provides a... Read more

Free Digital Mode Android App October 01, 2015 No comments

First Formal Release of AndFLMSG! AndFLMSG is a combination of Fldigi and Flmsg for portable devices running Android. The main objective of this devel... Read more

SmartSDR for iOS v2.6.2 Now Available August 12, 2018 No comments

FlexRadio Systems announces the release of SmartSDR for iOS v2.6.2 is now available for download or update from the Apple App Store. This App requires... Read more

iSDR for Iphone and Ipad December 16, 2014 No comments

  iSDR is a software defined radio application compatible with the iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad. iSDR is designed for experimenters, shortwave... Read more

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PDW – An SDR Decoder For ACARS & POCSAG Pagers

Sat, 12/04/2021 - 5:13am

PDW – An SDR Decoder For ACARS & POCSAG Pagers

Antenna TransWorld Basic Antenna February 12, 2016 No comments

These two folding arm units are ready for connecting to the array box of your choice, and attaching to either the sturdy Quadrastand or Permanent Moun... Read more

Rotatable 160 Meter Receiving Loop – WB6RSE Wins July QST Cover Plaque Award July 22, 2015 No comments

The winner of the July 2015 QST Cover Plaque award is Steve Lawrence, WB6RSE, for his article “Rebuilding a Receiving Flag Antenna for 160 Meters.” Th... Read more

Ground Plane Antennas [ “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast ] December 20, 2018 No comments

Ground Plane Antennas “Ground Plane Antennas” is the topic of the new (December 20) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen…and l... Read more

The Mighty Rhombic, the King of Antennas April 12, 2018 No comments

“There was a time, back in the 1930s and 1940s, when the rhombic antenna was the king. A remarkable antenna that had phenomenal directivity and... Read more

W5GI Mystery Antenna March 30, 2015 No comments

  A multi-band wire antenna that performs exceptionally well even though it confounds antenna modeling software Article by W5GI ( SK ) The design... Read more

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Review Carbon Fiber Mast for Ham Radio Antennas July 12, 2020 No comments

Carbon Fiber Masts from Gigaparts for your Ham Radio Antenna – these masts come in 3 different sizes, this one being the 50′ version. This... Read more

Icom IC-7100 Sending Email Via VHF, Winlink, Mobilinkd, ARES December 11, 2018 No comments

In this video, I will show you how I interfaced my 7100 with the Mobilinkd bluetooth TNC wireless to my PC to send emails on 144Mhz Read more

Meet the Raspberry Pi – “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen…and learn! March 01, 2019 No comments

 Meet the Raspberry Pi” is the topic of the new (February 28) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen…and learn! Sponsored by DX... Read more

The Difference Between Yaesu WiresX And Hotspots February 23, 2019 No comments

“In the world of Yaesu System Fusion and C4FM there seems to be a lot of confusion over access to the WiresX system from a hotspot. This time, I... Read more

HF power amplifier BURST-2000A [ VIDEO ] January 31, 2019 No comments

  Read more

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Equipment Kenwood TS-480HX / 480SAT December 08, 2014 No comments

  Kenwood TS-480HX / 480SAT Tailor-made for DX’ing, the new TS-480HX HF transceiver raises the bar on portable performance. Despite its com... Read more

Xiegu X108G November 19, 2015 No comments

X108G Outdoor is X108’s upgraded version, It is a compact single conversion HF transceiver covering 0.5 to 30 MHz. Special optimized the Receive Chann... Read more

SDRplay announces the RSP2 November 22, 2016 No comments

The RSP2 is our new enhanced version of the popular RSP1 which provides three software selectable antenna inputs, & new stability and clocking fea... Read more

ORB Control Device, The Portable Online Remote Base Solution January 24, 2015 No comments

Are you tired of using your keyboard or mouse for TX control? Enhance your remote experience; talk on a remote using your microphone with PTT or pound... Read more

Alinco DM-30 Digital Power Supplies February 15, 2017 No comments

Alinco DM-30 Digital Power Supplies are an affordable switching power supply that packs a lot of features including Anderson Powerpole® connectors. Th... Read more

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Ultimate HT Antenna Shootout

Sat, 12/04/2021 - 5:06am

HT Antenna

The most common question I get? What antenna do you use or recommend for your hand held ham radio? Well today, I’m going to put ’em to the test. Watch this video before you buy an aftermarket antenna for your HT ham radio.

