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Thursday 6 October 2022: UCARC Weekly Net

Club Events Beta - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 9:31pm
8:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: -145.350 Mhz CTCSS Tone 127.3
Category: Club Event - Activity
Weekly Union County Club Net on the Marysville 2 Meter Repeater

Thursday 13 October 2022: UCARC Weekly Net

Club Events Beta - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 3:30pm
8:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: -145.350 Mhz CTCSS Tone 127.3
Category: Club Event - Activity
Weekly Union County Club Net on the Marysville 2 Meter Repeater

Thursday 20 October 2022: UCARC Weekly Net

Club Events Beta - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 12:27pm
8:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: -145.350 Mhz CTCSS Tone 127.3
Category: Club Event - Activity
Weekly Union County Club Net on the Marysville 2 Meter Repeater

Club Grant Application Period Open Until November 4

ARRL News - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 7:55am

The ARRL Foundation Club Grant Program opened a second grant proposal period which began September 7, 2022, and runs until November 4, 2022, at 7 PM Eastern Time. Radio clubs can apply now, and information about the program can be found on the ARRL website at www.arrl.org/club-grant-program.

Following the first proposal period that ran earlier this year, 128 clubs applied for grants with a varie...

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Doreen Bogdan-Martin, KD2JTX, is Elected as Next ITU Secretary General

ARRL News - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 7:42am

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies, has announced the election of Doreen Bogdan-Martin of the United States of America as the next ITU Secretary-General. Bogdan-Martin will assume office on January 1, 2023. She is radio amateur; call sign KD2JTX.

The election took place during ITU's Plenipotentiary...

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Thursday 27 October 2022: UCARC Weekly Net

Club Events Beta - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 6:27am
8:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: -145.350 Mhz CTCSS Tone 127.3
Category: Club Event - Activity
Weekly Union County Club Net on the Marysville 2 Meter Repeater

Cheap 40m Antennas for Small Yards / Plots

QRZ Now - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 6:22am

Three different antennas could have worked here. My personal challenge was to fit an antenna into a VERY SMALL area at the front of a property. I put up the DX Commander Expedition Antenna and made some fine DX Contacts. Would you have done it differently?

Antenna Homemade 4M (70MHz) Delta Loop Antenna June 10, 2020 No comments

Read more

GigActiv GA3005 Ultra Wideband October 29, 2014 No comments

GigActiv GA3005 Ultra Wideband Frequenzy range : 9 kHz – 3 GHz Power Supply: 5,5V – 15V Gain: + 3dB Upper Frequency Limit (-1db): 3000 MHz... Read more

MonoBeam HF Multibander MB16 10-15-20 December 26, 2014 No comments

 MonoBeam The mb16 10/15/20 is an antenna for 14 MHz, 21 MHz and 28 MHz. No traps or inpedance adapting system is used, the feeding is direct with a s... Read more

HF Antennas for Beginners: Tuesdays with Tim and Jeff January 06, 2021 No comments

“We are bringing in 2021 with Tuesdays with Tim, K3LR and Jeff,KB8ZWT discussing HF antennas. Did you recently upgrade from tech to general? Tha... Read more

MFJ-1846 Hex Beam Fights Mother Nature and Almost Wins November 23, 2019 No comments

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HFV16: Dipole Antenna – Diamond Antenna February 18, 2020 No comments

Diamond Antenna –  HFV16: Dipole Antenna  Length: Approx. 4.6m / Weight: Approx. 2.2kg Frequency: 18 MHz (16m) Max.power rating: 200W (SSB), 70W... Read more

2.4 GHz Dual Feed Helix Antenna For QO100 July 29, 2020 No comments

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MULTIBAND H-POLE – VERTICAL WIRE ANTENNA FOR 160m – 10m by HB9MTN January 26, 2017 No comments

“After several attempts to build a multiband C-Pole I finally ended up with the Multiband H-Pole. C-Poles for different frequencies on one pole... Read more

Review Wouxun REVEALS the KG-1000G March 30, 2021 No comments

“Today we get to look at a brand new Mobile GMRS Radio from Wouxun, the KG-1000G. This Mobile radio has some nice features that make it a conten... Read more

