2020 Feb Meeting Minutes

Treasurers report


Dues 60-65% in

Cash Balance 2867 end of Dec

3131 now

900-1,000 a year in dues typically

Arnal Motions to reimburse Rob for connetcters $300 something
Motion tabled since Rob didn’t want to be reimbursted


Old Business

Wrap up for Winter field day

Ed gave a summary about it

2nd Saturday Breakfast coming up

March 14th brunch at 12:30pm at Frich’s


Antennas jpole
Frank will see about getting tax exempt number



March 3rd UCARC meeting

Skywarn training Union County March 11th


Bicentennial Parade


NVIS Day – Coordinator - Cat KD8RPD and John


Telephone Poles – EMA talked to URE to get 4 poles put in.


Madison county test session May 7th


new business

Trunkfest June 13th 4th annual trunkfest Open at 9am 7am setup Club members 6am


Field Day June 27th-28th
Ranked 30th for the 3A class
Top 4% in the US

4th in 3A in OH
Greatlakes region 5th

Most people in attendence

45 total visitors

6 youth


EMA highband repeater Tait 9100


Ron motions adjourn Joe 2nd