Antenna 4-Band OCF Antenna 40, 20, 10, and 6 meters March 05, 2015 No comments

  4-Band antennas cover 40, 20, 10, and 6 meters, with no tuner required! 12 meters may also work on the 4-Band 300 watt model. The 4-Band antenn... Read more

GB 10elm 144MHz Quad May 31, 2015 No comments

GB 10elm 144MHz Quad Details GB 10elm 144MHz Quad for Horizontal or Vertical mounting Turning:2,20m ( 7ft) Boom:3,80m (12ft) Aluminium ( 2 parts) Wire... Read more

Ham Radio experiment – End fed half wave antenna sloper vs flat horizontal orientation February 23, 2021 No comments

https://youtu.be/BgEtQOS8mY0 Read more

W5GI Mystery Antenna March 30, 2015 No comments

  A multi-band wire antenna that performs exceptionally well even though it confounds antenna modeling software Article by W5GI ( SK ) The design... Read more

InnovAntennas invest in Ansys September 01, 2020 No comments

InnovAntennas have invested in Ansys HFSS 2020 R2, a fully 3-dimensional mesh-based simulation package to help in the perfection and product... Read more

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Review AR DV1 Communications Receiver Review August 13, 2015 No comments

AR-DV1 Communications Receiver Review by Peter Waters G3OJV and Justin Johnson G0KSC. The review was carried out at Waters and Stanton, Europe’s... Read more

Comparison: Elecraft KX3 and ICOM IC-7300 August 18, 2017 No comments

Read more

Deciphering Decibels Tell All for Ham Radio February 01, 2018 No comments

“Decibels got you down? Are dBm and dBW giving you headaches? Is it confusing when sometimes an antenna gain is given in dBi and other times in... Read more

$100 Spectrum Analyzer with the SDRPlay January 15, 2020 No comments

  Read more

Debut of the TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR HT May 29, 2017 No comments

Double the fun of digital ragchews with the TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio! The MD-2017 takes the clarity and full quieting of digita... Read more

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Equipment Microsat APRS Voyager + GPS-RS232 August 10, 2020 No comments

APRS Tracker/TNC With 7W Transceiver With External GPS Antenna Configuration software for Windows (STABLE firmware): APRS Voyager Configurator v1.08 (... Read more

Solar e Power Cube 1500 Plus Portable Solar Generator 1500 Watt Inverter / 100 Ah Battery May 21, 2015 No comments

  Confidently face power failures, power outages and blackouts with the Solar e Power Cube 1500 Plus. • A dependable power source during disaster... Read more

3D printed desktop rack for KX3 / PX3 November 12, 2019 No comments

“Robert K5TD makes me wish I had a KX3. His own design of a 3D printed rack beautifully shows off the radio and panadapter and, from observation... Read more

MTR2005 – 30 MHz to 88 MHz February 08, 2016 No comments

The LANDSEC MTR2005 is a 30 MHz to 88 MHz, up to 10 W VHF transceiver for man portable applications FEATURES Automatic own position reporting using... Read more

SKY-221 SDR HF 160 -10m Transceiver May 01, 2016 No comments

SKY-221 SDR HF 160 -10m Transceiver With Built-in ADC / DAC For SSB/CW/DIGI/AM/FM 10 Watts     SKY-221/V21 / is designed based on SKY-209 with built i... Read more

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(tr)uSDX Prototype: on-board measurement equipment demo

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 4:48am

Short teaser of the on-board measurement equipment. This is by far not the final software, but it shows the hardware features we have, making life for builders and operators easy.