Yaesu FTM-400XDR Basic APRS Setup – Ham Radio Q&A April 23, 2019 No comments

  Read more

Unboxing Elad FDM-DUO – Small stand alone SDR QRP May 24, 2017 No comments

This is an unboxing video about the Elad FDM-DUO, a small stand alone SDR QRP, also comes with a complete SDR control software. Read more

Retevis Ailunce HD1 GPS dual band 2m 70cm DMR [ Review and Teardown ] September 21, 2018 No comments

  Ailunce HD1 Dual Band DMR Amateur Digital Radio Almost all the operations can be done via radio keypad.  Dual Band DMR Radio,Analog and Digital Comb... Read more

An Alpha Delta lightning arrester with an intermittent short. December 17, 2018 No comments

Coaxial Lightning Protectors Alpha Delta N Connector Coaxial Surge Protectors are rated for 200 or 2,000 watts at frequencies up to 3 GHz. They are no... Read more

Introducing the new SunSDR2 DX transceiver [ VIDEO ] Friesrichshafen June 21, 2019 No comments

SunSDR2 DX Improvements and New Features 100 watt transmit power on HF bands New ATU connector for future antenna tuner option High pass filter for VH... Read more

First Impressions of the Icom IC-7300 HF + 6M Transceiver February 16, 2016 No comments

Icom IC-7300 by AB4BJ “I have been having a great time at Orlando Hamcation that this year features the ARRL National Convention.  One of the hi... Read more

Chameleon P-Loop 2 0 Review – Simplicity in antennas September 10, 2019 No comments

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Equipment Radioenge – RA-S1 – Antenna Rotator System May 16, 2015 No comments

Radioenge – RA-S1 Rotor controller RA-S1 is a digital controller for controlling rotor azimuthal position Features Speed control by PWM (Pulse W... Read more

Ray Novak, N9JA – Icom America – Manufacturers Showcase June 11, 2021 No comments

“We are live with Ray Novak, N9JA, Sales manager of ICOM America with Tim, K3LR. What questions do you have for Ray?” Read more

TVTR1 630m Transverter – 472-479 kHz January 08, 2017 No comments

The Monitor Sensors 630m Transverter enables any Amateur Radio Station, equipped with a conventional HF transceiver, immediate, all mode, access to th... Read more

TEN-TEC Model 539 Argonaut VI QRP 1-10 Watt Transceiver February 16, 2016 No comments

TEN-TEC has created another legend within the new 539 Argonaut VI. This NEW QRP transceiver incorporates the use of TEN-TEC’s ASR design philoso... Read more

Ultra Wide-band Coverage SDR Receiver MK3 September 25, 2015 No comments

Ultra Wide-band Coverage SDR Receiver MK3 • Full coverage reception form 100KHz to 2GHz SDR • Independent antenna inputs for Shortwave and VHF • USB c... Read more

RF-Kit RF2K-S Amp – Ham Radio Amplifier, Legal Limit, Hamvention 2022 June 01, 2022 No comments

“Special thanks to the folks from RF-kit who attended Hamvention 2022 and allowed me to record this video about this AWESOME Ham Radio Amp. Take... Read more

Introducing to Odyssey-2 (2017) August 29, 2017 No comments

The new version of Odyssey TRX transceiver raises the bar of quality and capabilities, while remaining relatively cheap and simple, accessible for sel... Read more

MB1 SDR HF/6M/VHF Transceiver, Expert Electronics [ Hamvention ] May 18, 2019 No comments

  Read more

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QRZ Now - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 6:10am

Here we take a look at the TRX Duo, a Linux Based SDR Transceiver.

TRX-duo is an SDR device that supports dual-channel physical reception and transmission. It uses 2x16bit ADC LTC2208 to realize direct sampling reception of 10KHz-60MHz. It has the advantages of high dynamic range, high sensitivity, and convenient remote deployment. Using 14bit DAC to achieve dual transmission. The software can be compatible with the famous Red Pitaya SDR, and can be easily used with HDSDR SDR# PowerSDR SDRConsole (V3) and other software



o Processor Dual Core Arm Cortex A9

o FPGA Xilinx Zynq 7010 SoC

o RAM 512MB


o Ethernet 1Gbit

o TYPE-C USB 2.0

o Wi-Fi requires Wi-Fi dongle (not included)


