April Meeting Minutes

March 4th meeting minutes

Paul motioned to accept the February meeting minutes. John 2nd, none opposed

Treasurers report:
1345 in bank

$150 in assets – repeater
Sold some equipment on e-bay for $100

Stem School update, Eric wasn't present to give an update.

Weather spotting training reminder for Wed April 12th

Trunkfest – Ken has vendor confirmed from Bowling Green

Field Day – June 24-25
Location may be on Waldo Rd
Setup Friday night, need 6 meter station, and possibly a GOTA station

Marvin Special Event station July 15 to 16 Need to come up with a QSL card or certificate to send out. A motion was made, Paul 2nd none opposed

Steam Threshers special event station – Will wasn't present. May conflict with Marvin's special event station.

Club Call Banner – discussed ideas for a banner. Paul wrote down a couple of suggestions, the one on Clyde's banner and
Amateur Radio Communications Local, National, World Wide 
Everyone seemed to like the one on Clyde's banner

Insurance – Paul motioned for the club to purchase liability insurance for $200 Ron 2nd none opposed

Repeater – Ken gave everyone an update on the repeater. Its using the original amp that was repaired to drive an auxiliary amp. The amp from the spare repeater quit working. Ken is looking at that. Tom has the amp that was running at ½ power and is going to try to repair it along with the original duplexers.

The repeater is now operating at full power using receiving only from the receive site at the water tower.

Ed Liddle is the new ARES EC for Union County. Joe suggested to allocate some time at each meeting for ARES related updates and information as a permanent agenda item. Discussion ensued, everyone thought that would be a good idea and also to make the August meeting topic about ARES .

Everyone was reminded about the monthly breakfast at Frich's on Saturday and the Weather spotting training April 12th

The next meeting will be a presentation about DMR by the Ohio section manager and Arlin from the Mount Vernon Club.

We currently have 35 members on the roster.

Frank brought up the club obtaining equipment for club members to use and suggested purchasing some equipment. John suggested asking members to donate equipment they don't have a use for any longer. Discussion ensued. It was mentioned to get a bird watt meter modified and to get some additional slugs for it for HF, VHF, and UHF. John KA8LVZ motioned to use $250 to be used for Ken to purchase bird watt meter slugs at upcoming hamfests. Frank 2nd, none opposed

The meeting ended with discussion and planing for NVIS day.

Bryan contacted the journal tribune and is waiting for a response.

There are plans try out multiple antennas and possibly setup multiple stations. The starting time for NVIS day is at 8am at station 720.