Antenna MFJ -225 HF/VHF, 1.8-170 MHZ GRAPHIC ANALYZER February 06, 2015 No comments

  MFJ-225 HF/VHF Two-Port Graphic Antenna AnalyzerTake RF testing to the next level with the new MFJ-225! All the basic analyzerfunctions you`ve... Read more

RG8X No-Name Coax, You Need To Be Careful, Jim W6LG Shows What Happened To 100 Feet Of Gray Coax July 22, 2021 No comments

Jim Heath W6LG shows what happened to RG8X that had 1500 applied. Watch the subsequent episodes for more information about coax. Read more

What is a Bi-Cone Antenna ? June 15, 2015 No comments

Bi-Cone Antenna he Bi-Cone Antenna is a Dipole Antenna The Bi-Cone antenna is essentially a finite length dipole antenna that exhibits very wide reson... Read more

The Cycle Buster – New HF Dual Antenna M2 ! May 04, 2016 No comments

The 40-20M-3-5 is a coil loaded 40 meter 3 element Yagi interlaced with a 20M 5 element Yagi. This antenna is the perfect package to bust the sun spot... Read more

8 EL. DELTA LOOP 144 MHz (144DL8) – SMARTECH December 06, 2016 No comments

  DELTA LOOP: THE ANTENNA WITH THE BEST GAIN/BOOM LENGHT RATIO SPECIFICATIONS ► Gain: 19.1 dBi 30.4 dB Boom 2.90 m ► F/B: 30.4 dB F/R ► Frequency... Read more

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Review Scouting’s Jamboree on the Air Set for October 16, 17, and 18 September 01, 2020 No comments

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) will be held this year on October 16, 17, and 18. Register online as an... Read more

Installation and Review of the Ameritron RCS-8V Remote Coax Switch August 01, 2017 No comments

Ameritron’s Remote Coax Switch lets you remotely switch up to five separate antennas using one inexpensive small control line (like standard telephone... Read more

mcHF SDR QRP RS-918 Review August 30, 2017 No comments

RS-918SSB Main Features Spectrum Dynamic Waterfall Display Multiple Working Modes: Receive,Transmit,Tune,VFO,SPLIT DSP Digital Signal Processing Noise... Read more

Should I change my callsign? November 01, 2021 No comments

A viewer suggests that I shorten my callsign from KB9VBR to K9VBR. Joe and I talk about this and how call signs become your identity. Read more

MFJ-911H Balun Review 160-10 meters 300W February 09, 2017 No comments

“Today on Hamradiocomms I review the excellent MFJ-911H Current Balon. Handles 160-10 meters 300W and has switchable 1:1 or 4:1 baluns. Makes po... Read more

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Equipment DX-Patrol SDR ( Software Defined Radio ) Receiver with wide receiving range January 26, 2015 No comments

The DX-Patrol is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) receiver with a very wide receiving frequency range. In contrast to the usual cheap USB DVB-T sticks t... Read more

New Hy-gain AR-500 May 09, 2018 No comments

UHF/VHF/6-Meter, MFJ-1886  Rotator/Controller and Remote For use of small VHF/UHF, 6M, TV, FM, the MFJ-1886 wide band receiving loop and other lightwe... Read more

Icom IC-R8600 August 19, 2016 No comments

Icom IC-R8600 Ham Fair exhibition at 2016, so today (8/19) and I went to. Also, the new products that get out of the booth icom go, IC-R8600 desktop t... Read more

Uniden SDS200 – Analog & Digital [ VIDEO ] January 16, 2019 No comments

Overview Introducing the SDS200, Uniden’s latest and most advanced base/mobile digital trunking scanner. The SDS200 incorporates the latest True I/Q r... Read more

SO-239 antenna ballmount for mobile Station November 25, 2014 No comments

SO-239 connection on top of the ball mount for the antenna and for the PL-259 connection on the inside of the vehicle.     The plates are 3 inches in... Read more

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Every Ham Needs This App | HamAlert

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 4:39am

Never miss a station you are trying to work again with the HamAlert App.

This app is a companion to the HamAlert web site (hamalert.org) and lets you receive push notifications from HamAlert.

HamAlert is a system that allows amateur radio operators to get notifications when a desired station appears on the Reverse Beacon Network, SOTAwatch, the DX cluster or PSK Reporter.