o Channels 2, SMA connectors

o Sample rate 125MS/s

o ADC resolution 16-bit

o Full-scale voltage range 0.5Vpp /-2dBm

o Absolute Max. Input voltage range DC max 50V (AC-coupled), 1Vpp for RF

o Input protection RF transformer & AC-coupled


o Channels 2

o Sample rate 125MS/s

o DAC resolution 14 bit

o Voltage range 1Vpp / +4dBm

o Load Impedance 50ohm


o Digital l/O pins 16

o Analog inputs 4

o Analog inputs voltage range 0-3.3V

o Sample rate 100kS/s

o Resolution 12-bit

o Analog outputs 4

o Analog outputs voltage range 0 -1.8V

o Communication interfaces I 2 C, UART, SPI

o Available voltages+ 3,3V

Antenna Introducing the SDA 2000 OptimizIR October 30, 2017 No comments

“Today we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our first antenna optimization product:  the SDA 2000 OptimizIR.  This replaces your e... Read more

Slim Jim Antenna Project April 08, 2015 No comments

    Slim Jim Antenna The Slim Jim is a vertically polarized omnidirectional end-fed antenna having considerable “gain” and this is concentra... Read more

What can happen with a Horizontal Inverted Vee?  February 17, 2022 No comments

Ed, KN4RWQ, is thinking about taking his horizontal antenna and setting it up on its side to create an inverted vee. Would this work? Read more

Dual-Band THUNDERBOLT® Vertical Antennas DXE-8040VA-1 November 05, 2017 No comments

Antenna, 80 & 40 meter Heavy Duty Vertical, 80m 40m Dual-Band, 5,000 W, 55 ft. Height, HD Pivoting Base, Kit DX Engineering 8040VA-1 Dual-Band THU... Read more

160-6m HF VERTICAL ANTENNA, 43ft, 1500W December 17, 2014 No comments

  Get 160-6 Meters Coverage and 1500 Watt Operation with a single antenna! This MFJ-2990 is a 43-foot self-supporting vertical antenna that cover... Read more

Resonant Frequency of Antennas December 29, 2021 No comments

“The feedline to an antenna will perform better if the antenna has the same impedance. Jim Heath W6LG uses the RigExpert AA-2000 to measure a sm... Read more

BIG SIGNAL 6BS-70 –  432 MHz February 20, 2020 No comments

Specifications: Band:  432 MHz. Active elements:  6. Gain:  12.6 dBi. F / B:  23.00 dB. ·  Polarization:  Horizontal or Vertical · SWR:  1.1: 1 ~ 1.5:... Read more

Radials or Not? November 01, 2021 No comments

Joe, NE1JT, has a vertical dipole antenna and has a very simple question about it, and antennas in general. “Should ground radials be added?... Read more

Review Anytone AT-D578UVIII Pro, DMR/Analog/Tri-Band/Crossmode/Crossband Radio January 30, 2020 No comments

Read more

Hamfest 2017 – Preview of the Icom IC-7610 and IC-R8600 rigs November 17, 2017 No comments

In part one of our reports from Hamfest 2017 we have a sneak preview of the Icom IC-7610 and IC-R8600 rigs. We meet the new owners of PW Magazine, and... Read more

Icom ID-51A review on AmateurLogic.TV December 25, 2014 No comments

Icom ID-51A review on AmateurLogic.TV Read more

Amateur Radio Band Plan [ VIDEO ] December 02, 2019 No comments

Read more

Wouxun KG-D2000 DMR HT Radio February 21, 2019 No comments

Wouxun KG-D2000 DMR HT Radio “The second model of DMR HT from Wouxun is dubbed the KG-D2000. Still a monoband UHF radio (VHF version might also... Read more

Grounding and Bonding, Band Pass Filter and Field Day May 05, 2021 No comments

On todays episode of Tuesdays with Tim, K3LR and Jeff, KB8ZWT we will discuss bonding and grounding and Band Pass Filters for Field Day! Read more

Setting the Mic Gain and Compression by W6LG April 17, 2018 No comments

“Setting the mic gain and compression can be a bit tricky. Too much compression and too much mic gain results in a distorted signal. Jim Heath W... Read more

Yaesu FT DX3000 Review [ Video ] May 19, 2015 No comments

  YAESU FT DX3000 Review   Read more

Equipment uBITX – A Compact HF Transceiver March 14, 2017 No comments

uBITX – A Compact HF Transceiver 10 watts pep on lower HF bands, dips to 5 watts on 28 MHz SSB and CW Simple to build and align Minimal controls... Read more

HF/VHF/UHF All-in-One Shack-in-a-Box March 17, 2020 No comments

“The Shack-in-a-Box HF/VHF/UHF All-in-One Shack-in-a-Box provides coverage from 160 meters through 70 centimeters in an easy-to-carry Gator Pro... Read more

ICOM IC-PW1 Linear Amplifier March 02, 2015 No comments

ICOM IC-PW1 Linear Amplifiers offer the power you need to succeed! Wide-frequency coverage with 1 kW output, a built-in automatic antenna tuner, and a... Read more

Uniden BC125AT Power Package June 18, 2015 No comments

UnidenBC125AT, 500 channels in 10 banks/50 channels per-bank, the BC125AT includes full VHF and UHF coverage, including Air and Military Air channels,... Read more

Yaesu FTdx3000 Discontinued February 08, 2021 No comments

In recent news, Yaesu announced they have discontinued production of the FTdx3000 and FTdx5000 HF amateur transceivers. In our livestream excerpt we t... Read more

ASTRON POWER SUPPLIES – Catalog February 16, 2016 No comments

ASTRON POWER SUPPLIES     DOWNLOAD the Complete PDF catalog (1.4 MB)   Read more

Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr June 16, 2015 No comments

Vibroplex  The Code Warrior Keys are uniquely serial numbered and dated. With a base measuring only 2 1/2″ by 3″, this small iambic model... Read more

RM Italy BLA 600 HF/6M 500 Watts Amp & HBF 1000 1KW HF/6M Low Pass Filter in the Dayton 2016 May 22, 2016 No comments

RM Italy   Read more


Thursday 3 November 2022: UCARC Weekly Net

Club Events Beta - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 12:20am
8:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: -145.350 Mhz CTCSS Tone 127.3
Category: Club Event - Activity
Weekly Union County Club Net on the Marysville 2 Meter Repeater

Tuesday 4 October 2022: Club Meeting

Club Events Beta - Sun, 10/02/2022 - 9:09pm
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: EMA Station 720 Address
Category: Club Event - Meeting
Club Meetings will be held at :
Marvin C. Gilbert EMA Operations Building - EMA Station 720
20900 Northwest Parkway.
Marysville, OH 43040

Google Maps Link:

FT-710 [ Update Sherwood Table of Receiver Performance ]

QRZ Now - Sun, 10/02/2022 - 5:09pm
FT-710 The New Yaesu radio was in the 4th position updated today

See full List : Link

Antenna Omnidirectional Biquad Antenna for 2.4GHz ( WI-FI ) June 18, 2016 No comments

Directional antennas do have their strengths such as power over distance but sometimes you may need to use a good omnidirectional antenna to produce 3... Read more

LOW NOISE EXPLAINED ( LFA Antennas ) by G0KSC January 08, 2016 No comments

A long time has passed since we have to accept the negative aspects of matching Yagi antennas. With modern software, knowledge and optimisation techni... Read more

DX Engineering Skylark Dual-Band Yagi Antenna DXE-2X7 April 09, 2015 No comments

  Antenna, Beam, Skylark, Duoband Yagi, 17 and 12 meters, 90 mph Wind Rating, 16 ft. Boom Length, Each HF Beam Antenna Type:Yagi   HF Beam Antenn... Read more

Shark HF Hamsticks, American Made, Review And Testing April 08, 2020 No comments

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Super Antenna MP1 June 14, 2020 No comments

  Read more

2 Meter Quad PVC Pipe Antenna by KG0ZZ July 22, 2015 No comments

2 Meter Quad This is a different way of using PVC pipe to build a 2 meter cubical quad antenna. Instead of an “X” style spreader this ante... Read more

25 Element Log Yagi 20-17-15-12-10m September 10, 2016 No comments

OBLY25-5   25 Element Log Yagi 20-17-15-12-10m       Bands   20 / 17 / 15 / 12 / 10 Gain (dBd) *   7,4 / 7,4 / 7,4 / 7,4 / 7,4 Gain (dBi) **   14,7 /... Read more

Indoor SteppIR Yagis by AE9K January 22, 2015 No comments

  Indoor SteppIR Yagis by AE9K Read Full Article:     SteepIr Antennas Web Site   Read more