Spots can be filtered by various criteria, including:

• DXCC (both actual and callsign home DXCC)
• Callsign
• SOTA summit reference
• CQ zone
• Continent
• Band
• Mode
• Time and days of week
• Source
• Spotter callsign and DXCC

Download APP:



Antenna MFJ 1982MP End Fed Antenna May 13, 2020 No comments

“This video is about the MFJ-1982MP End Fed antenna. You can find them using the link below. The MFJ-1982 covers 80-10 meters. This antenna can... Read more

HF Antenna Traps V3.0 October 04, 2015 No comments

Version 3.0 of our popular traps are now available. Version 3.0 are supplied with 4 high quality Cornell Dubilier CDV16 RF Mica capacitors for greatly... Read more

How To Make a Doublet Antenna for Ham Radio – No Talking – ASMR style December 19, 2020 No comments

How To Make a Doublet Antenna for Ham Radio – No Talking – ASMR style Read more

MLA-30 Active HF Loop Antenna June 18, 2020 No comments

Read more

QST Antenna Design Competition Submission Deadline Looms August 01, 2018 No comments

The deadline to submit a design for the 2018 QST Antenna Design Competition is just ahead — September 1! The competition challenge is to design the be... Read more

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Review Tools for Every Ham [ ARRL PODCAST ] September 14, 2018 No comments

The Doctor discusses basic tools that every amateur should have in his or her station.    Read more

Introduction to the IC-7610 SDR HF Transceiver [ Video ] September 26, 2017 No comments

Icom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka-shi Hirano Ward, President: Tsutomu Fukui) will release the HF + 50 MHz fixed amateur radio transceiver IC-7610 fr... Read more

Using RF Gain Control On HF-Less Ear Fatigue [ Ham Radio Basics ] January 28, 2017 No comments

Read more

Is the Airspy Discovery HF+ sensitive on VLF? Testing with a Garrett metal detector July 28, 2020 No comments

“It occurred to me that my Garrett metal detector is a signal source at 13.6 KHz, so I decided to test to see if the Airspy hF+ Discovery is abl... Read more

Book Review: Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Pocket Guide August 20, 2015 No comments

“Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Pocket Guide” by Kenneth Wyatt, WA6TTY and Michael Gruber, W1MG This small 88-page spiral bound (3” x 5”) pocket g... Read more

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Equipment 100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band UV HF RTL-SDR USB Tuner Receiver/ R820T+8232 December 19, 2014 No comments

  Description: WHAT IS SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO (SDR)?    In traditional hardware radios, the mathematical operations required to decode and proces... Read more

Martin introduces two products from the BHi Range May 02, 2020 No comments

20W Modular Audio Power Amplifier  – Parametric Equaliser  – Optional BHi Dual Channel DSP Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth technology. Flex... Read more

Elad FDM-S3 SDR February 07, 2020 No comments

— WIDEBAND DIRECT SAMPLING RECEIVER —- JAN 2020 SPECIFICATIONS 2 switchable HF Antenna inputs direct sampling 1 VHF Antenna input direct s... Read more

OMEGA- Portable radio June 21, 2019 No comments

Frequency coverage (MHz) Rx 0.100 – 72.000 Tx 1.800-2.0007.000-7.200 18.068-18.168 28.000-30.000 3.500-3.80010.100-10.150 21.000-21.450 50.000-52.000... Read more

Elecraft KX2 – Manual , DataSheet and Block Diagram May 20, 2016 No comments

Elecraft KX2  An 80-10 m SSB/CW/Data station that fits in your pocket! Our KX2 “stealth” transceiver can go wherever your imagination takes you. Thank... Read more

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Expert Electronics MB1 Prime 2021 HF – Ham Radio Livestream

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 8:00am

Is the MB1 Prime 2021 an HF Ham Radio or a computer? Or both? On today’s lunchtime livestream, I will hook up this radio and attempt some POTA chasing, after we go over all of the details of this feature RICH ham radio!

Expert Electronics MB1 PRIME (2021 Version)

The MB1 PRIME transceiver is a game-changer, it’s a transceiver and a PC in a single package. It has a classic design, developed over several decades, with the most advanced DUC/DDC SDR technologies – Direct Down Conversion (DDC) and Direct Up Conversion (DUC) and a fully-featured high-end personal computer with an Intel Core i7 processor onboard.