Review Yaesu FT-991 compared with the FT-817ND – HF SSB and CW September 22, 2015 No comments

FT-817ND vs FT-991 using the same Antenna – HyEndFed 5 Band. To give the FT-817ND a fighting chance, I have added the CW filter and I have conne... Read more

Tool Batteries For Ham Radio June 30, 2020 No comments

Read more

RigExpert AA-230 Antenna Analyzer Unboxing and Initial August 09, 2019 No comments

The RigExpert AA-230 Zoom analyzer is designed for measuring SWR (standing wave ratio), return loss, cable loss, as well as other parameters of cable... Read more

Best HF Ham Radio Under $2000 – 4 Best HF Transceivers 2021 December 15, 2020 No comments

Best HF Ham Radio Under $2000 – 4 Best HF Transceivers 2021 Read more

Flex 6600 Hamvention 2017 [ Video Demonstration ] June 07, 2017 No comments

K5SRD talks about the new Flex 6600 on Amateur Radio Roundtable. FLEX-6600 A Real SDR for Every Operator Both the FLEX-6600 and FLEX-6600M offer the... Read more

The Xiegu G90 (GSOC) remote head controller in development May 27, 2020 No comments

Xiegu G90 (GSOC) remote head controller currently in development at the coding stage.. Read more

IARUMS Region 1 Presentation by HB9CET October 22, 2017 No comments

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is a federation of national associations of certified radio amateurs, representing over 150 countries and... Read more

What is POTA? Parks On The Air Ham Radio November 13, 2020 No comments

What is POTA? Parks On The Air Ham Radio Read more

Equipment Expert Electronics SunSDR2-MB1 Transceiver March 17, 2015 No comments

  The DUC/DDC transceiver SunSDR-MB1 – this is a new generation of amateur radio. Transceiver combines a classic design, accumulated many d... Read more

ACOM 2020S | Solid-State 1.8-54 MHz Linear Amplifier May 18, 2022 No comments

ACOM 2020S | Solid-State 1.8-54 MHz Linear Amplifier Easy to operateThe overall operation of ACOM 2020S is extremely simplified: the touch screen menu... Read more

Ten-Tec Eagle HF DSP Transceiver December 08, 2014 No comments

  TEN-TEC has created a 100 watt transceiver combining simplified controls and ease of operation with the excellent performance of a low first IF... Read more

Daiwa SWR & POWER METER CN-101L March 05, 2015 No comments

    Daiwa SWR & POWER METER CN-101L FREQUENCY:1.8~200MHz POWER RANGE:15/150/1500W INPUT CONNECTORS :M SWR and Power indicators are insta... Read more

openSPOT3: First time setup March 27, 2020 No comments

Read more

Yaesu Catalog – VHF and UHF December 12, 2014 No comments

YAESU Catalog  – The Radio The Yaesu brand is well known among ham radio aficionados and is synonymous with premium quality ham radios. From sta... Read more

AR-ALPHA 10kHz-3500MHz, Digitally processed Professional Grade, Base Type October 31, 2015 No comments

AR-ALPHA 10kHz-3500MHz, Digitally processed Professional Grade, Base Type Read more

Airspy advanced open-source software defined radio receiver March 25, 2015 No comments

    What is Airspy? Airspy is an advanced open-source software defined radio receiver with adequate dynamic range, capable of sampling 10MHz... Read more

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Tuesday 1 November 2022: Club Meeting

Club Events Beta - Sun, 10/02/2022 - 2:42am
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Venue: EMA Station 720 Address
Category: Club Event - Meeting
Club Meetings will be held at :
Marvin C. Gilbert EMA Operations Building - EMA Station 720
20900 Northwest Parkway.
Marysville, OH 43040

Google Maps Link:

The K7RA Solar Update

ARRL News - Fri, 09/30/2022 - 9:15am

Sunspot activity rose this reporting week, September 22-28, with
average daily sunspot numbers increasing from 68 to 105.1. But solar
flux? Not so much. Average daily solar flux rose from 134.3 to

So, the sunspot average rose 55% and solar flux only 3%. I usually
expect the numbers to track more closely.

New sunspots appeared on September 22 and 23, and one more on
September 27. On Thursday nig...

Categories: Amateur radio news

ROHN Towers – Manufacturers Showcase

QRZ Now - Fri, 09/30/2022 - 7:23am

We have Todd with ROHN Towers here in the DX Engineering Showroom with Tim, K3LR!

Antenna Monocone HF Antenna February 01, 2020 No comments

  Source:Link   Read more

Best Antenna Practices June 21, 2021 No comments

“Donald Clark, KB6QEW, is having some trouble with his SWR. But because of some issues in understanding his situation Dave will answer the best... Read more

The ULTIMAX-8040 broadband dual band double bazooka for 40 & 80 meters July 06, 2015 No comments

The ULTIMAX-8040 broadband dual band double bazooka for 40 & 80 meters is a fantastic antenna using a newly designed “HY-Q” coax coils that gives... Read more

OptiBeam OB17-4 17 Element 4 Band October 09, 2014 No comments

4 big monobanders on 1 boom, no traps !!!  3el on 40m   /   4el on 20m   /   4el wide spaced on 15m   /   6el on 10m   OptiBeam OB17-4   17 Element, 4... Read more

MLA-30 Active HF Loop Antenna June 18, 2020 No comments

Read more

HexBeam SP7IDX Technology assembly April 15, 2020 No comments

Read more

Which connector for my antenna should I get? SO-239 or N Female September 03, 2017 No comments

Read more

Jim W6LG Uses A Short Dipole To Demonstrate How A Dipole Functions June 18, 2018 No comments

Jim makes and then shows his tunable half wavelength dipole antenna. Using an antenna analyzer, Jim finds the resonant frequency and the lowest SWR do... Read more

Review Ordering the PTRX-7300 SDR Tap Point for the IC-7300 April 30, 2020 No comments

At last! A large screen panadapter for your IC-7300! Radio Analog PTRX-7300 IF Interface Modules provide an innovative method to sample filtered recei... Read more

Malahit-DSP & Afedri LAN-IQ “Head to Head” April 11, 2020 No comments

Read more

Icom IC-7851 vs Kenwood TS-990 February 23, 2015 No comments

Icom IC-7851 vs Kenwood TS-990     Read more

Yaesu FT-991A Unboxing November 15, 2016 No comments

The FT-991A is the next generation in all mode, all band MF/HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with C4FM (System Fusion) Digital capability. The FT-991A includes... Read more

3. LDMOS HF AMPLIFIER 100W INPUT 2400W OUTPUT BLF188XR 2 PCS 1.8-54 MHZ July 12, 2019 No comments

LDMOS HF amplifier 90W  input 2400W CW SSB output  1.8-54 MHz This a ready power amplifier. You will need a case and power supply only! Water-cooled h... Read more

The Siru Innovatios SDR20 adds new features August 04, 2015 No comments

New features * Smooth zoom in FFT/waterfall view * Adaptive menu * Frequency memory with snapshot pictures of signals * Sliding effect between views *... Read more

Silphase R1 receiver [ VIDEO ] August 03, 2020 No comments

Silphase R1 receiver. Telescoping antenna 1.15m. Location is city center Warsaw, Poland. Outside temperature +4 Celsius degrees. Frequency 1413 kHz. I... Read more

Yaesu FT-991 HF – UHF Transceiver [ Video ] February 13, 2015 No comments

Universal-Radio presents the Yaesu FT-991 HF – UHF Transceiver       Read more

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No events due in the next 31 day(s

ARES Events - Thu, 09/29/2022 - 7:50pm
No events due in the next 31 day(s)

Saturday 1 October 2022: Video Breakfast Get-Together

Club Events Beta - Thu, 09/29/2022 - 7:50pm
8:30AM - 10:00AM
Category: Club Event - Meeting
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 839 5441 1765
Password: 145350

One tap mobile
+13126266799,,83954411765#,,1#,145350# US (Chicago)
+19292056099,,83954411765#,,1#,145350# US (New York)

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

Saturday 1 October 2022: SET - Simulated Emergency Test

Club Events Beta - Thu, 09/29/2022 - 7:50pm
Category: Club Event - Meeting

Amateur Radio Operators Continue Response to Ian

QRZ Now - Thu, 09/29/2022 - 5:52pm

As Hurricane Ian, now a tropical storm, makes its way across Florida, amateur radio operators continue to provide communications support for weather updates and requests for assistance.

The hurricane made landfall at 3:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, just south of Tampa, Florida, as a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 150 miles per hour. Millions of residents are without power, and damage was reported as extensive along the storm’s initial path.