The main advantage of the MB1 PRIME 2021 over its predecessor has improved TX IMD3 AND all-new PC hardware:

  • GIGABYTE GA-IMB370TN Industrial ITX Motherboard
  • Intel Core i7-9700 3.00GHz 8-Core/8-Thread CPU (4.70GHz Turbo Freq)
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Samsung 970 EVO 500GB SSD (Solid State Drive)

Transceiver Features:

  • Independent RX path based on DDC(Direct Down-Conversion) architecture
  • Independent TX path based on DUC(Direct Up-Conversion) architecture
  • 2software RXs + SubRX for each of them (4 slices total) + independent wideband Bandscope up to 80 MHz
  • ExpertSDR2 software in two styles: Desktop style and MB1 display (for integrated GUI)
  • Remote controloperation, using it, you connect PTT and CW-key to the E-Coder panel. Microphone and E-Coder are connected to the remotely set up PC
  • TCI interfacefor seamless connection with third-party software
  • Professional TX processing moduleprovides the most advanced tuning capability for voice operation
  • High-quality IPS 7″ touchscreendisplay with a 1280×800 resolution
  • Supports any software applicable for Windows 10 OS
  • ExtCtrlconnector to control external devices with 8 powerful keys with open collector
  • COM-portfor connection of external devices, like PA, antenna switches etc.
  • ALCconnector for external power amplifiers*
  • Has a special XVTRconnector for VHF transverters** (SMA connector)
  • 4separate programmable PTT outputs for external power amplifiers
  • An opportunity to use the transceiver as a signal generator via DAC OUTconnector (SMA connector)
  • An opportunity to use external filters in the middle of the RF path, using RX INand RX OUT (SMA connector)
  • Monitoringdelay in CW mode is about 5-6 ms
  • Input for external 10 MHz reference oscillator
  • An opportunity to use the transceiver in SO2Vmode
  • Full duplexor half duplex modes***
  • 4 HF (UHF (SO-239) connector) and 2 VHF(N-type connector) antenna connectors
  • Internal power-meter for HF and VHF bands and SWR-meter for HF band
  • Recordand play on air fragments (IQ files) with a bandwidth of up to 312 kHz
  • Internal ATU(Automatic Tuner Unit)
  • The embedded power supply unit

* ** *** These functions are supported by the transceiver’s hardware but is not implemented in the ExpertSDR2 software. They will be supported in the future ExpertSDR2 software releases.

PC Capabilities:

  • Installation of digital modes software
  • Installation of HAM and Contest logs
  • Two CW Skimmers may be used on different bands
  • The transceiver can connect to the LAN and the Internet
  • Use of Internet applications (e.g., e-mail, Skype, ICQ, TV, etc.)
  • Play video and audio files
  • Watch TV via USB-receivers
  • An opportunity to connect two external displays, keyboard, mouse
  • An opportunity to connect external speakers to the PHONES jack on the front panel

Application area 

  • Full-function radio amateur transceiver
  • Mobile contest-station
  • Remote receipt point for the contests and other applications
  • Spectrum analyzer with the bandwidth up to 80MHz
  • Work with the external programs of digital connection types, CW Skimmer, etc.


A version of ExpertSDR2 software with adapted GUI for 7″ display was specially developed for the MB1 transceiver. At the present time software works in RX/TX mode and supports two independent receiving channels with the bandwidth up to 312 kHz. A DSP library developed by company Expert Electronics allowed improvement of receiving quality and higher the stability of the software.


Review Heil Pro 7 – VS – Sennheiser HMD 300 Pro – Full Review with Transmit Audio January 13, 2019 No comments

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Equipment EK1C 3 band QRP CW transceiver for 20, 30, 40 meters May 01, 2017 No comments

EK1C 3 band QRP CW transceiver for 20, 30, 40 meters.  5 watts power output from 12 VDC.  Internal keyer, extended receive coverage, sold as an assemb... Read more

Compact Power Supply for Elecraft Radios April 30, 2015 No comments

  Description The SS-30DV is designed to supply 25 Amps continuous (up to 5 minutes) and 30 Amps surge at 14.1 VDC. It is the perfect companion s... Read more

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QSO Today Expo March 2021 – Dan N7HQ gives us an overview of the PGXL and its features. Read more

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QRP Ranger May 03, 2016 No comments