ARRL Director of Emergency Management Josh Johnston, KE5MHV, has been in regular contact with ARRL Section Managers and Section Emergency Coordinators in Florida and throughout the southeastern US. Johnston said ARRL is also in touch with national-level partners, including FEMA and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), should any requests for direct emergency communications via amateur radio be needed.

Johnston said many ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) volunteers and their groups are involved across Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. “Many ARES groups throughout Florida have been in a state of readiness since before the weekend,” said Johnston. “These amateur radio volunteers are well-connected with their state and local emergency management partners in government and non-government organizations.” Johnston also said that there are ARES members, at the request of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, serving in the state Emergency Operations Center. Many ARES groups are also operating in several shelter locations.

ARRL has previously deployed Ham Aid kits in the region. The kits include amateur radio equipment for disaster response when communications equipment is unavailable.

W1AW, the Maxim Memorial Station at ARRL’s headquarters in Connecticut, has activated its Winlink station to handle PACTOR III and IV messages and traffic, and well as its SHARES station, NCS310.

“In our [ARRL’s] experience, amateur radio’s response will continue to play out, sometimes even more significantly, after the storm passes and communities enter a period of recovery,” said Johnston. “As needs are assessed, such as disruptions to power and communications, our ARRL Section leaders and ARES groups may receive additional requests for more activations and deployments.”

Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, Net Manager for the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN), said the net is now transitioning from receiving weather data to gathering post-storm reports (read “Hurricane Watch Net Update for Ian,” ARRL News, 9/29/2022).

“These reports include damage and areas that are flooded,” said Graves. “This gives the forecasters additional information they need. Also, since FEMA has an office in the National Hurricane Center (NHC), they look over these reports to get a bigger picture of what has happened, which in turn helps them to get help and humanitarian assistance where it is needed.”

Graves added that the HWN will be assisting with emergency, priority, and any Health and Welfare Traffic. The net may continue operations for days. The HWN will issue an after-action report to detail the number of amateur radio operators who participated on the net.

Assistant HWN Net Manager Stan Broadway, N8BHL, said they have been filing reports since September 26, 2022, and over 125 specific reports have been filed to the NHC from stations in the area. “We have handled other reports, not included in the database, for damage and other storm-related situations,” said Broadway.  “One such call involved a relayed report of a woman trapped in her home with a collapsed wall in the Ft. Meyer area. That report was relayed to Lee County Emergency Communications to dispatch a rescue team.”

The VoIP Hurricane Net has been active as well. Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net and ARRL Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator Rob Macedo, KD1CY, said the net will remain active potentially through 11:00 PM EDT on Thursday evening, supporting WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida. WX4NHC will be active through this period for as long as needed.

Use these additional links for more information:

About ARRL and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

ARRL is the National Association for Amateur Radio®. Founded in 1914 as The American Radio Relay League, ARRL is a noncommercial organization of radio amateurs. ARRL numbers within its ranks the vast majority of active radio amateurs (or “hams”) in the US, and has a proud history of achievement as the standard-bearer in promoting and protecting amateur radio. For more information about ARRL and amateur radio, visit www.arrl.org.

Amateur radio operators use their training, skills, and equipment to provide communications during emergencies When All Else Fails®. The ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in public service when disaster strikes.


Antenna Ham College 24 : Antennas and more questions from the Technician pool December 25, 2016 No comments

Antennas and more questions from the Technician exam pool. Read more

4O3A ANTENNA GENIUS 8X2 | SO2R ANTENNA SWITCH WITH TCP/IP October 02, 2015 No comments

Ranko 4O3A has taken antenna switches into the 21st century! Antenna Genius 8×2 is the first in a new antenna switch line from 4O3A Signature sit... Read more

Analyzing Analyzers June 03, 2021 No comments

Robert P Brady, K5RPB, asks “Is an analyzer a primary purchase for building antennas or should I rely on engineering practices?” What anal... Read more

Grounding a Counterpoise on End-Fed Half Wave Antenna August 09, 2021 No comments

Laurence, WA2TLY, is asking some questions about a few aspects of the EFHW 80-10 antenna, Why they are there and what they are for? Read more

The New Carolina Windom By Len Carlson, K4IWL January 05, 2016 No comments

“ As with all ham stations QRO or QRP, ten percent ofa station?s success in quality QSOs is the equipment and the operator. Ninety percent is th... Read more