An innovative portable energy system, optimized for mobile radio in the field. How do you define ‘state-of-the-art’ in mobile radio power? QRP RANGER... Read more

Antenna InnovAntennas 5/7 (12) element 144/70MHz Yagi (2.4m) November 04, 2018 No comments

InnovAntennas An Excellent Dual Band Yagi for 70/144MHz on a 2.4m boom and single feed point The 4-2-12 Dual Band Yagi has a total of 12 elements, 5 e... Read more

New Hy-Gain Dual Band 4 Element 6/4m May 22, 2017 No comments

DB-46M8EL New Hy-Gain Dual Band 4 Element 6/4m Yagi   Designed by Justin Johnson G0KSC renowned antenna designer and known for his LFA and other uniqu... Read more

ALL ABOUT ANTENNAS Part 1 Book [ Free ] February 22, 2016 No comments

ALL ABOUT ANTENNAS Part 1 of a Series By Bob Grove W8JHD, Publisher, Monitoring Times No subject is more widely discussed in the radio field as antenn... Read more

SteppIR UrbanBeam Yagi antenna March 30, 2017 No comments

“We’re champions of the little pistol,” says Mike Mertel, YASME Excellence Award winner and SteppIR Antennas President, as SteppIR Antennas announces... Read more

8.5 DB gain for less than $40.00 – 50MHz Yagi May 30, 2016 No comments

by W3GAS The Yagi is one of the simplest directional antennas you can build today. There are no moving parts, and the Yagi can be  matched to 50 OHM v... Read more

App - Mobile Koch Morse Trainer Pro – Android App January 12, 2015 No comments

  Take your morse code to the next level with Koch Morse Trainer Pro. The only trainer that supports prosigns (procedural signals) and non-english cha... Read more

Learn Morse Code in Minutes A Day [ APP ] December 18, 2019 No comments

– Learn Morse Code with different modes of learning, using the letter frequency and spaced repetition to help you learn. – Customize your... Read more

New ARRL Repeater Directory Will Leverage Crowdsourcing Technology November 14, 2016 No comments

ARRL partner RFinder, the creator of a web and app-based directory of Amateur Radio repeaters worldwide, will supply all data for the 2017-2018 ARRL R... Read more

WSPR World Watch v2 – Andorid APP – Propagation Tool January 22, 2015 No comments

This app answers the two basic questions facing radio amateurs:-  Which band shall I use ?  Where shall I point my beam ? It will be of interest to an... Read more

Antenna Tool App – Android November 19, 2014 No comments

A tool to help ham radio, CB, and other radio users to create antennas of various types. Calculations available for dipole, vertical (1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1... Read more

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Morse Code Decoder for Android

Wed, 12/01/2021 - 5:25pm

Morse Code Decoder

Morse Expert decodes Morse Code audio to text. Optimized for decoding weak, fading signals in the presence of interference, especially on the Amateur Radio bands. Optionally highlights Ham callsigns and keywords. The audio may come either from the built-in microphone or from another device, such as a radio, via an audio cable. Decoding is performed using the same algorithms as used in CW Skimmer.


Waterfall Bandwidth: 200-1200 Hz Decoded Frequencies: 300-1100 Hz Keying Speeds: 12-45 WPM CW Pitch: Auto

Discussion Group

Join the Morse Expert for Android Google group to discuss the program and request support.

Review HF Go Bag March 26, 2020 No comments

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JH1CBX Masaco introduces AH-705 designed for IC-705. Descriptions ・Covers the 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz bands 30 m, 98.4 ft or longer antenna: 1.8 – 54 MHz, 7... Read more

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Fan Dipoles June 07, 2021 No comments

Bob Carver, KB0XT, wants to know how close he can put his dipoles or if he can even combine them? Yes! He can. Watch to learn all about Fan Dipoles Read more

Portable Antenna Build by K6UDA January 19, 2016 No comments

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The Loop Antenna Amplifier contains all the electronics needed for home DIY construction of an active loop (magnetic loop) low noise receiving antenna... Read more

Ham Radio experiment – End fed half wave antenna sloper vs flat horizontal orientation February 23, 2021 No comments

https://youtu.be/BgEtQOS8mY0 Read more

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