Chameleon CHA-MPAS 2.0 Portable Ham Radio Antenna System October 15, 2021 No comments

The Chameleon CHA-MPAS 2.0 just might be the best portable Ham Radio antenna that you can get today, due to its versatile configurations and compact s... Read more

Stringing Up Antennas – ARRL’s The Doctor Is In June 06, 2019 No comments

“Trees make handy supports for wire antennas, but getting an antenna into a tree — and keeping it there — can be a challenge.... Read more

Erecting the EFHW-8010 End-fed Half Wave Antenna and Initial Testing June 23, 2020 No comments

EFHW-8010 Multiband End Fed Half Wave Antenna 130 Feet (39.6m) long NO TUNER needed! Perfect for ALE HFLink, ARES, EMCOM … Resonant on 80/40/30/20/17... Read more

Review “Microphones” is the topic for the latest (April 12) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” April 12, 2018 No comments

   “Microphones” is the topic for the latest (April 12) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen…and learn! Sponsored by DX Engin... Read more

IS MY YAESU VX-6 ACTUALLY WATERPROOF!? August 15, 2020 No comments

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moyvwawRDzw&feature=emb_title Read more

Introducing the PRAS and HPS August 28, 2018 No comments

Bob Heil talks about the new Parametric Receive Audio System and Heil Powered Speaker for Amateur Radio.    PRAS – Parametric Receive Audio System The... Read more

Manufacturers Showcase: Carston Esch, DL6LAU with Wimo January 28, 2022 No comments

Carston Esch, DL6LAU, Sales Manager for Wimo will join us on this weeks episode of the Manufacturers Showcase with Tim, K3LR Read more

JIANPAI FT-UV78 [ Review ] April 01, 2022 No comments

Here we take a look at the JIANPAI FT-UV78 Dual Band Radio with Airband Receive And Fluorescent Screen. Read more

Regular Man Fits PL259 Coax Connectors August 08, 2022 No comments

Not all PL259s are the same. The newer designs are a superior design and accurate. Anyway, I nearly cock this up. Perhaps rate me out of 10! Read more

A Peek Inside The New Icom AH-705 Tuner April 23, 2021 No comments

Unboxing the Icom AH-705 Compact Auto Tuner, one screw at a time. Read more

Coaxial Cable Preparation Tools for Crimp Connectors [ Video ] August 02, 2017 No comments

Strips Cable Type Belden 8213 RG11/U Belden 8214 RG-8 Foam Belden 8237 RG-8/U Belden 8267 RG-213 Belden 9258 RG-8X Belden 9913F7 Davis RF BURY-FLEX DX... Read more

Equipment New ! Ameritron SDC-104 Screwdriver Controller July 08, 2015 No comments

Ameritron SDC-104 Super accurate tuning . . . Ultra-fast . . . Extremely Reliable . . . 88 memories . . . StallProtector . . .Fully RFI protected . .... Read more

TJ2B 2015 HF SSB CW Handheld Transceiver January 30, 2015 No comments

      New version in production. Scheduled shipment time: Beginning of Mar. 2015 TX:3 Ham band(40m/20m/17m) covering RX:5-25MHz New S m... Read more

Watkins Johnson HF-1000 DSP Receiver November 23, 2015 No comments

Specifications Dimensions ............ 19.0W x 5.25H x 20.0D inches Weight ................ 15 Lbs. (19 Lbs. ship) Frequency Range ........ 5 - 30000... Read more

New Elad Duo-X June 20, 2019 No comments

  Elad Duo-X Booth A1-552 at Friedrichshafen…. come see the new Duo-X, this is the prototype, 120w or 220w 4 receivers, 10.2in touchscreen... Read more

DRM Monitoring Receiver RF-SE April 09, 2020 No comments

RF-SE is a professional DRM30/AM/SSB monitoring and measurement receiver, which is available in different models depending on the desired application.... Read more

PandwaRF Bare March 25, 2017 No comments

PandwaRF is a RF analysis tool with a sub-1 GHz wireless transceiver controlled by a smartphone or a PC. Its purpose is to capture, display & tran... Read more

mercuryAT available in the next few days May 04, 2022 No comments

List Price $795.00 km3km.com Read more

mercuryAT October 23, 2020 No comments

mercuryAT Read more

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